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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

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    Frankly, it's quit an accomplishment (none / 0) (#1)
    by Corinthian Scales on Mon Jun 03, 2013 at 05:33:16 PM EST
    It's only taken 176 years for this state to become the thieving, nanny sh!stain of misery its government has become at the hands of two disgusting political Party's who have zero integrity, and are completely devoid of principle.

    However, this latest camera shakedown pales in comparison to the outright fleecing that Matt Lori has dreamt up again in his bifarceisan quest to broaden the criminalization net on what is clearly not applicable to highway law.

    "We've determined that .08 is the limit for driving a car. It should be the same for driving a boat or a snowmobile or an ATV. These are dangerous vehicles, and they're usually associated with family activities where people are with those kids."

    Two things here.  1) Lansing ONLY determined that they are whores for a $50 in an already donor state.  2) Both Lori, and Pagel, can shove that "for the children" crap up their ass.  Raising children is the parents responsibility - not a government provided bubble.  This is exactly how everyone has been lulled into the false security of the "first responder" nonsense.  If it's a "family activity," a responsible parent would already be in control of those "activities," and safety of their "children" - end of story.

    Law enforcement organizations support the changes, but prior efforts stalled in 2005, 2007 and 2011 amid opposition from beer and wine sellers.

    Thank God there is lobbying influence to counter this Bee-esS because it is blatantly obvious for the voters who see these schemes as what they are - nothing more than a money grab - they sure as Hell are being ignored by those sent to Lansing.  More importantly, why are my tax dollars funneled into LEO organizations having a say?  Those bastards work for me - sit down and STFU.

    Alcohol was a contributing factor in eight boating accidents in Michigan and one death last year

    That 1 death is 0.000108% out of the 930,000 registered boats in Michigan.  Note that is just the number of boats, and not the figure of how many users - do the math with three per boat.  How much more "safe" can it possibly get?  Bathtubs, and swimming pools wish they could claim such miniscule mortality rates in comparison to folks just trying to enjoy time on their watercraft away from a$$holes like Matt Lori, and his Progressive Party friend.

    Debate in Lansing is coming as the National Transportation Safety Board last month recommended states reduce drunken-driving blood-alcohol levels in autos to 0.05.

    Despite the failure of previous efforts to standardize the boating and ATV limits, Pagel said the bills now appear to have momentum.

    Lori said tolerances are changing and lawmakers may be more receptive to decreasing the levels.

    "We're going to give it another shot," Lori said. "Michigan is behind the times, and this is an issue."

    F*@%.  You.  Matt Lori.  This Federal bureaucrat promoted crap is what one gets at the state level when they elect a former LEO whose built his resume with his public sector union paychecks and only knows how to cling to his elected office pension with more "tough on crime" campaign propaganda.  Worked for Bart Stupak for years.  Hell, even with Bart selling his "pro-life" street creds to Nancy, and Barry, for his Obamacare vote, he still guaranteed himself a lucrative post slimy politician afterlife.

    Yannow, I really despise the bogus War on Woman crap, however, let's look at that 0.05 for a moment.  I'm not going to do your homework on this, look it up yourself.  1 drink, got that?  ONE drink for the average American female will make them legally intoxicated in the eyes of the law.

    How does that sound to you, ladies?

    Then how about this actually being disseminated by what is allegedly passing for journalism these days.

    Sobriety in 80% of accidents

    Nope.  It's them eeeevil, easily villainized 20% that is pointed to - not the true majority of the problem.

    In Michigan, the penalties for operating while impaired are the same on land and water -- a misdemeanor punishable by up to 93 days in jail, $500 fines, 30-day driving suspensions and 150 days of restrictions.

    Michigan Law on the waterways (page 44) is 0.07 already, if injury occurs it's a felony, but Matt Lori would never inform anyone of that truth with his feel good revenue generating base broadening scam.

    OABTW - sorry about the wee bit of threadjacking on Wayne Schmuck's Red Light corporate payola for legislation thingie, J-man.  It all makes my blood boil anymore, so the vent was necessary.

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