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    RightMichigan Exclusive- Rogers: Obama Budget Bad for Michigan

    By Nick, Section News
    Posted on Fri Mar 27, 2009 at 12:11:41 PM EST
    Tags: Mike Rogers, Obama, budget (all tags)

    Wondering what President Obama's budget would mean for Michigan? Sorry to say, the news is not good, according to Michigan's own Congressman Mike Rogers. I had a chance to connect with the Congressman this week.

    Here are the top five things the Congressman says we should all know about the budget:

    Paints a bulls-eye on manufacturing jobs.

    CMR: With a job killing "cap and trade" program that is really a "cap and tax" program on emissions the budget would, according to the National Association of Manufacturers, cost Michigan as many as 121,000 jobs by 2030, increase the price of gasoline as much as 141 percent, and drive electricity prices up by 177 percent. Michigan is already facing an 11 percent electricity rate hike this year.

    Borrows too much against taxpayers' future earnings.

    CMR: The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) says the President's budget will force the U.S. to borrow $9.3 trillion from countries like China and Saudia Arabia, and that equals more than $120,000 per family of four or 14 weeks worth of groceries for that same family.

    Taxes too much of the entire job provider economy.

    CMR: The budget calls for the largest tax increase in American history in two years. Beginning in 2011, tax increases supposedly aimed at "the rich" will in fact hit as many small businesses as individuals. Small businesses provide 80 percent of the new jobs created in America, so when they struggle under high taxes or get crowded out of the credit market, we lose job opportunities.

    Damages Americans' access to quality, affordable health care.

    CMR: The budget would have us spend nearly a $1 trillion on new health care programs funded largely by taxes on taxpayers who itemize on their tax returns, through cuts in the popular and successful Medicare Advantage program, and tighter government price controls. The result: higher, not lower, health care spending, as well as government bureaucrats rationing health care for seniors and low income families, and undermining health care advances by taking away tax deductions for charitable organizations like the American Cancer Society and others that assist with funding for medical research to find disease solutions and cures.

    Spends too much of taxpayers' future earnings.

    CMR: Under the budget, spending in 2009 alone would increase by 27 percent of our Gross Domestic Produce (GDP), which in no way helps create jobs or get the economy back on track. It's the highest level of spending increase since World War II. And where will the money come from? We'll have to borrow it, and pay if back from taxes taken out of taxpayers' wallets for many generations of Americans to come.


    The Congressman went on to say that there are some things in the President's budget that make sense, such as the extended unemployment benefits.  He also says that funding for advance battery research is good for Michigan because it will help build and strengthen our auto manufacturing industry.

    From there, however, common sense goes out the window, according to the Congressman. He adds that Republicans have offered alternative solutions, including plans that would spend less and create more jobs. Unfortunately, Democrat leaders like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are determined to ram their liberal agenda down the throats of all Americans, hoping that we aren't paying attention. While they talk the talk of bipartisanship, they are, unfortunately, actually walking the walk of partisanship with no intention of working across the aisle on these issues.  

    "Driving energy prices out of the reach of families and their employers, borrowing huge amounts from China and Saudi Arabia that we cannot pay back for generations, and punishing small businesses and working families are not the solutions we desperately need to get Michigan back on track economically," he said. "What we really need is for Congress to shed its addiction to spending and enact a budget plan that we know will work to heal our ailing economy."

    < Friday in the Sphere: March 27 | The resurgence of the monarch - A tale of two presidents >

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    yesh, but... (none / 0) (#1)
    by Ed Burley on Sat Mar 28, 2009 at 08:35:47 AM EST
    while all of this is true, what Rogers is missing is the fact that both the Democrats and the Republicans proposals for the budget are unconstitutional.

    Where exactly in the constitution is unemployment benefits mentioned? How about tax breaks for battery production?

    What we need in this country is not socialism lite: we need constitutional government with free market economics - that would be about a 50% real spending budget cut, in addition to an across the board 50% tax cut. We might get close then.

    And this is the problem (none / 0) (#3)
    by Ed Burley on Mon Mar 30, 2009 at 08:06:34 PM EST
    I've been hearing from the GOP for decades that these measures can't be taken yet, and then the GOP administrations add a whole bunch of new programs, while increasing spending on existing programs. I'm sick of it.

    When GOP voters decide to demand accountability, not platitudes, from their candidates, we might see something useful accomplished. Until then, we will get the same old manure over and over again.

    No thanks!

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