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    The scientific argument against abortion

    By Theblogprof, Section Events
    Posted on Fri Aug 21, 2009 at 07:57:40 AM EST
    Tags: 2nd law, abortion, Michigan, science (all tags)

    This is the third post in a series focusing on the issue of pro-life leading up to the critical 2010 elections, which will be a turning point for Michigan and the nation. Life is constantly under attack. Not only the unborn, but also our seniors. We must arm ourselves with knowledge, and fight such devaluing as it affects us all as a society.

    Last week, I covered the moral pro-life argument against the murder of the innocent. In formulating the argument, I mentioned that we all live within the framework of certain laws. These are universal laws that were imposed by The Creator over which we have no control. There are several levels of natural laws, which in my estimation are as follows in order:

    1. Laws of logic
    2. Laws of mathematics
    3. Laws of science
    4. Moral Laws
    Since we covered the 4th last week, I will focus on the third in this post - laws of science. Let me ask a question: if someone in the middle of the night committed the theft of one of your kidneys, and was caught the next day with a tub full of kidneys, how would you prove that one of those was yours? Of course you could prove it conclusively with what is today a simple dna test. Your kidney, and in fact every cell in your body, is governed by a dna molecule that is uniquely your own. Before you existed, that dna strand never existed before, and once you're gone, it will never exist again.

    Read more below the fold...

    That unique, one-of-a-kind dna molecule was formed at your conception. Not 6 months later. Not at your birth. At the moment of conception. Once conceived, that first cell splits, then splits again, etc. That cell replication will continue in perpetuity until death. That first split of the original cell right at conception is the beginning of the life process of a human being. Scientifically, that is the moment that a unique life has started.

    Now, here is where it gets even more interesting, at least from my perspective as an engineer that studies the natural laws of science. Every time that cell splits from that first moment of conception, every successive generation of cells will be less perfect than the first. Not a whole lot less perfect, but less perfect than the original nonetheless. This is a direct result of a law of nature called the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, or just the 2nd Law for short. Whether we are aware of the existence of the 2nd Law is not an issue. We all have experience of the first kind with the 2nd Law. It is the law of order and disorder. It dictates that all natural processes go from order to disorder, that disorder can never be destroyed, that the universe constantly increases in disorder. As a matter of fact, we are all bound to decay. Bound by a law not of our own making, but one that was imposed on us by The Creator at the fall of man. Cursed is the ground because of us.

    Let me just give you a few examples. At one point in time, most of us have had a brand new car. What happened to that car over time? Or imagine your kitchen before a SuperBowl party and then the same kitchen after your guests have left. Or the skin on the hand of a newborn baby and that skin on the same hand 20 years later. 40 years later. 80 years later. In all these cases, decay sets in. We cannot stop that process. We do have the ability to slow it down or speed it up. For instance, we maintain our car by changing the oil, cleaning the exterior, greasing every so often, etc. We are in fact removing some of the disorder and putting somewhere else. this takes energy and intelligence to do and is not a random act. If we maintain our vehicle properly, it will last longer, but it will still decay no matter what. If we don't properly maintain the vehicle, it will decay faster.

    Physically, we can stave off aging with a proper diet and exercise. But decay will still occur, just slower. On the other hand, we can accelerate the decay process by eating junk, not exercising, consuming copious amounts of alcohol, smoking, doing drugs, etc. Here's the thing, though. Fighting the 2nd Law is HARD. It is far easier to stay  at home watching tv with a bag of chips than it is to eat broccoli and lean meat and hitting the weights regularly. It is easier to slack. It is easier to let the decay proceed. At some point in our life cycles, systems begin to shut down because the decay has become extensive. Hair pigmentation ceases. Skin cells aren't replicated with the same efficiency and wrinkles form. This will continue until natural death occurs from old age. The dna molecule, after many copies, becomes frayed at the ends.

    So if we go backwards in time in our lives, the younger we are, the more perfect our dna. As a matter of scientific fact, our dna molecule is the most perfect, the best it will ever be, with the most accurate information available all in that tiny little molecule, at the point of conception. At that one instant in time, we are genetically as perfect of a human being as we will ever be. After that point, the 2nd Law demands that it be all downhill from there. That fact in and of itself is absolutely astonishing to me.

    But the 2nd Law doesn't end in the physical world. It extends to other aspects of nature. Unless intelligent energy is expended, relationships decay. I've lost touch with some of my best friends from high school and before. There was no falling out. At some point, intelligent energy wasn't expended to maintain those bonds and they naturally decayed.  Divorce is more common now than ever before for precisely the same reason. It's just a natural function for decay to occur. On a societal level, some of the greatest civilizations in human history are all but gone, with only relics remaining. The Roman empire, the Persian empire, the Egyptian empire, more recently the Soviet Union. Just decayed out of existence. Nearly the entirety of human civilization was corrupted beyond redemption before the great flood. In our own country, I don't think anyone argues that we are not on a path of increasing decay. Intelligent energy isn't being applied by our leaders in maintaining this country, and it is decaying.  Depravity is going mainstream. God is being devalued. Life is being devalued. Christian principles are being devalued. All natural occurrences of a civilization in decline.

    Can it be stopped? Slowed down? Reversed? As a matter of fact, it can. But it won't be easy. Like cleaning the kitchen after it becomes messy, much energy must be expended in an intelligent way, and the disorder moved elsewhere or sequestered. It is hard, though. With so many minds, making the correct choices becomes statistically less likely. Just like it is easier to sit in front of the tv eating a bag of chips rather than exercising, it is easier to let things slide than to clean it up. As a consequence, it will always be easier to be a liberal than to be a conservative, to be pro-abortion than to be pro-life, to be an atheist rather than a Christian. It's a troubling thought, but nonetheless scientifically true. It is simply easier to hold the former positions, rather than the latter, no matter that the latter is correct and the former incorrect. All a consequence of the 2nd Law that we are shackled to.

    Obviously, there is much more to the 2nd Law, and the implications thereof, than I can possibly cover in a post or even a series of posts. Much wiser people, however, have spent a great deal of time writing books on such implications. For the interested reader, I would recommend these three for starters:

    Spiritual Entropy, by Gilbert Wedekind
    Not a Chance, by R.C. Sproul
    Entropy, by Jeremy Rifkin

    Equip yourselves with this knowledge. The laws of logic, science, and morality are all pro-life. You must have these laws as a foundation for your stance on the pro-life issue. It is a solid foundation. A bedrock. Learn it, stand on it, and argue it. It is a foundation that will withstand any challenge. It is the pro-abortion side that stands on a foundation of moving sand. It cannot stand the test of reason, of logic, of science, or of morality. Prepare yourselves for the fight. Arm yourselves with knowledge. Next week, the strongest pro-life argument. Then, to action!

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