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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Who is the webmaster of RightMichigan.com?

    A: Jason Gillman

    Q: How do I contact you?

    A: You can email me at RightMichigan@gmail.com.

    Q: What’s RightMichigan.com all about?

    A: This site is about two things. First, it’s a resource for the latest Michigan based political news and commentary. We’ll bring you stories and perspectives daily that you won’t get anywhere else.

    Isn’t that hard to promise, you ask? Why no, no it’s not. This is citizen journalism at its finest. We’re watch dogging Lansing every day and I promise you we won’t be as forgiving as the mainstream press.

    Second, this site is about community. Conservative thinkers in Michigan haven’t had a home on the web. We’ve been wandering the wilderness alone. This might not be the Promised Land (I couldn’t find any milk or honey), but at the very least it’s a really groovy camp-site with a fire-pit and lots of sticks for making smores.

    So grab a beach chair and some marshmallows, start your own DIARY and make camp!

    Q: Is this site only for Republicans?

    A: This is a home for conservatives but there’s no party line to walk here. If you’re anywhere to the right of center there’s room for you here. And we’re typically pretty good hosts. Lefties and libs are welcome to take a look around and say hello from time to time too, just so long as everyone behaves.

    Q: How do I participate?

    A: Easy, just click “SUBMIT BLOG” in the menu over there on the right there. Or, if you’d rather just leave a comment after a story scroll down to the bottom and select the comment option.

    Q: You mean I can blog on RightMichigan.com?

    A: Absolutely… that’s the point! RightMichigan.com is all about community! We want you to post away. All you have to do is sign-up, free of charge, then log in.

    After that it’s as easy as clicking “Submit Blog” in your menu box on the right.

    Q: Other sites let me create a “DIARY,” is that the same thing as submitting a “blog?”

    A: For sure! Same thing, different name. Diary sounds so… so… babysitters club.

    Q: I signed up for a free account but didn’t get an activation e-mail. What do I do?

    A: Email me at rightmichigan@gmail.com and send along the screen name and password you selected. I’ll activate your account and send you a new password. After you log in for the first time you’ll be able to change your password to something only you know.


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