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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    Have they lost their mind?!?

    By KG One, Section News
    Posted on Sun Aug 02, 2009 at 09:37:29 PM EST
    Tags: Sen Levin Al Qaeda separated at birth or just plain dumb? (all tags)


    Not the monumental health care overhaul bill (one of four in the pipeline) promoting government funded abortions, using the Henry Ford analogy to providing American's health insurance (you can have any insurance you want, so long as it's through the federal government), and setting in place the mechanism to euthanize our senior population when they're deemed a burden on the health care system?

    Could it be the repeat of the mortgage debacle that had millions of Americans buying homes (now cars) that they couldn't afford in order to make Rep. Barney "Sylvester" Frank feel good, the Cash for Clunkers program (a.k.a. Car Allowance Rebate System) getting a $2-billion bump after burning through $1-billion in just one week?

    Wait don't answer just yet?

    Continued below...


    Nope, this just gets better and better folks!

    According to the people at Sen. Levin's Office  (he's the guy running away his constitutients in this video) and the Detroit Fish Paper, Pres. B.O. is looking at bringing in the cream of the crap, yes folks, I'm referring to that political hot-potato, non-issue from last year's campaign: what to do with the Gitmo detainees.

    It seems that Standish, Michigan is in the running with Fort Leavenworth, Kansas to house the 229 warm and fuzzy al Qaeda terrorists once they leave their posh surroundings at Club Gitmo.

    No word yet on the even bigger can of worms that will be opened once these people reach American Soil? Will the ACLU claim that they are now eligible for speedy trial, jury by their peers, etc. once on American Soil? What "rights" will they have?

    And if that wasn't bad enough, no word yet on what might (will?) happen when these people escape in the American Mainland.

    One advantage of having them in Cuba. If they escape, where will they go? Havana?

    Here in America, they can cause as much, if not more, damage than done on September 11th!

    Either location is a magnet for the sleeper cells already here in America.

    Unless we want to place them at the most secure location in America (1600 Pennsylvania Avenue works for me), I'd HIGHLY advise contacting your elected officials in Lansing & Washington and tell them to keep the terrorist where they're at and keep Americans safe in the process!

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