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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    Principles And Political Androgyny

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Mon Aug 20, 2012 at 10:32:41 PM EST
    Tags: No-Labels, No Principles, Hide Identification, Mark McKinnon, David Walker, Nancy Jacobson, CFR, Democrat Shenanigans, Not Republican, Neutered Politics, Dems Best Friends (all tags)

    I always thought it unfair when the veterinarian would call the dog an "IT" after that procedure .. You know the one .. where fido becomes a good boy?

    He would never be quite the same.  Neither female or male, his quite-literal lot-in-life made quite neutral (or neuteralized) from a masculine sense.  Poor fella.  I suppose however, that's a dog's life.  But now, the Democrats would like to take centrist and moderate Republicans to the political operating room and de-ideogender them as well.

    That is what your supposed to do with your best friends, right?

    It never fails.  Whenever a Democrat administration of Democrat leaders are in trouble politically, people like the 'No political identity' folks come out in signage, press release, and radio advertising.  They reach out to the poor unappreciated Republicans who have been inundated with media descriptions of political extremism from the dastardly 'right';  those villains of uncompromising principles who simply don't understand a good middle of the road strategy when they see one, or have even lived through one for 5-6 decades.  Indeed, its a tough road holding up an extremist milquetoast banner.

    This time the Bloomberg blessed "No-Labels" group, ready to defend the failure of the lefties in congress and the administration by confusing the issues with what is the source of the problem.  They are trying to intimate that standing in a particular camp and calling oneself a Republican or Democrat is the actual problem facing America.  That there is a problem with identifying with a political party that more closely represents the views of a member.

    Heaven forbid anyone does THAT!  ~ continued below ~

    And right now those friends might want to swallow hard and wear steel trousers.

    Two days ago, I saw my first signs of the expectation of failure of the Barack Obama candidacy.  It was a series of signs placed on public property along a parkway in Traverse City.  A white sign with a giraffe shaped red white and blue logo adorning it and the words "Stop Fighting - Start Fixing" and the nolabels.org website address.  The giraffe BTW, was one of the logos stolen from the party animals in 2010 when the no labels folks appeared on the scene.  A wholesale theft of intellectual property often associated with anti rule-of-law folks like the Democrat party's most lefty types.


    The hammering of the political establishment shook them out in 2010.  When the tea party types activated, and crushed the Democrat control of congress, by placing Republicans in an overwhelming majority not seen in decades.  The so called 'centrist' powers-that-be, who have willfully allowed the country to slip into the leftward spiral down the drain were encouraged by the left which just seen a drubbing like no other to pull together a can't-we-all-just-get-along message.

    All they have that MIGHT be passed along as an across the aisle message is a no-budget, no-pay plank.  Otherwise, most of their platforms are actually exercises in 'bipartisan' get-along gobbledygook that has gotten this country's political process to the point it is now.  The last bullet point?

    "No Negative Campaigns Against Incumbents - Incumbents from one party should not conduct negative campaigns against sitting members of the opposing party."
    Oh my, let the healing begin.

    The method is kumbaya. Its touted as bipartisan, yet pffft to those silly labels.  Bi-Partisan merely implies that both labels are coming together for a common goal.  This one is more of a "we've thrown off the yoke of political identification so we can accomplish God-Knows-What" group.

    The founders of this affair have no solid Republican or remotely conservative cred of course.

    The inclusion of Republicans and Democrats together, the mushy result is designed to make folks think its possible that we just need to have GOOD leadership.  Obviously the FOUNDERS of no-labels are solid leaders that have no entrenched philosophy, right?  Certainly the labels associated with the founding players of this group have been EXTREMELY moderate in their previous affiliations and affairs in a way that lends the needed credibility to a group that advocates such a blurred ideological image.

    Such a stalwart Mark McKinnon, a former Democrat turned Republican, (in label only) abandoned the McCain campaign in 2008 because he did not want to campaign against Obama, because Obama's election "would send a great message to the country and the world."

    Yeah, some 'great' message.

    Add to this the fact McKinnon did not like Sarah Palin, and the crushing blow to the Chamberlainesque 'moderates' by tea party activity in 2010 probably hurt his feelings.  A lot.  Also, in a bit of an Irony, McKinnon supported the poorly crafted SOPA, a bill allegedly designed to stop online piracy (see above reference to intellectual theft by the no-labels organization) yet would have had other adverse affects on information dissemination.

    The list goes on.

    David Walker, an east coast 'independent' was also an appointee of Clinton, a DNC supporter, and was involved (CEO) of the globalist Peter G Peterson Foundation.  Considered fiscally conservative, he is probably the most 'centered' of the principles involved in no-labels.  It also appears by his associations, he would tend to side with hiking taxes to balance the books versus a growth of economy model.  It should be noted too, that he has strong connections to Council on Foreign Relations, for those who pay attention to that organization.

    Last but not least, Nancy Jacobson.

    Nancy was a fundraiser.  Fundraising and finance chair for the Democrat National Committee. a curious role for one who would be so adamantly opposed to partisan identification.  No doubt being labeled one of the 50 most powerful people in DC makes her one of the best spokespersons for an organization that wants to un-mark politicos so people have to guess which interests they represent.

    Make no mistake, there is one party that pays her bills.  Her loyalty to the Democrats is clear and profound, and has been highly rewarding.  Her participation in the McKinnon home meeting late in 2010 that spawned the 'no-labels' mission was one of interest to the Democrats only.  After the beat down Dems took in November 2010, the mission to relinquish power held by an awakened tea party electorate was paramount.  It was unacceptable to have people easily identify the leanings of their politicians, and an obfuscation mission was in order.

    Control the information, and control the electorate.

    A Political party all too easily identifies the political leanings of candidates.  Though a few political types do not fully embrace the platforms of their party, the majority in those parties do.  There ARE folks who commit to certain principles, and associate with others who profess to do the same.  And in order to confuse the electorate and give the best chance to the donkey party, voters needed to have the basic overview of a candidate's policy leanings obscured from view.   All under the guise of reaching out to centrist malcontent.

    No freaking way.

    Many of us here have issues with a number of Republicans that have less than stellar voting records.  We call out the bad actors as we can, and expect some adherence to the platforms crafted to guide the party faithful.  But some expectation of moral authority by assuming a non associated party label would be a pretty stupid move for anyone looking to assume office.  And it is NOT about independents who for far different reasons vote across party lines from cycle to cycle.

    Here we are again facing the same animal, no matter which one is placed on the sign before us; the jackass, as stubborn as ever in its never ending attempt to camouflage the clearly identifiable differences of yet another class of people with whitewash and sleight of hand.

    < Enough With The Circular Firing Squad Already! | That's Saul Folks . . . He Still Hasn't Learned >

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    Speaking of Bloomberg (none / 0) (#1)
    by grannynanny on Tue Aug 21, 2012 at 08:34:43 AM EST
    I just read a story today (none / 0) (#4)
    by grannynanny on Wed Aug 22, 2012 at 06:30:46 PM EST
    that Greece was rounding up illegals and deporting them.  Now that's bad - when even the lib govt in Greece is ridding themselves of the non-producers sucking the life out of the producers!

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