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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    MI Senate Dems oppose cutting their own pay, defend $80K salaries

    By Nick, Section News
    Posted on Fri Mar 27, 2009 at 07:44:31 AM EST
    Tags: Roger Kahn, Gretchen Whitmer, Liz Brater, Ray Basham, dog catchers, hypocrites (all tags)

    Republicans in the Michigan legislature are now officially on a roll.  Just a shame that the Democrats keep trying to tie helpless damsels to the tracks.  Maniacal sons of guns.

    Not only did seven lefties abstain yesterday in the Senate from joining the Majority in approving Roger Kahn's SCR 11, a resolution giving the OK to a ten percent pay cut for state elected officials, Liz Brater (D-Ann Arbor) actually voted NO.

    Apparently asking politicians like Liz to share in the pain while the state languishes in the Granholm - Cherry economy is a step too far.  A sad commentary, then, that she wasn't even the most frustrating member of her caucus.  

    I know what you're thinking... that's GOT to be that prima donna Gretchen Whitmer.  And yeah, sure, she opened her mouth again and yeah, sure, nothing but nonsense and self-serving hyperbole came puking out (she wants to be Attorney General and she wants YOU to know it) but it wasn't her, either.

    No sir.  Senator Ray Basham (D-Taylor) gets this morning's "Somebody Should Shake Him Hard" Award for this gem (we could call it the SSSHH!), courtesy MIRS:

    "I personally don't think, coming out of the auto industry as an autoworker, that ($79,600 a year) is too much money," he said. "We do not make any more money than a school teacher, police officer, on firefighter. As a matter of fact, some $70,000 is what one of my mayors said her dogcatcher makes. So I will look anyone in the eye and say I earn my pay, and I hope that other legislators would do their work and earn their pay, too."

    Why then, Ray, didn't you join good old Liz and vote NO?  Hypocrite much?  

    And ignore that for a moment... there's a town in your district paying its dog catcher $70,000 a year?!  WHAT?!  Show me the community and I'll show you a local government in need of an audit.

    But that's beside the point.  You make $80,000 a year, Senator, with lifetime benefits and THE primo benefits package.  $80,000!  Most folks in my family and extended family haven't SNIFFED $80,000 a year.  Ever.  In the history of ever. We've got teachers, nurses, coaches, ministers... we do NOT have $80,000 paychecks.

    And my people are not the only ones.  According to the 2007 census numbers, the most recent available, the median household (not individual) income for Michigan residents is shy of $48,000 a year.  Think that's gone up or down under your party's leadership over the last fifteen months, Ray?

    Look, I'm the last to begrudge anyone from making whatever they can make.  Even in sports, when its popular to complain and moan and cry about athletes who make bajillions of dollars, I've always said that if they can get someone to pay them they'd be stupid NOT to take the money.

    Well the taxpayers, Senators Basham, Whitmer and Brater, are tired of paying each of you $80,000 a year when you can't do anything but put a loser on the field.  We're not talking 2008 Tigers style last-place losers, either.  We're talking 2001 Tigers.  We're talking 2008 Lions.  We're talking abject, unequivocal failure.  

    None of us need an $80,000 politician anymore.  Besides, you'll all land on you feet.  I hear there are some plumb dog catcher jobs out there.

    < VICTORY!!! (MEA pension bonndoggle goes down in flames) | Friday in the Sphere: March 27 >

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    Wow! If the roles were reversed - we'd be lynched (none / 0) (#1)
    by snoopygirlmi on Sat Mar 28, 2009 at 08:56:49 PM EST
    and told how uncompassionate we are....because "the children" are suffering...

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