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    Tag: David Leyton (page 2)

    Leyton's First Act Should be to Apologize to Michigan Families, Not Withdraw ObamaCare Suit

    By Saul Anuzis, Section News
    Posted on Thu Sep 23, 2010 at 11:05:43 AM EST
    Tags: ObamaCare, David Leyton (all tags)

     Democrats across the nation are admitting they were wrong about ObamaCare and campaigning this fall against it.  It's time David Leyton got the message and did the same.  If his recent statements are any indication, though, I don't think any of us should hold our breaths.

    Today marks the six-month anniversary of the day President Obama signed the unconstitutional, $2.5 trillion federal government health care takeover into law.  While many of the most expensive, devastating and freedom-killing provisions don't go into effect until 2014, many provisions begin today.

    The damage ObamaCare does to our health care system, our liberty and our wallets, of course, started months ago.  Reports from the Wall Street Journal, the Hill, the American Spectator, Investor's Business Daily and countless others have brought overwhelming evidence to light that the unconstitutional law is already increasing costs, driving up premiums and causing Michigan families to lose their current coverage, even if they like it.

    We are fortunate here in Michigan to have a sitting Attorney General who six months ago, immediately after President Obama signed the health care takeover into law, went to court to stop it.

    Now David Leyton is running to be our next Attorney General and what's the issue he says he feels most passionately about?  What drives him to seek the Attorney General's office? What's the first thing he'd do in office?  

    Three weeks ago the Kalamazoo Gazette asked him just that and his answer is particularly devastating on a day like today.

    If David Leyton is elected as Michigan's next attorney general, he said his first official action would be to dismiss the state's pending lawsuit against federal health-care reform.

    The more we learn about ObamaCare, the more we see it was a colossal mistake.  Every poll taken in Michigan and across the country shows, time and again, that Michigan families can't afford the unconstitutional bill and don't want it.

    But David Leyton's first action as Michigan's chief law enforcement officer would be to intentionally turn a blind eye to a gross violation of the Constitution?

    One of the marks of a great leader is being willing to admit when you're wrong.  Democrats have been waking up to the horrible reality of ObamaCare for months and saying they're sorry.  David Leyton owes Michigan families an apology and an about-face himself.  

    No better day than today.

    (4 comments) Comments >>

    Family of Flint Murder Victim Speaks Out about David Leyton

    By Saul Anuzis, Section News
    Posted on Tue Sep 14, 2010 at 02:34:25 PM EST
    Tags: David Leyton (all tags)

    At the fifty day mark between now and election day the action is starting to pick up in the races for Secretary of State and Attorney General.

    Michigan has been fortunate for the last eight years to have tremendous Republican leadership  from Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land and Attorney General Mike Cox.  But everything they've accomplished, and all of the damage they've helped prevent the Democrats in Lansing from doing, would be undone if the Democrats succeed this fall and elect Jocelyn Benson and David Leyton, two of the most liberal, frightening candidates the Democrats have ever nominated, to succeed them.

    Leyton's campaign is all but based on his plan to end Mike Cox's lawsuit to stop Obamacare.  Talk about liberal.  Those are the stakes.  

    As Michigan's Republican National Committeeman and a former Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party everyone knows where I stand.  Yesterday we learned where a few others stand, too.  The Detroit Free Press reports that the families of crime victims in Flint don't have very nice things to say about David Leyton.

    The mother of a murdered Genesee County boy whose killers escaped prosecution for more than 20 years blamed some of the delay today on Prosecutor David Leyton, the Democratic candidate for attorney general, who she said declined to file charges or meet with her to explain why...

    The body of Simpson's son was found in the Flint River 18 days after his disappearance in April 1985. He had been last seen by his stepmother (one of two people eventually convicted in his death). Simpson said Monday that Leyton's office agreed to review her son's death in 2005 after she and police investigators sought action. Despite witness statements and evidence from a new post-mortem exam that indicated he had been poisoned before he went in the river, Leyton declined to file charges, Simpson said.

