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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

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    by jgillmanjr on Wed Dec 01, 2010 at 09:19:40 PM EST
    with approx 12 million "illegals" in this country, if the majority were bringing in bomb material, we'd be screwed already.

    I never mentioned anything about a majority.

    The MAJORITY of those coming across that border are coming for work.

    I certainly can't dispute it.

    If some are coming for welfare, then we need to do something about welfare. Sure, "that shits going to be around for years to come," but what is the point? Is it really okay to give stuff to lazy Americans? Then lets do something about that...not continue to blame "illegals" for somehow "bankrupting the country."

    I agree, something does need to be done about welfare. I'm not trying to defend it in any way. I was merely stating that entitlement programs won't exactly be disappearing anytime soon. I'm also not trying to blame illegals for bankrupting the country. The leftists did that will all their entitlement programs and other useless spending.

    If legit people could come across the border more freely (as they did in my grandfather's day), then those who are not legit would be easier to catch.

    ...if they actually go through some kind of filtering mechanism. That was kind of my point.

    It's just like any other prohibition. If the cops are trying to bust drug dealers, it takes them away from busting murderers and rapists. Catching and convicting drug dealers is easier than the latter...which is why the majority of people in prison are there for non-violent drug offenses.

    Indeed. I think I remember looking at the actual numbers a year or three ago that show the breakdown of case types that federal courts were dealing with. Something like 1/3rd or 2/3rds were drug related.

    Consistency and common sense.



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