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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

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    Be as positive as you want (none / 0) (#5)
    by Corinthian Scales on Mon Jul 18, 2011 at 11:01:43 PM EST
    I'm all for it.  Matter of fact, go ahead and throw accolades all over those heading into a big re-election year that are the blind squirrel occasionally finding a nut while routinely blowing it on big measures like roughly a $100B union pension bailout, err, auto manufacture giveaway bypassing bankruptcy law for the Italians or taxpayers on the hook for $3B or $24,000 per vehicle with Cash for Clunkers.  I will no longer be a detraction or the adequate shot, given the situation from this point forward.  No sir.  Not me.  Let them big 'ol rainbows rip tater chip.

    Glad you're here.  Good balance.  I've never been much for blowing sunshine up the butt.  Those that are good at what they do don't require it 'cause they know they're good.  Just do the damn job of upholding Party principles as elected or whatever it is in life that one does as its expected.  Nothing more, nothing less.

    However, let me be perfectly clear about about Mr. Schostak's problem.  As him being top cheese for the MI-GOP it's his serving RINOs fairly while they exist that is going to limit those entering the fray with their proving to be "true Republican folk".  If that makes everyone all giddy in the can't we all just get along big tent giddiness of everything dipped in chocolate Republicans have to be elected world, I've counted myself out of that mess a long time ago.  No point in funding that counterproductive agenda.

    I'll also be perfectly clear that Mr. Schostak is not doing his job when the GoverNerd calls up the local Party gatherings to put the kibosh on who a local gathering has as its guest speaker.  That is not serving all aspects and really reinforces what the Party have become.  Indistinguishable MI-GOPMDP.  A handful that vote principle and the majority just vote to further their gummint employed interloping post elected paychecks.  Well, that applies for the roughly 8% incumbency turnover rate.

    Believe me, there is no excitement going on when it comes the Republican Party in this state.  An Oakland County Drain Commissioner is the best stab at Stabenow?  And I am driving from ditch to ditch?  Sorry.  That dog just don't hunt either.

    18 terms of near-dead fossil Kildee calling it quits on his obvious terms... that ain't getting out of no ditch.  That's John Dingellosaurus sized entrenchment for new CD-5 Neo-commie blood.

    It is what it is.


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