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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    Independent in Michigan's First District Colludes with Michigan Democratic Party to Damage Benishek.

    By jenkuz, Section News
    Posted on Thu Sep 30, 2010 at 11:45:42 PM EST
    Tags: MI01, Benishek, Democrats, Wilson, teaparty (all tags)

    Is Glenn Wilson a man of integrity?

    Last night, at the weekly meeting of the Petoskey Tea Party, the question was raised, "Will Glenn Wilson step out of the race on October 1st like he promised he would?"

    Wilson, running as an independent candidate in Michigan's First District Congressional race, told the members of the Petoskey Tea Party that he would drop out of the race on October 1st if it was clear all he was accomplishing was taking votes away from the Republican. His promise was given when concerns were raised about his candidacy splitting the conservative vote and allowing the Democrat to take the seat.

    Prior to the date of the primary, Wilson was introduced to the Petoskey Tea Party group, by then president of the group, Rich Carlson. Many of the members of the group were concerned by the fact that Wilson espoused many of the beliefs of the Republican Party, and wondered why Wilson did not duke it out in the primary like the rest. Wilson told the group, unequivocally, that if Jason Allen, a moderate Republican, did not win the primary, that he would pull out of the race. He clarified his pledge further, by saying that if by October 1st he had no real chance of winning, and he was hurting the chances of taking the seat away from the Democratic party, that he would drop out. "The tea party cannot support the Democratic party, and it is our job to get rid of RINO's," one tea partier said. Some mounting anger was felt at last night's meeting, considering that Wilson's campaign manager is Rich Carlson, and new revelations show collusion between the Wilson campaign and the Democratic Party in the latest smear against Dr. Dan Benishek.

    The New York Times ran a piece that laid out the intentions of the Democratic Party, clearly stating that they are using personal information in smears against Republicans.  Going through Divorce records is one of the avenues they are exploring.  Michigan Messenger ran a hit piece on Dan Benishek focusing on his divorce 21 years ago and called his integrity into question.  That piece used a quote from a man named Dan Wilson who operates a PAC named Parents for Children, who stated he does not think the allegations surrounding Benishek's divorce prove him to be a viable candidate for office.  It has been brought to my attention, and corroborated, that Dan Wilson is working for the Glenn Wilson campaign, either in a volunteer or paid capacity.  This collusion not only shows that there is a comfortable relationship between Wilson's campaign and the Democratic Party, but that Wilson's campaign is actively trying to pull voters away from Benishek.  On Tuesday, Mark Brewer, chair of the Michigan Democratic Party handled a press conference with members of the main stream media trying to call attention to the Divorce smear. There were robo calls throughout the district asking voters if they would trust Dan Benishek, and the call repeated the false information in the Michigan Messenger piece.  Neither Michigan Messenger nor the Michigan Democratic Party did their due diligence to find out if Benishek's exwife and his children agreed with the suggestions in the hit piece.  Since the MM piece, other blogs and websites have published the reactions of the exwife and the daughter, Kirby, a veteran of both the Afghan and Iraqi War.

    The Petoskey Tea party is clearly not in Wilson's corner and they are intent on holding every politician's feet to the fire.  This is why they ask Glenn Wilson, "Will you do as you promised you would do, and pull out of the race on October 1st?"

    < And I don't think THIS is out of context.. | The Midas Touch >

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