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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

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    I'm shooting for America to win in 2012 (none / 0) (#16)
    by RushLake on Wed Dec 15, 2010 at 06:10:22 AM EST
    and I don't believe that Saul Anuzis is the guy to lead the Republican Party to that victory. The next RNC chairman has some pretty important things to do to maintain/gain control. He has to try to work with the Republican Senatorial Committee to recruit strong candidates who stand a real fghting chance to win senate seats currently held by democrats. I don't believe Fred Upton "conservative" clones should be those candidates. He needs to work with the RNCC to shore up and hopefully grow that base--not Fred Upton clones.

    Two years is a long time. Conceivably, the left will not back away from Obama and he will be their candidate again. I'm old enough to remember '94 and how we were all celebrating the upcoming end of Bill Clinton's presidency in '96--didn't happen. Lots of things happen in two years. The next RNC chairman is going to need to hit the ground running on the presidency and find a good strong electable candidate. Anuzis was a strong supporter of Mitt Romney in '08. Do we get a Mitt Romney redux with the second coming of Maobamacare. How's that Romney care thing working out in Massachusetts? And, when do we get to start paying for that fiasco.

    Push for things like National Popular Vote in the political mess that is DC, work on compromises to the amendment that suit people like oh say, Lindsey Grahamnesty or Susan Collins. Things that please Hairless Reed and perhaps maybe sorta you get something like the National Popular Vote that the liberal trash have always wanted and following that the wet dream act or some other obomination because the NPV has given you a nice malleable moderate house and senate. Or how about shut up and leave the Constitution alone?

    How about you keep out of Net Neutrality unless its to say that the 1st amendment means what it says. The left always likes to make the point that the Constitution was written in a time before internet (or gasp-"assault weapons") and therefore its inconsequential and needs to be changed to suit modern times. Why keep giving them bullets for their, ahem, guns to use to destroy it. Yeah, I know, Saul didn't mean it the way that I understand Net Neutrality, but words can get twisted to mean differen things. Why give the left an opening. They can make those for themselves.

    So slap me around for daring to post my thoughts. If I'm wrong about Chairman Anuzis, I'll post my regrets right here so you can do a victory lap or two or ten. If I'm right, I'll just continue to be one of those faces in the crowd. Or you can get Mr. Gillman to delete my account and exist in your perfect world. Have a nice day.



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