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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    Are we going to have to do this?

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Mon Apr 11, 2011 at 11:43:34 PM EST
    Tags: Michigan, Corruption, Smart People, Snyder, Lansing, DRIC, Taxes, Taxpayers, On the hook, Matty, Credits, Losing Lunch (all tags)

    I really don't want to go on a RINO hunt, but it seems we must have enough of them around that the common sense grass roots are getting trampled.  Time to put up the stay off the grass signs, and stake out the oasis in Lansing.

    Say it with me:
    "Government Owned Enterprises ALWAYS pay for themselves."

    Kinda brings back lunch ..from a few days ago.

    What are these geniuses thinking?  this DRIC plan was shot down by many of the same people who are now apparently willing to flush their reputations down the toilet.  Representatives and senators who declined to support the "Granholm boondoggle" now might actually support the "Snyder Boondoggle." The only thing that has changed is the governor, and the name of the project.  The payback is still as miserable as it ever was, with questionable traffic and use being the mechanism to repay the Canadian loan of a half Billion smackers.

    I posted a few questions last week, but didn't really get into some of the real details (dollars etc..) that are involved in this deal.  I believe however, I implied strongly enough that such a large enterprise certainly has great room for corruption.

    Being that this thing makes NO SENSE for any fiscally conservative Republican to embark on, it certainly has my brows creased.

    At this point it has been myself and a few others calling this this what it is.  I really wanted to get a hold of the international bridge company owners and get some inside scoop from someone who actually understands the business side of it.  However as things go, I have been busy, and must rely on the history of government and how projects are never presented in the manner that follows their plan.

    In other words it always costs more than what we are told. ALWAYS.

    In this case the lie is obvious, the result is the death of another private business, and the result is our kids paying for yet another mistake by incompetence in Lansing.

    The Lie, is that Michigan Taxpayers are not footing the bill.

    $4 Billion in federal money that is 'expected' (don't count on it you weasels) to be available from federal matching grants. That money obviously comes from Obama's stash. Maybe they'll find it hidden away like they found Sadaam Husein's stash in a palace somewhere.  Or maybe they'll just take it from our kids who live out of state cause they can't afford to live here.

    Its TAXPAYER money..

    The other part of that lie, is the $550 Million being paid back to the Canadians with no risk to Michiganders. Just do the math.  That is a lot of tolls, then there is repair, and undoubtedly a "living wage" workforce that will keep operational costs outside of repayment status for about 60 years.

    Then you have to consider the preparation area.  The approaches, highway signage, wetland mitigation, property purchases, etc..

    Property purchases. huh. I wonder if anyone pushing for this has real estate 'investments' worth looking at?  In any event, what Moroun bought for about $500,000,000 would likely be a helluva lot more 3 miles upstream.

    By golly, I imagine there are some prime fishing spots with speculators feeling a bit excited.

    AFP (Americans for Prosperity) has made this an issue as well. Scott Hagerstrom of AFP notes Michiganders will indeed be on the hook:

    Hagerstrom's group said in a news release the bridge "will not only cost federal taxpayers $2.2 billion, but Michigan taxpayers will be forced to pay back $70 million to the federal government and a hefty $550 million to Canada."

    No problem.  We haz Tollz, No?

    And I know I threw in the $4 billion number earlier.  Yes.  Just Yes.  I imagine that I would be on the list of people that the marketing guy for this boondoggle says are bold face liars.

    Book mark this page, and look back in 2020 (if the power is still on) to find out.

    Personally, I would rather have Michigan get those $2 Billion in road credits for road repairs anyhow, and Matty says the state can have them.  The $500 million he would be spending on the second span planned, would apparently qualify the state to get some of that Obama stash back (our taxpayer funds) into Michigan.

    And our Mensa graduates would rather risk Michigan Taxpayer funds.  Pardon me while I start to drop IQ points like the population in this state has over the last ten years.

    I guess I ain't so smart as all them folks in the dome town.  But i still has to put me grub on the table.

    Pappy get me mah shootin iron.

    < Seriously.. Think of the Children. Action Alert! | VIDEO: Who is going to pay for DRIC? >

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    This post is also apropos here as well. (none / 0) (#1)
    by KG One on Tue Apr 12, 2011 at 09:12:37 PM EST
    New players and a variable that the guv and his puppeteers have overlooked.

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