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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    Locking In The Endorsements.

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Thu Jun 10, 2010 at 03:12:05 PM EST
    Tags: Mike Cox, Michigan Chamber, Endorsements, Election, Republican (all tags)

    A big boost for the Mike Cox campaign came in with a nod from the Michigan Chamber of Commerce as reported in yesterday's Detroit News:
    Republican Attorney General Mike Cox picked up some instant credibility in his bid for governor Tuesday when the Michigan Chamber of Commerce announced it will endorse him.

    The Chamber -- which has 6,800 member businesses, trade associations and local chambers of commerce -- is considered the pre-eminent business group in the state and a heavy hitter in the halls of the Capitol.

    And just a few days ago, Cox received the much welcomed support of Former Gubernatorial candidate Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy, who said:
    "As a lifelong Republican activist and former State Party Chairman, I have witnessed Mike Cox fight for conservative values with the courage of his convictions"

    "Turning Michigan around requires a leader with the consistent integrity and strength I see in Mike Cox."

    With Dick Devos adding:

    "Mike Cox has demonstrated, consistently, the toughness required of a CEO leading a troubled organization through a turnaround,"

    "Michigan needs Mike.  Our job makers, our schools, our communities and our families need a can-do leader like Mike Cox."  

    Though endorsements are no guarantee of forthcoming win, a lot can be said for the ability of these high profile organizations and individuals throwing their support to one candidate over another in a field populated by many good people.

    Indeed, I have not hidden my personal preference for Mike Cox in this election cycle.  I have noted his strength in organization across the state, as well as his ability to stand for something, though it might not be readily seen as a "popular" or Politically correct" stance.

    To ME.. that is leadership.

    Apparently the Michigan Chamber sees it that way as well:

    "In endorsing Cox, Michigan Chamber President and CEO Rich Studley called Cox, bold, decisive, and knowledgeable about state government. Richard McLellan, a Chamber board member, said Cox's chief attributes are "competence and a willingness to make tough decisions."

    In the end, no matter who the Republican candidate is, that person will have to stand up for those small businesses that are being hammered  to pay for the increasing role of big labor.  Big labor which uses the funding it gets through its coercive methods to help in its defining of how government is run.  For Cox, being the "small Business candidate" is a leg up and helps define him as the champion of those of us who are struggling through a decimation caused by ultra leftist fantasy, and quite frankly the WORST GOVERNORSHIP IN THE HISTORY OF MICHIGAN.


    Congratulations to the Cox team for acquiring such a trophy endorsement.  Hopefully it becomes a a valuable weapon in beating back the bad things that we have allowed to wreck this state and, as our unchecked government has.

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