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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    Getting To Know Your Michigan Candidates: Rep. Mark Schauer (D) 7th Congressional District

    By steve, Section News
    Posted on Wed Sep 08, 2010 at 08:39:46 PM EST
    Tags: Democrats, 2010, Mark Schauer (all tags)

    At the top of Democrat Mark Schauer's re-election campaign web site, he has the slogan
    "Turning Michigan around, one job at a time"

    Based on his voting record, I think voters need to interpret his campaign slogan literally.

    Even though it's proven time and again that large spending bills are job and economy killers, Democrats can count on a "yes" vote from Mark Schauer.

    From failed spending bills such as "The Stimulus" to crushing regulations like "Cap and Trade" and the massive (and expensive) new entitlement program "Health Care" Mark Schauer sees each and every bill that come up for a vote as a jobs bill. For example, Schauer voted for Obama's Stimulus Bill because it would create jobs:
    "At a time when our county is facing the worst economic recession since the Great Depression, this bill will create 109,000 much-needed Michigan jobs and at least 7,900 jobs right here in the 7th district," said Schauer. "While some detractors will find things to criticize about this bill, we can't afford to miss the forest for the trees. This recovery package is the jumpstart we need to get our economy moving again and put people back to work. Doing nothing is not an option."

    Mark Schauer voted for ObamaCare because it will cut the deficit and.... Create jobs:

    The jobs quote is at the 1:29 mark.

    Continuing the every bill is a jobs bill idea, Mark Schauer voted for Cap and Trade because it will save the planet and.... Create jobs:

    The bill will create a system of clean energy incentives that will spur the development of new sources of energy while confronting the threat of carbon pollution. These incentives will lead to innovations that will, in turn, create millions of good, new jobs and ensure America will continue to lead in the 21st century global economy. And they will allow us to crack down on polluters while reducing deadly emissions that contaminate the water we drink and pollute the air we breathe.

    The deadly emission Mark Schauer is grandstanding about is carbon dioxide, the gas that all living humans exhale.

    Speaking of grandstanding, when the most important job of all, Mark Schauers' Congressional seat, is on the line (due to his sagging poll numbers) Mark is not above a little grandstanding:

    Rep. Mark Schauer, a Michigan Democrat, said he was convinced the massive leak began the night of July 25, although the Canadian company insists it didn't confirm the spill was under way until about 11:30 a.m. the next morning.

    Schauer also said Enbridge began laying boom material to contain the oil then but took two more hours to file a report with the National Response Center. Federal rules require pipeline operators to report releases of more than 5 gallons of hazardous liquids "at the earliest practicable moment" following their discovery.

    It seems Mark was trying to leverage a disaster to score a few cheap political points.

    If you live in Michigan's 7th Congressional District, you can show your appreciation for all the jobs that Mark Schauer has voted to create by voting for Tim Walberg, Republican for Congress.

    crossposted @ motorcitytimes.com

    < Snyder to speak at CMU | A Little Reminder Of What We Face >

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    Your work is appreciated (none / 0) (#1)
    by JGillman on Thu Sep 09, 2010 at 07:48:35 AM EST
    Every bill is a jobs bill..  yeah.. I noticed that too.  He isn't the only one..  

    Heck, with all the "jobs bills" that have been passed, its amazing we haven't hit less than 2% unemployment rates.

    • Thanks! by steve, 09/09/2010 05:27:39 PM EST (none / 0)
    They don't call (none / 0) (#2)
    by LookingforReagan on Thu Sep 09, 2010 at 04:16:12 PM EST
    This boy the "Liar" for nothing.

    I'm On Team Tim (none / 0) (#4)
    by restricted on Thu Sep 09, 2010 at 06:47:59 PM EST
    I live in the MI-7th. Schauer wouldn't have ONE face to face town hall during the Health Care debate. He had "telephone" town halls and selective audience "town halls" with union members that he snuck around to attend. He then stated he read the whole bill and voted YES. Schauer was swept into office on the Obama coat tails and he will be swept out on them as well. I will say "good riddance", Mark. You progressive weasel!

    Two things (none / 0) (#6)
    by Seth9 on Fri Sep 10, 2010 at 02:46:38 AM EST
    I'm not going to defend Schauer's claim that cap-and-trade will create jobs. Cap and trade is an environmental bill, not an economic bill. That said, your points about the environment here are misleading in the extreme.

    First of all, ACES promotes the use of clean energy technology through a combination of mandates and subsidies. The effect of these mandates and subsidies would be to deemphasize the use of coal in favor of renewable energy resources. Now, the primary problem with coal is that it releases CO2, which, as you noted, is not a toxic pollutant. However, burning coal also releases a bunch of other stuff that is toxic and by reducing the amount of coal we burn, we would also reduce the number of pollutants that are released by the burning of coal. So Schauer was actually correct to make that statement.

    Second of all, your link to the post on global warming ignores the fact that global air and ocean temperatures have been increasing at what appears to be historic rates, as well as the fact that ocean levels are rising and the Arctic ice cap is shrinking. The evidence that the globe is warming is mountainous and undeniable. Furthermore, as this apparently historic rate of increase of temperature has coincided with the rise of human-caused CO2 emissions, it seems highly probable that the globe is warming at least in part due to human activity. Of course, this is not certain, but the overall body of evidence suggests that it is highly likely that humans are at least part of the cause of global warming.

    Also, there is a simple scientific reason that Arctic temperatures aren't increasing. That reason is that when a compound (in this case, the water in the ice caps) melts, the compound is absorbing the surrounding heat. And heat energy that causes something to melt actually doesn't raise temperatures during the melting process. Only after the substance melts will its temperature begin to increase.

    And finally, the main Arctic page for the resource cited on your link asserts that the Ice caps are melting and that the Earth is undergoing climate change.

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