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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    Republican Lawmaker Attacks the First Amendment.

    By jenkuz, Section News
    Posted on Sun May 30, 2010 at 10:22:28 AM EST
    Tags: Constitution, 1st amendment, journalism, Michigan (all tags)

    The Republican Party of Michigan had better put a stop to this before the Democrats take up the idea.  Bruce Patterson (R) Canton introduced bill 1323, Establish "Michigan Registered Reporter" registration and screening" on May 11th, 2010.

    This is the type of thing that really ticks off the tea party people.  The idea that our lawmakers are supposed to protect us from ourselves.  NO!  You lawmakers are supposed to protect our rights and our borders, pay the bills on legitimate spending set forth in the Constitution AND NO MORE!

    What are we doing here?  Did I wake up in China?  I suppose the moderates in our party thought this was a grand idea.

    According to Fox News, the law would:

    ... regulate  reporters much like the state does with hairdressers, auto mechanics and  plumbers.

    According to the bill, reporters must  provide the licensing board proof of:

    --"Good moral character" and demonstrate  they have industry "ethics standards acceptable to the board."

    --Possession of a degree in journalism or  other degree substantially equivalent.

    --Not less than 3 years experience as a  reporter or any other relevant background information.

    --Awards or recognition related to being a  reporter.

    --Three or more writing samples.

    Reporters will also have to pay an  application and registration fee.

    That's crazy, but this is even crazier:
    Patterson, who also practices constitutional law, says that  the general public is being overwhelmed by an increasing number of media  outlets--traditional, online and citizen generated--and an even greater  amount misinformation.

    He practices constitutional law hey?  Um, hey Brucie, I'm just a seamstress, but I know damn well that Congress shall make no law...abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press.  Would you like a pocket Constitution, I have three extra from the Heritage Foundation.
    The senator said that he feels that there's no way to tell who's a  legitimate journalist and who's just rewriting other reporters'  reporting and twisting facts.

    "What's the definition of a reporter? I haven't been able to find out?  What's a reporter? What's a journalist?" Patterson said. "I thought you  had to have a degree in journalism but apparently not. I could retire  and be a journalist."

    Yes, see we are all stupid, and we can't think for ourselves, so Bruce wants us to be able to click on the reporters name and find out every thing about them so we can then make a judgement on whether they have sourced material. Do we do that on a national level?  Does Keith Olbermann sound like he came out of journalism school?

    Obviously, if I cite a source and take quotes from the source, it's sourced.  It is then up to the reader to click the sources ie. the highlighted words and phrases that take them to the original news source.

    But my point in writing about all of this is that Bruce Patterson is a Republican.  The Republican party is supposed to be on the side of limited government and adherence to our founding principles.

    Bruce Patterson probably should retire and become a journalist, he is term-limited (Thank God) and practicing Constitutional Law would be way over his head.

    < Thanks to Jason Allen for saving us from Jason Allen | New "Reform" Law Attacks Marriage >

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    In a way, this helps.. (none / 0) (#1)
    by rdww on Mon May 31, 2010 at 09:16:36 AM EST
    ... the Tea Party movement by giving them a Republican they can attack in good conscience for having swinish ideas.

    You realize it means I would (none / 0) (#3)
    by JGillman on Mon May 31, 2010 at 12:05:46 PM EST
    have to be licensed to have a Byline here..

    I will now do something I seldom do.  I will call this imbecile a name..

    Or maybe i wont...  Or did I already?

    Dang it..  I wonder if I could submit THIS comment as one of the three?

    In any event it is straight out control of the press..  this line alone meets several elements of unconstitutionality:

    (v) Provides an opinion or commentary piece, with or without a byline, that is broadcast on the radio, television, or internet.

    OK  I will call him a name.. Given that this kind of insanity would not be allowed in the future. (think of it as responsible fore-speech) What a Douche bag..

    How Obtuse (none / 0) (#7)
    by Rougman on Wed Jun 02, 2010 at 10:55:25 AM EST
    can a politician be that specifically tries to open up a debate on a concept that the Founding Fathers specifically said was not up for debate?

    • Indeed.. by JGillman, 06/02/2010 11:15:54 AM EST (none / 0)
    What (none / 0) (#9)
    by LookingforReagan on Wed Jun 02, 2010 at 06:57:38 PM EST
    in Holy Hell is this idiot trying to do? Show that some RINO's can be just as stupid and moronic as the Commie Lib Progressives? I guess this kind of makes Beck's case that there are evil Progressive anti-Constitutional losers in both parties. This guy should be tarred and feathered then kicked out of the Party. Send him over to join the rest of the Socialists in the Governors Party. I am sure Andy Dillion-ger would be glad to have him. He fits the bill. Total devastation behind those corneas and the only thing that keeps his mouth moving is it is hard wired directly to his hindend.

    Reason article (none / 0) (#12)
    by jgillmanjr on Thu Jun 03, 2010 at 08:16:15 PM EST
    • hahaha by JGillman, 06/03/2010 09:27:29 PM EST (none / 0)
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