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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    Trying As Hard As I Can, But I Just Can't Warm Up To This

    By Corinthian Scales, Section News
    Posted on Fri Jun 03, 2011 at 03:34:02 PM EST
    Tags: State Executive Directives (all tags)

    Today I happened to stumble across this retreaded little directive.

    Gov. Rick Snyder returned to one of his key campaign themes in a keynote address at the Mackinac Policy Conference today, saying Michigan needs a wholesale cultural change to return to success.

    "The biggest challenge in Michigan is not about changing a law," Snyder said on the third and final day of the conference. "It's not about changing a regulation. It's about changing a culture."

    Snyder said the state's residents tend to be too negative, focused on the past and divisive. Instead, they need to get positive, forward looking and inclusive.

    Though Michigan has been in "a gradual decline for the last four or five decades," the state has "twice before ... led the world in innovation and entrepreneurship," first in resource extraction and later in manufacturing in the early 1900s, he said.

    "It's time to go to the next level again."

    If that doesn't sound like a stylized hopey Hope and changey Change "Yes we Can" baseless rhetoric of a Resident Obogey blowing the foam off of a freshly drawn Guinness with his conveniently chosen kinsmen du jour in Ireland, then nothing does.

    But, I am willing to look at what Governor Snyder has to say.  So, why not just cut to the chase and begin here.

    "The biggest challenge in Michigan is not about changing a law," Snyder said

    I agree.  We all just witnessed our governor push through his tax law with an iron clad bond by a $100 appropriation that eliminates opportunity for the people of this state the process to repeal by voter referendum.  That makes it certain for a CPA with a law degree that changing law in Michigan sure as hell is not one of Governor Snyder's problems.  Again, that sure does sound similar to how the Democrats dealt ObamaCare.

    "It's not about changing a regulation. [snip]

    Well, if it's not that, then exactly what the hell is it?  This state has been choked to near death with regulations that have driven energy costs up with circular filing power plants in northern parts, redundancy measures in the southeastern parts, windmills and subsidies for Michigan solar plants offshored to China.  Heck, this state even went to the point of stealth unionization of someone babysitting in their own private homes.  That's just a few examples that comes to mind.  Not about changing regulation?  Ferchrissake, that little missive also sounds like the Democrats tiring ploy of "Quick, look over here... Shiny.  See?  Ooooh... Ahhhh."

    It's about changing a culture."

    Fair enough, Governor Snyder.  Exactly what culture would you be willing to make a stand on?  The union culture that has grown into the 800lbs. gorilla in the room that has strangled the freedom of choice between an employer and employee to negotiate their own worth's?  The same union culture that also drive up labor costs resulting in our poor roads and bridges?  The states minimum wage law which is higher than the Federal mandated minimum that many young inexperience folk in this state are forced to sit on the sidelines?  Or, Governor Snyder, how about the culture of Sanctuary City protected illegal aliens that cost Michigan's taxpayers an additional $900M in our State Budget each year?  Seems to me that if our governor and legislatures are willing to go after geezers, legal citizens, for $300+M a year that they'd also pursue a big fat purse of money like $900M that illegals pilfer.  I don't know about you folks, but this "culture change" that I am being told that I must accept sure has the looks of the "culture" that the Democratic National Party relies upon to further their Progressive Utopia.

    Though Michigan has been in "a gradual decline for the last four or five decades,"

    I'll make no bones about that.  Our governor speaks the truth about the nose dive.  However, I really don't believe that our governor has any intentions of being forthright with why.  How about starting with state Executive leadership over the last five decades?

    1961-1962:  John B. Swainson.  John B. who?  Ew, a 35-year-old Canadian born Democrat.  Interesting history... During his two years in office, a tax was secured on the usage of telegraphs, telephones, and leased wires, court procedures and medical care for the elderly were improved, legislative pensions were excluded from both local and state taxes, and taxes on liquor, beer and cigarettes were raised to fund educational programs.

