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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    The Great Uniter

    By Corinthian Scales, Section News
    Posted on Thu Jun 09, 2011 at 03:04:56 PM EST
    Tags: Recalls now at 15, The Named, Gov. Rick Snyder, Speaker Jase Bolger, Sen. Majority Leader Richardville, Rep. Kurt Damrow, Rep. Joel Johnson, Rep. Al Pscholka, Sen. John Moolenaar, Sen. Mike Nofs, Sen. Howard Walker (all tags)

    Boy, if it wasn't just yesterday I wrote about the problems the MI-GOP is having with their flagship figurehead.

    Snyder told reporters on Wednesday the wave of recalls is "part of democracy."

    "The big question is, most of us were elected just last November," he said. "As a practical matter, to be recalling people ... I know in my case I'm just following through on what I said I was going to do."

    Sorta sounds like an Obama you got what you voted for, doesn't it?  The funny thing is that during the Primary and General elections when on the rare occasion that the dark horse Yobbite candidate Snyder spoke, he's pretty much still telling you the truth.  Y'all bought into his Centrist Tripartisan Corporatism, so what's the problem now?  Yessiree, you've got your big government, labor unions as embolden as they've ever been, and the private sector business and citizens still forced to cater to the aforementioned.  Recipe for success?  Ohio and Wisconsin didn't think so, and there's little on the recall front going on there.  Heck, in Wisconsin the only real goings on is they're recalling {gasp} their Democrats!

    So, Governor Snyder, Speaker Bolger, Sen. Leader Richardville, and MI-GOP Chairman, how's that leaving the hammer in the unions hands working out for ya?

    Granted, some of these petitions being filed in Michigan are by a Lefty 3rd grade school teacher in TC {I'm so shocked}, a returning failed outstate Lefty rabble-rouser, and the fledgling efforts of other useful idiots of the Progressives furthering their socialist wet dream utopia, like Autumn Smith, going after Speaker Bolger.

    "There's so much to be upset about -- the emergency manager legislation, the taxing of pensions, his denial of extending unemployment benefits, the 48-month limit on welfare benefits -- if I had more than 200 words (on the petition form) I could keep going."

    Sorry Autumn, but you're only proving that yesterdays flower children are in fact today's blooming idiots.  Now, with the knowledge of what Autumn is all about in the linked video above, I know her motive in recalling Speaker Bolger is because she is p!ssed her Welfare State mentality is being challenged.  Boo-hoo, too friggin' bad Ms. Smith, get a job and be an asset to society instead of just being an ass.  Grow up, and get off the public funded crutch of life.

    See, this is truly my personal quagmire in all this.  I am not at all satisfied in the namby-pamby approach the Snyder administration and legislature has taken with their EFMs playing the roll of "I'm the adult and you're the child" with municipalities and stifling public sector unions.  The incremental disarmament of the Fabian culture in this indebted state that has now merely shifted the burden of its Granholm scale spending during our lower wage jobless Pravda promoted recovery tells me that if I were betting, the MI-GOP Majority simply will be extinguished by the still enabled Moocher Class as if November 2010 never happened.

    Ari Adler, spokesman for Bolger, said the speaker believes most voters are behind the Republicans' reform efforts.

    "(Bolger) feels comfortable that the voters who sent him to Lansing are receiving the change that they voted for," Adler said.

    Speaker Bolger, Sir, that statement is a lot to hang you're hat on.  Perhaps you may want to clue in your other leaders at the Capitol that you guys, strategically speaking, are standing on a battlefield with p!ssed off citizens on all fronts.  I am one of them, and am nowhere close to being amused with any of you in Lansing.

    Please, go back to the drawing board, Speaker Bolger.  Look in the mirror and reflect upon what the grassroots Conservative movement of November 2010 was really all about and why you, among others were entrusted every lever of power in Lansing.  You're missing that mark.  Miserably.  Unfortunately, the camels nose under the tent fence jumping Governor's base that embraces a Granholm bridge and Income Tax Rates, Obama Amtrak, Foreign National Affirmative Action, Sanctuary City illegal aliens, and 4 years of more Welfare Mooches is the legislatures downfall and may be all of their undoings.

    Perhaps an offering of a Twelfth Commandment would be of assistance?

    Thou shalt not aid any Liberal Democrat or indistinguishable Pale Pastel fellow Republican.

    Get on board with that and all of you will have my unyielding support.

    If not, then I see no reason why anyone calling themselves a Republican merits the remainder of their entrusted term in Office and will most likely find a disenchanted Conservative help steer yesterday's discussed spear the MI-GOP Majority has left in the hands of useful idiots.

    It's not what I'd like to see happen, but...


    The legislature failed its citizens in that message.

    < Boneless Pork Loin Chops-$2.88/lb. Pepsi-3/$10. Lobsters w/Porterhouse Steaks-50% off w/EBT card | Thursday's Divertere: Debbie Whatwashername Schlitz >

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    Amen, Brother! (none / 0) (#1)
    by KG One on Thu Jun 09, 2011 at 03:29:45 PM EST

    I can't help but wonder what the MI-GOP apologists have in mind to address why so many have lost their way?

    It is not as if it was in any way difficult to begin with.

    On a side note: The News' article doesn't even come close to describing the level of resolve I've seen in the people circulating petitions around town (especially for Snyder, which I have already signed).

    This is definitely going to be an interesting summer.

    The only petitions out there that I'm aware of (none / 0) (#2)
    by RushLake on Fri Jun 10, 2011 at 05:56:19 AM EST
    are being promoted by leftists.

    Signing one of those gets you on their mailing list, but worse then that gives them the sense that they have one's support for the rest of their hate America first agenda. I'm having a tough time justifying signing a communist inspired petition. I don't think any of the RINOs, most especially Snyder, give a damn about what many of us think.

    Snyder got a lot of support from the NOT Taxed Enough Already types who formerly supported TEA Party events for his tough stand on pensions. Those same people are not noticing the cap on the state income tax at a higher level. They won't notice when Snyder and company pull their slight of hand on public sector employee union pensions as they haven't noticed the lack of energy to take on the education aristocrats. They think it's perfectly fine to kick a perfectly good capitalist and his money to the curb and let Snyder build the Rashida Tlaib Commemorative Bridge.

    Your observations are well thought out, to the point and hard to add to Mr. Gillman.

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