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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    What Have You Done For Us Lately

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Sat Oct 06, 2012 at 11:53:42 PM EST
    Tags: Michigan, Obama, Helping Us, How? (all tags)

    Mr Obama?  Quite a bit according to him.

    Michigan has seen a little light at the end of the tunnel, but no doubt there is a bit more to go before we get there.  Add to this, the lack of moral compass this president has is once again front and center.

    His new campaign "tool" showcases the accomplishments in his time running our most fabulous bureaucracy, the federal government.  from Health to Taxes, to Recovery, there is so much positive to claim!  I have sampled a few below for your edification.

    First there is the most important funding of program dollars for the promiscuous women Michiganders.  For REALZ!:

    " 1,557,614 women in Michigan will gain access to birth control with no copay next year, in addition to their existing preventive services."
    See?  No worries gals big O has got your back.  

    Now get to work! (JOBS CREATION AS A BONUS!!)

    Then there is the

    "+26.0% increase in hydroelectric production in Michigan, 2009-2011.."

    Everyone knows how easy it was for Obama to go in and turn on those rivers!  Even with the federal dollars helping to destroy three hydro dams up here in that time, he accelerated the rivers flowing elsewhere in our state enough.  Enough in fact to overcome the EPA mandated closures and reduction of inexpensive coal. Hotshot.

    But a real amazing task was accomplished on the Western coast.  Not just amazing, but miraculous! For it was :

    " 12,500 private sector jobs added in Holland-Grand Haven, MI MSA, February 2010 to July 2012."

    How incredible is that?  12,500 jobs created in an area that has as a total population of about 44,000. (33,210 Holland, and
    10,511 Grand Haven Michigan) Given that in 2010, Holland had 15% unemployment, and Grand Haven about 13%, there must be a lot of folks with extra jobs to give away even!  

    Maybe the kindergartners are putting in a few double shifts too.

    More below the fold

    Tax Cuts for everyone!

    Because Obama made sure taxes aren't a burden in Michigan.  According to the tool, he gave:" $3,464 in tax cuts for the typical family in Michigan under President Obama."How generous.

    By extending the same tax rates, he is the most benevolent dear leader ever!

    And he increased Education welfare too!

    " 303,368 students in Michigan will save an average of $976 due to the President's plan to keep Federal student loan interest rates low. "
    And thats not all!

    By taking control of the student loan program, taxpayers get to foot the uncollected loans. Not the banks. Whew!  Those bankers were getting a raw deal!

    Lastly, we cannot forget how such generosity to Manufacturer LG Chem has created Korean jobs in Michigan! From the 'recovery' section:

    Clean Energy

    Lg Chem Michigan Inc.

    Jobs directly created: 102

    Wow. 102 jobs!

    'Directly' even.  

    And all it cost was $150,000,000.00 dollars from Obama's stash. And another $125 million of Michigan's. A pittance.

    Because everyone brags when $2,696,078.00 is ALL we have to spend to per Michigander (or Korean) manufacturing job created. EVERYONE.

    Those are some great reasons for you to vote for Obama. And there is only one other that should be mentioned.

    Its because your head is stuck in a dark place south of the belt line.

    < Campaign Secrecy? | Agenda 21 in Michigan...October 12th, 7 to 10 pm... >

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