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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

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    Lookie at the Tags... Agenda 21 (none / 0) (#2)
    by Corinthian Scales on Sat Dec 24, 2011 at 12:31:46 PM EST
    J-man, perhaps this is not seeing the forest because that damn Obama administration tree is in everyones way.  Oh, don't take me wrong as you are indeed sniffing on the appropriate Progressive scent that is only currently occupying the White House.

    The jobs that would be lost as higher costs come to bear also joined by a literal health care crisis as fewer would be insured, and less money in the pockets of those Michiganders would encourage poorer health choices.

    Spot-frickin-on, dude.  But, let's try for a moment in looking at this in a figurative satellite view.

    For starters let's look at "non-profit" American Lung Association as a presented benign entity.  Well, what honestly makes one believe for a moment that it, like any other tax-exempt entity, the ALA is somehow impervious to infiltration of an European like Collective agenda?  With a quick look at what started innocuously as a TB org with a Bull Moose Party Roosevelt as VP on its Board from 1905-19 to an expanded NTRDA in '68, and now, it's demonstrative tagline, "Fighting for Air"... well, for anyone that chooses to not live in willful denial, it's blatantly obvious this "non-profit" has become a Stage IV malignant activist growth on Liberty.

    Fighting for air?  Like hell.  The ALA is haven for displaced radicals bought and sold by the highest bidder in government collusion.

    The EPA and Obama, ya, sure his admin is effectively utilizing it to transform America into a nation led by China as example.  However, let's not ignore the long line of all the Progressive RINO bastards that gleefully made inroads for a powerful EPA with what we now face as a costly game of escape or starve reality.  And again, none of this is new to any of us that may have not been willing to look.

    EPA is Newspeak.

    "Unrestrained economic growth poses further threats to our environment."

    Old story.  Planners, do plan.  Frankly, Rougman is spot on with his comment above about demented Fascist bastards that have for generations been on our soil right under our very noses.

    Mmmmnya, their boy Adolf sorta threw the preverbal monkey wrench in their who lives - who dies Borderless Society scheme, didn't he?

    So, what is left for a CFR'er to do?  Naturally, turn to their Newspeak EPA to divide and conquer the bourgeoisie.  Corner 'em and starve 'em into submission.  Ya, old story too.  Face it, all those displaced and delayed eugenics social engineers had to find employment somewhere so, places like many "non-profits" like the ALA, and government agencies such as the EPA are natural fits for a Borderless Society proponent craving their covetous Global Oligarchy.

    Oh, and remember that our food has been turned over to the UN too.

    What's to do about all this?  Anymore, I don't know; but it's gonna be a Herculean task in the amount of exposure and reeducation of Americans with a deck that is decidedly stacked against us to overcome what has happened to our once great nation.

    This presidential election, like the one before, it has taught me to no longer be Partisan.  For a Conservative it only serves as a setup for failure and disappointment.

    F#@% you, Newt.  That right there is a prime example why I've left Party Partisan politics and have become a Principle-an.  That lecherous old bastard has betrayed Conservatives for decades.  Romney is no better.

    Bottom line.  It is all about Principle.

    Sure, reelecting Obama will only expedite our Republic being a memory talked about to future generations, but there really is no gate keeper running in opposition.  Sorry, there is no Reagan rising to the top yet for 2012, just RINO's.

    Dr. Dan?  Based upon his performance thus far, he's about a you know what hair away from being dismissed into the RINO abyss as well.

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