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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

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    Egg on a Chair (none / 0) (#1)
    by Corinthian Scales on Sat Dec 24, 2011 at 09:33:43 AM EST
    It's interesting that this Humpty Dumpty "business group" scenario is coming up again as just over a year earlier it was addressed here on RM.   Perhaps a little trip back in the not-so-way-back machine on Mr. Guess Who will serve well in the future.

    These are under his own name, not his family members or their PAC. I listed both the R's and the D's.

    Candice Miller (for Sec of State)
    Citizens for a Better Michigan (PAC)
    John Walsh (R) - Livonia State Rep and good guy
    Doug Ross (D) - Primary for governor 98.
    McCotter - Several Donations - Then State Senate
    Larry DeShazor (R) - State Rep/Senate candidate
    Copper Rizzo (R) - State Senate Candidate, worked for Mike Bishop
    Gail Haines (R) - State Rep
    Jase Bolger (R) - State Rep, new Speaker
    Peter Petallia (R) - New State Rep
    Common Sense Leadership Fund PAC
    Craig DeRoche (R) - Former Speaker
    Kim Meltzer (R) - State Rep, State Senate Candidate
    Justice Cliff Taylor
    Dick DeVos (R) - Gubernatorial Candidate
    Dick Posthumus (R) - Lt Governor, Gubernatorial Candidate
    Laura Toy (R) - State Rep, State Senate candidate
    John Engler (R)
    Andy Meisner (D) - Safe Democrat district, State Rep
    Burton Leland (D) - Safe Democrat District
    Dan Tietma (R) - State Rep Candidate
    Paul DeWeese (Was R, now D) - State Rep, State Senate/Congressional candidate
    Gabe Leland (D) - Safe Democrat district, Primary
    Hugh Crawford (R) - State Rep
    Ken Horn (R) - State Rep
    Roger Kahn (R) - State Rep/Senate
    Steve Tobocman (D) - State Rep, safe democrat district
    Wayne Schmidt (R) - State Rep
    HRCC - House GOP Committee
    Gilda Jacobs PAC (D) - Leadership fund for democrat
    JAPAC (Jewish PAC)
    Jennifer Granholm (D) (Maxed, 2004) - Pay to play?
    Lawrence Deitch (D) for UM - UM Trustee.
    Michigan Republican Party - Over $63,000
    Mike Cox (R) - AG and Gubernatorial Candidate
    New Century Fund - PAC
    Number 6 Leadership Fund - PAC
    Paul Scott (R) - State Rep, Convention candidate for Secretary of State
    John Pastor (R) - State Rep
    Realtors PAC
    Schostak Family PAC
    Senate Republican Caucus
    Civic Fund PAC
    Team 2006 PAC
    Todd LaJoy (R) - State Rep Candidate
    11th District GOP Committee -
    Wayne Kuipers (R) - State Rep/Senate, Congressional Candidate

    If that was it, I could live with that, although the Granholm one bothers me a lot. Most of the democrats are in safe districts. There may be personal ties. I don't know. I'm not going to get bent out of shape over his support of the Lelands or Tobocman in Detroit or Jacobs in Huntington Woods. Someone with bad politics is going to win there regardless. That's how it is.

    Federally, I have a big problem with some of his donations.

    Mike Bouchard - Candidate against Stabenow
    MRP - $10000+
    Carl Levin (D) - Why Levin?
    Charlie Crist (Then R, now who knows what)(2009, preparty switch)
    Joe Lieberman (D) for President - 2004, also gave to his Senate campaign
    Debbie Stabenow (D) - Stabenow is up in 2012. Next election. Our state party chair candidate donated to Stabenow.
    Tim Walberg (R) - This one is a big positive to me.
    Mike Rogers (R) - This was after he was first elected
    Susan Collins (R) - Liberal Republican, but it is Maine
    Joe Knollenberg (R) - He gave a lot of support to Knollenberg.
    Dianne Byrum (D) - This was her race against Mike Rogers in 2000 which was a big fight over who kept the majority. 88 vote difference.
    Rocky Raczkowski (R) - Good fight.
    Spence Abraham (R) - Then incumbent. Lost to Stabenow.
    Jack Reed (D) - Why Jack Reed? Rhode Island far left Senator.
    Joe Schwarz (2004) - Then Republican.
    John Kerry (D) - 2007 - Why give to this scumbag traitor? John Kerry?
    Frank Lautenberg (D) - 2008 - Far left gun grabber.
    Mark Udall (D) - 2007 - This one may be the worst from a pragmatic standpoint. There was a battle over the senate in 2008. Mark Udall is a Boulder (Ann Abror of Colorado) liberal. Non incumbent open senate seat in Colorado.
    John Conyers (D) - 1999
    Ben Cardin (D) - 2005 - Another Open Seat to replace Paul Sarbanes. Michael Steele or Ben Cardin.
    Jean Carnahan (D) - 2002 - Appointed incumbent key for the majority. She lost.
    Peter Monroe (R) - 2006 - Ran against Bill Nelson
    Mitt Romney - 2007
    David Fink (D) - 2002 - Ran against Knollenberg
    Nancy Pelosi (D) - 2007 - Yes, that Pelosi
    Gene DeRossett (R) - 2004 - Ran for open seat primary later won by Joe Schwarz and Tim Walberg (R)
    Carolyn Kilpatrick (D) 2001
    Al Gore 2000 - Gore for President?
    McCain 2008 - 2007
    Jeff Sessions (R) - 2007
    Bill Bradley 2000 (D) - Ran against Gore
    Thad McCotter (R) - Congressman
    Candace Miller (R)

    For the sake of argument, I'll give the benefit of the doubt on in-state dems outside of Stabenow (who is up in 2012) and chalk it up to builders politics. But Gore? Lieberman in 04? Bill Bradley? Mark Udall and Ben Cardin for key open seats in 06 and 08? Byrum over Rogers? Carnahan in a key swing state. This isn't one, two, or three democrats, but several, and some key ones including presidential campaigns.

    I've never been one to be so generous in giving such benefits of doubt to those who willfully feed the crocodile that will eat those around you.

    Oh well, maybe Republicans will fix this problem with their next Chair go around.  That said, as noted by Conservative First... Party Chair wishes you all a Happy non-denominational Pale Pastel "holiday season".

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