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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    Full Measure Planning

    By Corinthian Scales, Section News
    Posted on Thu Jun 16, 2011 at 02:22:08 PM EST
    Tags: Simple Solutions, Complicated Problem, Change It, Suffer With It (all tags)

    Recalling Snyder is more doable than one would think and the numbers say so.  Remember, Snyder is a CPA with a law degree and that really points to why he has his husband and wife (Sara's an AARP interloper and Rick doesn't oppose Obamacare, why?) Wurfel PR duo working from the governors office to silence conservative voices within the Party.

    Now, the numbers.

    The latest figure provided by the state is that there are 7,276,237 registered voters.  That's huge!  It means that 73.6% of Michigan is eligible to recall our Corporatist Tripartisan Liberal impostor that infiltrated the Republican Party.

    August 3, 2010 Primary breaks down as this:

    Total vote: 1,577,206 (21.7% of registered voters)

    Total Republican: 1,048,384
    Other Republican: 666,796 (63.6%)
    Snyder: 381,588 (36.3%)

    Democrat: 528,822

    Of those that voted Republican, roughly 63% rejected Team Nerd (websites scrubbed from the net), and in total, Republicans accounted for 66.4% of the Primary vote.  Democrats accounted for "two declared Democrat" candidates with only 33.5% Primary vote.

    November 2, 2010 General breaks down as this:

    Total vote: 3,226,088 (44.3% of registered voters)

    Snyder: 1,874,834 (58.1%)

    Bernero: 1,287,320 (39.9)

    Those numbers are dismal for Snyder when considering the fact that 74.3% of Michigan's registered voters did not want to have anything to do with him.  I for one am in that 74.3% majority that saw the fence jumping RINO for what he was during the Primary.  Didn't vote for him then either.  For most in 2010 after eight years of the MoleRattler, a Snyder vote proved much like a vote for Sen. Juan McAmnesty against Sen. Hussein Obysmal in '08 with the difference being that Snyder actually won office.

    What has Snyder accomplished for the MDP since being elected?

    Protect illegal aliens?  Check.  It's too divisive to enact Arizona type law or penalize Sanctuary City Ann Arbor and Detroit that gladly harbors this states some 150,000 gatecrashers costing taxpayers $900M a year in our state budget.  Way to stand for America and its legal immigrants governor.

    Protect organized labor?  Check.  Ya, that is too divisive to free American Citizens in Michigan from radical public and private union leaders that promote social justice wealth spreading communism through forced coercion funding that equates to theft of a workers pay.  Way to guarantee costs of road repair, all other labor costs and the cost of state borrowing to remain high governor.  Spare us taxpayers wasted gallivanting with your buddy Andy Dillon to New York for useless band-aids that'll be undone as soon as unions push for more money as they always do.

    Foreign National Affirmative Action?  Check.  Yep, let's use the American Citizens in Michigan tax dollars as enticement for the distinct advantage to those that aren't even part of America.  Frilliant!  Way to promote and look out for the Home Team governor.  Any other crumbs that may be coming the way of Michiganders with skin in the game I'm certain it is to be viewed by this administration as us being grateful.

    Pandering to mohammedans that clearly are spreading sharia throughout Dearborn and Detroit?  Check.  Asalamalakum!  I'm going to be brief here because most of this is covered in Snyders' protection for illegal aliens.  After all, Snyders' muslim butt-smooch was organized by dhimmi's and the muslimama Rep. that pushes for workers comp for... illegal aliens.  Hand in hand the commie Left and the barbaric arm of islam seeking social justice.  Way to go in promoting that agenda governor.

    Those are huge, troubling issues that should scare the bejesus out of any rational American of traditional values and cares about what we are bequeathing to our future generations.

    Now, add to this all the other 'simple things':

    Maintaining the '07 Granholm/Dillon Income Tax hike til '13 then minuscule rollback.

    Taxing geezers Pensions at those rates.

    Reducing the Homestead Property Tax Credit.

    Guaranteeing 4 years of Welfare Mooches.

    Obama Amtrak (more union subsidy) entanglements

    The Granholm & Blanchard bridge boondoggle.

    Folks, there is the Snyder administration six month mark record.

    Ask yourselves, is that sham calling himself a Republican good enough for you?  It's not for me.  And, I pity those that present straw man missives in the futility of recalling a Center-Left abomination from Lansing.  The 807,000-1.1 million signatures is a drop in the bucket out of 7.27 million registered voters.  It's just 15% of the total registered.  And I'm supposed to accept some Uncle Squeaky being elected president minimization?  Hogwash.

    TEA folk, if you're going to take on the death by a thousand paper cuts narrative as you're willing to demonstrate on this bridge fiasco with Snyder and the legislature, you're wasting energy.

    The position legislators take on the project was portrayed Tuesday as "the acid test to true tea party mettle" by Monte Blatchford, spokesman for the Newaygo County Tea Party, which is strongly opposed.

    To Snyder and most of the state's business groups and labor unions, the bridge is about jobs and securing improved and continued access to Michigan's biggest trading partner.

    Better energy would be expended by the TEA folk and Conservative Folk in picking up the gifted Act Blue figurative spear and put the TEA face at the forefront of the recall instead of being a labor union and Snyder administration divide and conquer exercise.

    Send the message loud and clear that this quisling governor in fact had damned near 3:1 against him in 2010 and is on borrowed time with his Center-Left agenda.  That is the true rebuke to this administration and to the MI-GOP establishment's RINO enabling Open Primary.  All need to go so as this has little chance of happening again.

    In respect to any suggested "chilling effect on any conservative state legislative efforts."  My response is simply this.  If, those "Conservative Legislature" are really and truly that feminized to not have the ability to distinguish the rebuke of disastrous Primary candidate Snyder, then I suggest also seeking out other Conservative representation with a spine.  I do not seek out nor live as a Conservative that requires the sanctioning, acceptance and/or approval from the Left.  A coward serves no purpose no matter what walk of life he/she comes from.

    Ya, the meek probably shall inherit the earth, but in the mean time...

    Recall.  Close the MI-GOP Primary.

    This is the valuable place and opportunity to commandeer the face of the rebuke.

    < Confirmed: Snyder is a Democrat | Fred Upton Introduces Legislation To Repeal His $50 Light bulbs >

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    DUDE . . . (none / 0) (#1)
    by Kevin Rex Heine on Thu Jun 16, 2011 at 05:15:20 PM EST
    . . . Wild Bill For America.  I love it!!!

    If It Feels Good, Do It (none / 0) (#2)
    by Pogo on Thu Jun 16, 2011 at 06:44:06 PM EST
         For those who feel an urge to join the Democrats in a recall effort, hey, why not? You gotta go with your natural instincts- it's more comfortable, and you don't end up feeling conflicted. In the same way that Democrats reach policy conclusions, it's always easier to do your thinking with your emotions.

    "Stupidity should be painful." (none / 0) (#3)
    by KG One on Thu Jun 16, 2011 at 06:59:07 PM EST
    He reminds me of a very wise trucker!

    OABTW, CS, Excellent post above.

    Now for the $64 question: Will people wake up and actually do something about this problem now, or would they rather talk about what can be done later?

    I'm also curious about what the party apologists will say to respond to this.

    It's becoming harder and harder for them to ignore this.

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