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    On 911, We Mourn The Loss Of 3,000 Innocent Lives 8 Years Ago. Let's Not Forget The Other 50 Million

    By Theblogprof, Section News
    Posted on Fri Sep 11, 2009 at 08:01:59 AM EST
    Tags: abortion, terror, Michigan (all tags)

    Like so many other Americans today, I am remembering 911 and the tragic loss of life on that fateful day 8 years ago. 3,000 people. Smashed. Burned. Splattered on the pavement when forced to jump from a firestorm. Pulverized in Pennsylvania. Who knows how many were butchered on the airplanes with boxcutters and improvised tools. On the order of an hour, 3,000 Americans had their lives snuffed out.

    The entire country shuttered and wept at the senseless loss. But an even greater tragedy should be remembered also. Not just on this day but always. It should be remembered that 50 million babies have lost their lives since the Roe v Wade SCOTUS decision that was nothing short of judicial fiat. Just to put that into perspective, that is equivalent to 1,700 911 attacks. Not long ago, the World Wildlife Fund ran into a firestorm of controversy when an ad it approved went viral on the internet (World Wildlife Fund Ad Exploits 9/11 Terror Attack - Part 2: The Video):

    more below the fold...

    The ad is incensitive to 911 because it equates one thing with another, minus a logical connection. With the loss of so many of our unborn to nothing short of butchery, there is a parallel to be made however. For one, the 3,000 Americans murdered on the day the towers fell didn't choose to die. But their killers did choose to murder them. As far as I know, not a single baby has been murdered because that's what the baby wanted. The horrific manner in which abortions are performed is nothing short of the barbarism on full display 8 years ago by madmen. Saline solution to burn the baby to death in the womb. Dismemberment. Mutilation. Ironically, beheading is a typical result. What remains of these babies is simply flushed down the toilet, like fecal matter.

    For more scale, what would be our response if a terrorist attack occurred wiping out the combined populations of California, Washington and Oregon? Those 3 states combined have a population close to 50 million. If you wiped them all out, that is the scale of what abortion has done. Many of those 50 million would have had their own children by now, so the actual number of Americans that would be with us if not for their murder is substantially higher than the 50 million dead. If you prefer an example closer to home, 50 million is about the combined population of Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Arizona and Iowa. Better?

    So let us always remember the tragedy of 911, but let us never forget another even greater tragedy occurring right here at home. In Michigan this month alone, more than 2,000 babies will lose their lives.

    < Fact Check Proves; Joe Was Right! Obama "Lied" | BREAKING: Anti-Abortion Activist Shot And Killed In Owosso. Will He Get Air Time That Tiller Got? >

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    Remember 9-11 though some will look the other way, (none / 0) (#1)
    by maidintheus on Fri Sep 11, 2009 at 11:27:15 AM EST
    some out of concern for population control.

    I guess all the copious empty and undeveloped areas in the world don't count if gov'ts lay claim to it or environmentalists claim concern.

    The tragedy of 911 is another example of how careless we citizens have become.  We again sit back in comfort, expecting our gov'ts to protect us yet we wonder not why our gov'ts down play the need for vigilance from 'we the people' and even make fun of that process.  The gov'ts and media encourage and proclaim some radical, extremist, and seperatist types, as though they are anything but a small fringe that should be put down. Rather, this has continually been used to provoke people to equate the fringe with the proper use of citizens participation in our own protection. Now we rarely hear about the militia in the Constitutional context. It's become a dirty word and we have allowed ourselves to be duped and wallow in displaced embarrassment. We should be embarrassed that we've stopped demanding the funding of our militias and allowed the word to evolve to depict things it has nothing to do with. As if we should all stop eating apples because there's one bad one.

    The gov't giant and grows as 'we the people' shrink into stupidity and are scared of guns. We think nothing of driving around with gas tanks full of middle east product, and drive on roads and bridges with copious dangers at every turn. On black ice even.  That's not scary or risky in the least though, if you have good tires or 4WD.

    I know what caused 911. The same disregard of freedom that has always contended with her. But we've become foolish in our boldness to partake of risky behavior while disregarding the brave stance of upholding the things that support our freedoms.

    How much more clear can our Constitution be when it proclaims all people are created equal? The enslavers have 'walked back' from their overt tactics and passed the buck. Why should we be left holding the bag quietly? We've done this for so long, we now are helping tie the blindfold on our lady of liberty.

    Though it's been a long eight years since 9-11, I pray that we will remember with all seriousness and wonder how best to honor those who have fallen. I pray we'll remember and conclude that it's not our gov't who leads us. It is us who should lead our servant, the gov't.

    We certainly don't need another moment of silence. We need to cultivate a home for the brave. We need a continued and loud insistence proclaiming our freedoms and a remembrance that the land of the free is only free when it's full of the brave.  

    One effing comment? (none / 0) (#2)
    by maidintheus on Fri Sep 11, 2009 at 08:10:33 PM EST


    • Dear CS, by maidintheus, 09/16/2009 07:23:54 PM EST (none / 0)
    Well Said (none / 0) (#3)
    by Rougman on Sat Sep 12, 2009 at 08:10:46 AM EST
    We do not see abortion face to face unless we try to look.  It is not carried out on national television with babies being tossed off the tops of buildings or being crushed to death under rubble.  

    Abortion is carried out just as violently but it is done behind doors shut by the "right to privacy." Too often the only time we think about abortion is when some "nut" waves a sign at us when we drive down the road.  

    The scale is larger than even The BlogProf tells us.  How many healers of disease have been aborted?  How many inventors, scientists, and researchers have been killed?  How many doctors, nurses, medics and first responders have been wiped out prematurely by the scissors?  How many people on Earth today suffer from illness that might have been caught in time or cured by those who died the nameless death of abortion?  

    We will never know.  

    What we can be sure of is that there will never be a national ceremony in which the names of 50,000,000 nameless will be somberly read out to a grieving nation.

    Have they Forgotton? (none / 0) (#5)
    by apackof2 on Wed Sep 16, 2009 at 09:46:25 AM EST
    to answer that Darryl Worley song..YES

    I organized a 9.11 Never Forget Memorial Event at the State Captiol...posted it here too..http://www.rightmichigan.com/story/2009/9/9/1029/77286....
    and a handful of people showed up..we read almost 3,000 names of our fellow country men who were murdered that day over a 3 hour period..well least I can say I NEVER FORGET

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