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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    Frustration Is

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Wed May 11, 2011 at 08:58:41 AM EST
    Tags: Frustration, Control, Lansing, Snyder, Legislators, MBT, Taxes, Change, Labor, RTW, Right-To-Work, Michigan, Activism, Tea Parties, 912 (all tags)

    For many of us:

    Frustration is seeing an unprecedented opportunity to fix the labor hold on Michigan and watching that opportunity potentially slip away because legislators seem to have forgotten already, the force that hired them.

    Frustration is knowing the CO2 scam has not yet been fully purged, and that there are still government implementations being put in place to solve the non-existent problem.  Including in Michigan and even locally.

    Frustration is seeing some of the good things like elimination of the MBT being accomplished not by straight out cutting, but by a shift to other victims.

    Frustration is not having enough time to offer all the solutions we have properly, because those solutions are nearly immediately eclipsed by the next round of idiotic government actions designed to create more issues that complicate the previous ones.

    Frustration is having a skill and not being able to apply it, because of an unconstitutional application of federal law, and the failure of the states to assert their authority, and protect the rights that guarantee the ability to use that skill.

    I could add a hundred more to the list

    Frustration is not an entirely crippling problem I have however.

    Go below.

    I don't worry much.  I just don't. And I do not allow myself to become paralyzed by the seeming inability for legislators and community leaders to use common sense when deciding the fate of tax payer dollars and establishing of policy.  As many may know locally, I have now logged several 1 to 8 votes with a smile and a not so hidden resolve to change it, and reverse it so that those votes change for the better.

    Change is sometimes good.

    In the meantime, we pause for this brief message:


    Hi there!  Its me again.  I know you've spent all your anytime cell minutes on QVC, dial a prayer, dialing for dollars, and the 8 time lady calls a day.  I know time for discretionary and random calling is limited, and the yoo-toob or TV is a calling. In fact, if I had to guess right now, many of you are looking for a battery to replace the one in your broken remote, or a new mouse to replace the one with the gobbed up lint on the roller.

    Give me a second would you?

    Again, I have a small request.

    • Call (Or Email, Write) your Michigan State Representative, AND your Michigan State Senator.  Ask them if they support Right-To Work, Are Neutral, Oppose it, or 'other'.  Calling may be the quickest way, and the assistants, and legislative aides often have their positions available.  Be sure to offer your support for the record too!  Of course be courteous if they disagree, but do not be afraid to strongly assert your position of support for FULL RTW legislation (no Zones)for Michigan.  Let them know they could be heroes rather than zeroes.
    • THEN email me the results to: This particular email account  I want to get an idea of who in Lansing is willing to put the state's welfare over a perceived political hot button issue.

    Right now there is a MAJOR push for Right To Work developing.  We will not be able to sneak up on this issue for much longer, and the right roots need to be as active as ever if we will ever have the chance to correct the failure of government to protect our rights as workers, and as individuals.  Offering your support and using the best arguments you can muster (bullet points work nice) gives them platform.

    In fact call them EVERY DAY with a new reason to support, and note changes in attitude.  And give them support on other things that you agree with at the same time, but for this issue, do NOT start listing the things you disagree with at the same time as discussions of right to work. Please.

    Many of those folks in Lansing read this, and will be expecting the calls. Many of them WANT the calls.

    We now return you to the regularly scheduled rantings.


    Change sometimes takes more than a single action. I long for the way things OUGHT TO BE as much as anyone here.

    I am not so frustrated with the Snyder rearranging of the deck chairs however, that I am willing to give too much credence to the folks who would wiggle into any crack and create a great divide among conservatives and Republicans.  Labor LOVES the divisive way in which Snyder's policies are hitting hot buttons. The folks who are now looking at closed loopholes and lower thresholds and getting mad at the gov forget that the Berneros and the insanity of the left would see ALL of us with closed loopholes and lower thresholds for higher taxes.


    Frustration is certainly the fact that the cross over Democrats selected our candidate. And maybe if someone feels strongly enough to run a primary against Snyder, then so-be-it.  

    But until that point, the best we can do is stay politically involved.  The worst we can do is remain silent on policies being formulated under the pressure of those labor interests using the power of OUR money to beat into submission the legislators who WE placed in Lansing.  Those folks who control it all are our friends, and though it may be to varying degrees that we agree with them, it is vitally important we do not let them hear only the voices of the radical left, or they have no chance.

    Call those representatives, email them, offer your opinion, praise them as you can, invite them to your 912 meetings, Tea Party meetings, organizational events.  Remind them they have back up.

    Frustration is what you are feeling?

    We can sit idly by and kvetch about all of those broken things that we feel we have little or no control over, or we can fix them a little bit at a time.

    Frustration is not only that which can lock you into a mode of depression and anxiety over that which you have no control, it is also a motivator, a consumable, a fuel.

    Rather than cover yourself in it, and light a match, fill your tank.

    Its a long drive.

    < Afternoon giggles | And speaking of frustration... URGENT ACTION ALERT >

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