    She said she camped outside his office, but the prosecutor "refused to meet with me." The attorney general subsequently won the conviction of the stepmother and her brother on first-degree murder using the same witness statements and evidence, Simpson said.

    When you're the Prosecutor in the most violent, crime ridden city in the state--a city on track for a record setting number of murders this year--and you refuse to prosecute the murders that are being committed, you deserve to get a pink slip, not a promotion.

    I encourage everyone to rally around Bill Schuette over the course of the next seven weeks to make sure David Leyton doesn't sneak his particular brand of failed leadership from Flint to Lansing.

    (7 comments) Comments >>

    A Message To Our Legislators - Beware False Choices

    Democrat Pick For AG Too Busy

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Tue Aug 31, 2010 at 01:44:53 PM EST
    Tags: AG, David Leyton, Atlanta, Jim Plowman, Prosecutor, Flint, Elias Abuelazam (all tags)

    For his Job?

    Remember that guy from Michigan who went around stabbing people?  That guy, Elias Abuelazam, has been arraigned on a charge of assault with intent to murder. And while he has only been charged for one attack, more charges can be expected. Abuelazam, to date, is accused of stabbing 13 people in Flint, 5 of those resulting in death. There is also 1 Ohio non-fatal stabbing, an additional 3 non-fatal attacks in Virginia, and an investigation into a probable link to a 2009 homicide stabbing in that same state.

    Last Thursday, Abuelazam was extradited from Atlanta to Michigan. The extradition process alone was drawn out and costly.

    The Virginia connection has problems however.  It seems while the Flint attacks were linked to the Virginia attacks, a full two weeks before the extradition process, there was no attempt to contact the Virginia officials by the Genesee prosecutor.  In fact, the prosecutor for Loundoun County in the Commonwealth of Virginia, Jim Plowman publicly criticized David Leyton for not returning his calls or messages. On one occasion, Plowman claims he asked to speak directly to David Leyton regarding the Abuelazam case.

    "You'd think they'd return my phone calls, especially since I have information that will help them,"

    Plowman described leaving a detailed message for an assistant prosecutor, asking to talk directly with Genesee County prosecutor David Leyton. It seems he is still waiting:
    "I know multi-jurisdictional cases are tough, but I should be able to get my counterpart on the phone."

    Indeed..  a little more below..

    (470 words in story) Full Story

    New Republican Ads Target Leyton

    By JGillman, Section Multimedia
    Posted on Wed Jul 14, 2010 at 02:50:36 PM EST
    Tags: Michigan, David Leyton, Soft on Crime, Criminal, Lefty, Richard Bernstein, AG (all tags)

    This particular ad points out the "soft on crime" tendencies of the left.  One can argue the value of the war on drugs, but to take away the responsibility of the perps when violence is done is where justice drives off a cliff.  

    David?  They ARE Criminals.

    And the Democrats could have had Richard Bernstein.  Some of us are still scratching our heads on the decision of Leyton over Bernstein.  Something behind the scenes in the Michigan Democrat party process is quite stinky indeed..  Perhaps Richard Bernstein wouldn't tow the line to Brewer and company?

    (2 comments) Comments >>

    Dems Endorse Leyton

    By Rougman, Section News
    Posted on Sun Apr 18, 2010 at 09:44:27 AM EST
    Tags: David Leyton, Unions (all tags)

    Michigan's economy might be in the dumper, its population might be dwindling, its factories might be closing, its neighborhoods might be spotted with for sale signs, and its unemployment rate might be higher than that of any other state over the past four years, but as the Democrat Party in Michigan sees it, these aren't reasons enough to try and change the major factor behind such malfunction.  
    In a last-ditch effort to win as many votes as possible for the endorsement, [Genesee County Prosecutor David S.] Leyton spoke out against Medicaid fraud and spoke in support of the unions.


    Leyton drew perhaps the loudest cheers when he said he will "fight to make sure Michigan never becomes a right-to-work state."


    (1 comment) Comments >>

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