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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

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    First, can we assume you apologize... (none / 0) (#37)
    by rdww on Wed Jan 11, 2012 at 09:14:53 AM EST
    ... for using the destructive term "Paulbots?"  If so, I'll proceed.

    "Addressing concerns" is indeed the dishonest sort of tactic we've seen used by hostile moderators in the Republican debates.  It's depressing to see Republicans trying the same "How do you address concerns that you still beat your wife?" gambit.  But here are a few possible reasons Ron Paul seems so strong.

    Ron Paul seems to have a demonstrated "free rein" management style..."
    This concern doesn't even seem answerable.  Are you asking if a Ron Paul Oval Office would look like a scene from a Marx Brothers movie?  Since Ron Paul is never going to be elected, this "concern" is moot.

    "...provide the DNC PR machine with a prime opportunity to repeatedly play the race card."
    Shocking news... ANYONE running against Hussein will be slashed at with the race card 24/7..  Ron Paul, however, seems to be the only candidate who might have the cojones to disarm it by frankly stating that "racism" can mean anything or nothing today, and is irrelevent.

    "*In the debates, Ron Paul tends to spend more time beating up on his own party than he does showing how he's going to beat the opposite-party incumbent."
    A message that seems to be drawing a strong positive response from many independents and disillusioned Republicans.  Spanking the Republican field for straying from small-government conservatism seems deserved.

    "*Ron Paul has a foreign policy position that has its good points, but seems to ignore basic realities of global interconnection and interdependence."
    Since hostile critics have misstated his foreign policy as "isolationism," I can see why.

    "*Though he does have some notable legislative success, no significant executive experience seems to be available anywhere in Ron Paul's bio."
    Decades managing a congressional office give him far more executive experience than the current president had when he was elected.  This "concern" certainly seemed an irrelevent issue to voters in 2008.

    "*Ron Paul seems to have a conspicuously naïve concept of what real leadership and executive effectiveness actually is."
    No, he does not now and never has beaten his wife.  Come back with legitimate "concerns," or stay on the porch.


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