    1963-1969:  George Romney.  Ah yes, Michigan's papa bear Republican that gifted us our "If not now, when? If not us, who?" regressive State Income Tax.  Great legacy there.  How the people of Massachusetts didn't see the royal fleecing coming that George's son Mitt would do to them 41 years later with RomneyBamacare is still beyond me.  George was Big Government and created the most regressive tax this state has ever known just to feed the beast.

    1969-1982:  William G. Milliken.  Thirteen years in Office.  Environmental extremist.  Chummy chum chum's with perhaps the most corrupt Mayor of Detroit ever.  But, it was smart of 'ol milquetoast Willy, that was his voting base.  Kerry backer... Granholm backer... Obama backer... As Paul Ryan would say about Newt Gingrich, "With friends like him..."  How this twaddling old tool still keeps calling himself a Republican is beyond disgusting.

    1983-1990:  James J. Blanchard.  Typical Democrat.  Frankly, Blanchard owes old Willy Milquetoast for his time at the helm.  First out the gate, Jim raises State Income Tax 38% with his Democratic crony legislature.  But, Blanchard did show the people of Michigan they had Recall power with returning some sort of sanity in the Senate with a Republican Majority.  Thank God for little favors.

    1991-2002:  John M. Engler.  Ahhhh, finally a Republican!  It's almost like folks in Michigan grew a pair.  Privatization of state services? Check  Tax reductions? Check, check.  Educational reform? Cheeeeck.  Welfare reform? Major CHECK. Knock that damn Moocher Class off the bird feeder of life.  Good God Almighty, I only wish he could have done more.

    2003-2010:  Jennifer M. Granholm.  Michigan comes full Canadian born, Democratic Party, Swainson circle.  Historic tax increases.  Record unemployment.  Outrageous Environmental extremism with regard to our energy needs.  Smoking ban.  Hands off Kwame and the McNamara/Duggan political machine that got her into Office.  Stealth unionization for her AFSCME/UAW cronies guided by the hands of her muslim DHS Directer and Lt. Cherry and his old lady at Mott Community College.

    That leaves us with today with Governor Snyder and his Republican Majority legislature.  Tax law shifting the burden of a bloated budget.  Yep, no fear of being divisive with that.  Protecting legal Michigan citizens from illegal aliens sponging off of us?  Hell no, that's too divisive, and besides, how's our governor going to bring Michelle her tamales when always visiting DC?  wouldn't want to burn that bridge now would we.  Oooop!  Did I say a 'bridge' like the one that the Granholm administration was refused?

    And, maybe I'm just looking at this Freedom To Work thing all backwards?  As it too is way too divisive according to the MI-GOPs flagship governor.  The status quo seems to be with this current administration and legislature to hike taxes at any cost to not rein in the proper roll of government.  Covering yet again for the five decades of failed Liberal one Party control over the City of Detroit is just another perfect example for that.  One can only begin to imagine what would've become of the City of Detroit had certain fence jumping political role model only had the spine to not enable the corrupt Mayor of a city in what it has become today...

    But, one can't make a Pit bull out of an ankle biting Chihuahua, nor can one make a Conservative out of a Centrist that's indistinguishable from a Democrat.

    Sorry Governor Snyder, but your "culture" and mine are worlds apart.

    I am thankful to have been raised to know the difference.

    < A Friday Divertere: Ms. Barnhardt Goes RINO Hunting | Michigan Freedom To Work >

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    Allow me to (none / 0) (#1)
    by JGillman on Fri Jun 03, 2011 at 04:47:16 PM EST
    Stand and give applause.

    Excellent post.  

    Late Friday even yet.  Walk off freaking Grand Slam.

    If you don't get over here and let me buy you a beer, I am going to round up Gypsies and pay you a visit on the lake.

    And (none / 0) (#2)
    by grannynanny on Sat Jun 04, 2011 at 08:00:08 AM EST
    the whole while shoving unions down our throats at every step of the way.  I would say other than taxes - unions - especially public sector unions and the deals the pols made with them knowing they would not be able to pay for them down the road is what is devastating our state.  

    Auto unions ruined the manufacturing base here and chased good companies out.  Look how much more money for roads we would have if we didn't have to pay union wages.

    We need right to work laws!!!

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