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    Abortion Center That Advertised Abortion As "Sacred Work" Puts Ad Back After Protests

    By Theblogprof, Section News
    Posted on Fri Jan 29, 2010 at 09:36:43 AM EST
    Tags: abortion, Michigan (all tags)

    Almost 2 months ago, I shined some light on a grotesque, ghoulish advertisement by  Northland Family Planning Centers of Michigan, who also stated that they "believe in the goodness of our work." There is no "goodness" in filleting a baby. The wording these people use are just sick. They make abortion sound like the moral equivalent of cutting ones hair. After the abortion ad went live, Northland pulled it amidst controversy and protests. 2 months later, it's baaaaack!:
    Nobody seemed more excited about the reairing of the ghoulish ad than Laura Berman of The Detroit News: Woman broadcasts abortion message despite protests
    Renee Chelian hoped to comfort the women who came to Northland Family Planning Centers when she posted a short video on YouTube around Thanksgiving.

    To the naïve or politically clueless, its message is simple and even bland: Good women, too, have abortions.

    Apparently, the fact that the ad alluded to religious superiority of abortion - sacred work? - didn't dawn on Berman. Who's being  naïve? Berman almost gleefully details the supposed "onslaught" of... wait for it... phone calls! So "frightened and bewildered" was the pro-abort, who's been in the business for 37 years, by the "ferocity" of the phone calls that she called the FBI. Berman didn't even hint that there were any death threat. Just lots of phone calls. Chelian apparently spent 1 year (!) on the above video. One year on that? As in an entire Earth year? Wow. In any case, there were a few revealing statements written by Berman, likely unintentionally:

    more below the fold...

    Thirty-seven years after Roe vs. Wade, passions haven't cooled, but abortion opponents have made steady progress through legislation and a vigilant campaign to sway public opinion.
    What Berman fails to mention here but is obvious is that the pro-life movement is simply shining light on the truth. Like seeing an ultrasound of a baby. No more argument is needed than that. What the pro-aborts have been doing is trying their best to hide the light and in turn lie to people about what actually exists in the womb. Take the recent example of the revelation that Tim Tebow will star in a Super Bowl commercial that does nothing but talks about his life. You see, Tim's mom was advised to have an abortion, but she refused. Thus Tim exists today to make that commercial, and the pro-aborts have grabbed torches and pitchforks to try and prevent the commercial from airing on CBS. Here's a clip of one such pro-abort:

    For more background on Tim Tebow, this must-see video will do quite well:
    Next time a pro-abort claims to be pro-choice, which implies neutrality between life and abortion, just point out the reaction to the Tim Tebow Super Bowl commercial. These people are not pro-choice. They are pro-abortion. Or to having women see ultrasounds of their babies before an abortion. Since I'm on the subject of Super Bowl ads, last year NBC banned a wonderful pro-life commercial that was so powerful they dared not let it see the light of day:

    That's how the pro-aborts work. Keep information from the public. Back to Berman's piece though, here was a very revealing sentence:
    "They are women that have the courage, honesty and wisdom to do what they knew what was right for them and their family," says Chelian, who had an abortion when she was 15.
    That last part speaks volumes. She had an abortion, and to deal with her conscience put herself in the business to convince herself more than anyone seeing her ad that abortion is OK. That she did what was best (!) for her family. Like killing your own child is the best thing or something. Some day, she may realize that she's been lying to herself. I wonder if she, like Abby Johnson - former Planned Parenthood butcher sop director, saw an actual ultrasound of an abortion:

    If she did, then how does she still justify the act if not to simply bury her own shame? If she hasn't, why would she not see her own "sacred work" with her own two eyes?

    One last thing I would mention regarding this ad is the Orwellian language that Berman uses throughout, besides the word "onslaught" that is defined as the persistent attack of an enemy (a perfect word to use for pro-aborts in regards to the unborn, no?). This is probably the best (or worst) example:

    To make the video, she culled comments from a journal kept at the clinics in Southfield
    The word cull is used to describe the thinning of a herd. As in culling the deer population during hunting season. Freudian slip? Since that darned well describes what the pro-aborts do to humans, the only question I would have for Berman is if her conscience is crying out for help.
    < In the MACKINAC CENTER Sphere Today | Lansing wants to raise Michigan's 33 cent (not 19) gas tax >

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    Ads That Offend (none / 0) (#2)
    by grannynanny on Fri Jan 29, 2010 at 07:53:59 PM EST
    Isn't it funny that Laura Berman, NOW and all the other women's groups protest this ad but have nothing to say about the ads that show a bunch of women as dumb as a box of rocks hawking beer, internet services, snacks, etc. Although some of the ads are funny as hell they still portray women as bimbos and yet women's groups don't protest that portrayal.  But let a family tell their story of survival and it is wrong.  I don't even think it is the abortion issue that irks them it is the fact that the Tebow family follows their religious beliefs and lives them on a daily basis.  Mrs. Tebow's right to choose life has nothing to do with it. These feminazi's will never be happy with sucessful women who have family, faith, friends and can do it all without their help or advice.

    Anyone have Laura Berman's... (none / 0) (#3)
    by rdww on Mon Feb 01, 2010 at 09:05:56 AM EST
    ... DN email address?  Sounds like an "Apologize, Laura, for your ugly, stupid comments!" campaign is in order.

    As to the Tim Tebow ad -- ask yourself, who in the media decided there is anything "controversial" about this?

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