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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

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    Good answer, almost bordering... (none / 0) (#8)
    by Corinthian Scales on Mon Aug 13, 2012 at 12:57:14 PM EST
    ...perfection.  Personally, I would not have given out that I would vote for the illegal alien loving douche that is your Rep., but whatever: free world.

    The bigger issue is all the lemming GOP behavior with regard to endorsements.  Ya think 'ol Jack would like this one back from his now turncoat "Smearing" RINO Upton surrogate?  I do.  I would also suspect that others who wanted Jack, have O'Brien buyers remorse too.  There is the BS game - endorsement problem.  Perhaps, something for all those folk on the Right that go with the flow because it has an 'r' after its name, need to think about that.  Those who are elected, and buy into that kind of Freddie Mangina Mart, including her 2008 "awesomeness" like O'Brien has, need their asses booted out of Office before they can advance any further damage.  That's really what the entire spirit of the Refundable Franklin Project was all about.

    This elections Anyone but Obama candidate in a quick conversation?

    Hey, Karl, you're "The Architect" that got lil' Georgie elected .. well, I got this personal history problem of bragging about being a Progressive, creating ObamneyCare, insurance Exchanges, and saying, "I won't return us to the days of Reagan/Bush."  Karl, I can't just pick some lame twatwaffle like the Tough Nerd did.  Jeez Karl, can you actually believe those rubes in dad's state swallowed that one?  One Tough Nerd?  I still get a kick out of that ever time I hear it.  Thank God for for us that Fabians educate the kids these days.  Anyhow, how does a Portman VP pick sound to you?

    Holy bejesus, Mitt!  You can't get the herd base excited with that schmuck!  Freddie's Mangina Mart just did an exposé honoring Portman in the John McRINO Club.  Mitt, you gotta go with the Mick from Wisconsin.  For whatever reason, the knuckle dragging Conservatives and TEA movement folk rally around Ryan like he's the Second Coming.  Ya, I know Mitt, Paul's got his TARP, his Weeper Boehners' authored NCLB vote, that LBJ sized $16 trillion Medicare Part D entitlement expansion, a Constitution shredding NDAA, a now $98 billion a year DHS/Testicle Squeezing Authority boondoggle (Big Pharma protections is Homeland Security? Really?), that bogus 5% GDP fix the deficit plan baggage, and they still worship him like a God.  Oh! and that's another thing in the bonus column for you, Mitt.  The Mick is Roman Catholic, and you got that Magic Underpants cult thing that the commies have yet to really run through the DNCmedia wringer.  Mitt, screw Portman and wooing Ohio swing vote, go with the Mick Catholic VP.  These rubes bought 12 years of papa George and his progeny that loves your way of Big Government Globalist Solutions (Deals with Carlos Salinas? Really?), trust me; go with this weak-kneed but well mannered, obedient Ryan name.  The chick vote will dig him too, they think he's Hawt.  Ya, I don't get the whole Eddie Munster infatuation thing either, Mitt, but whatever works; just go with Ryan.


    The U.S.  goods trade deficit with NAFTA was $94.6 billion in 2010, a 36.4% increase ($25 billion) over 2009.

    Now, howza 'bout tossing some H. W. Bushie Agenda 21, church of Al Gore Warming into that "Free Trade" NAFTA scam?  Doh! Suckered by the kakistocracy again ...and as Bill Engvall's song goes, Here's your "zero Michigan tax dollars involved" sign.

    Republic-rats.  Both Party's.  The herd is too easily shepherded into a choice between Marxism, or Marxism-lite.


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