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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    Michigan's Public Sector Unions Should Support MIFTW

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Tue Jul 26, 2011 at 10:11:54 PM EST
    Tags: Michigan, MIFTW, Freedom To Work, Right To Work, Public, Private, Workers, Government, Recalls, Unions, Labor, Leadership, Membership (all tags)

    Michigan's public sector unions have had their hackles up since Snyder took over.

    Even though the new governor has not really done anything to directly harm the unions, what he has done has established some choke points which put union desires at risk.  Desires, which of course rely on fiscally imprudent decision making, in times that cannot afford such decisions.  His line in the sand has met the oncoming rush of contracts they would like to have in place, and the new limits are getting under their skin.  Add to this, the reality of future liabilities and a quest by Lansing to deal with it in the manner chosen has prompted them to action.

    Recalls, Protests, general aggravation.

    Its the only tools they have.  The leftist driven leadership of the unions only know how to "persuade" through coercive measures.  Coercive being a subjective term I admit, however.  All the actions being taken to object to the decision making in Lansing are of course legal right? Well perhaps not, but who might be the first to call out shenanigans and be seen as a partisan.

    But I digress

    I get it.  I get the reasons the union leadership is pushing their recall and protest agenda.

    more below ~

    As I said, its the only tool set they have.

    A collection of individuals standing as a larger more formidable group is certainly effective, (as demonstrated by the tea party folks) and there is nothing wrong with that.  Further, the intimidation factor is one of their tools, as it has always been.  And as a part of it, is the Alinsky rule that you must make it appear you have more power than you actually have.  So the bullying continues, recall petitions that have no chance are talked about planned, and will ultimately fail.


    I am going to do this once. I am going to offer a constructive suggestion to the public sector unions.  One that is already presented as the title of this article. I would suggest that Michigan's Public Sector Unions Should Support MIFTW (Michigan Freedom To Work)

    Perhaps its a long shot to expect such support from the leadership, but membership in the public sector unions should note the tools for dealing with deficit spending in municipalities have been arriving via Lansing and our new legislature.  Those tools include the ability of managers to deal with contracts that are unmanageable for some governments given the realities of falling property values and the concurrent revenue shrinkage.

    Even without those tools, layoffs still happened.

    Public sector union members ought to consider their positions at risk in these tough environments as long as private sector employment continues to lag.  And as long as labor leadership attempts to deny Michigan a real job creating tool, the risk increases daily.

    In a Detroit News editorial recently, a UAW member Terry Bowman makes a statement worth noting:

    Union officials have a philosophy that says: "We want all the jobs, or none of the jobs." Business leaders are agreeing and saying: "OK, you get none of the jobs," and are taking their investment and jobs to right-to-work states. Michigan then loses out on the tax dollars needed to support public sector union employees.

    If you are a public sector union employee, your best chance to retain and increase your benefits will only happen when the government has more tax dollars to pay you.

    History proves that raising the tax rates for individuals and business only strangles investment. In Michigan, your employment stability will only strengthen when we adopt and pass a freedom-to-work bill.

    Job creation in Michigan is the cure for shrinking government treasuries in Michigan.  Job growth in Right-to-Work states has outpaced Michigan's.  Boeing looked at Michigan BEFORE SC as an aside, and saw a forced unionism state. Competition says we must change fundamentally, the way in which we attract business. As for Michigan's job growth statistics, we are last, or near last still.

    In many ways, I personally disagree with the idea of public sector unions (other than those voluntarily gathered) in Michigan.  However, I would acknowledge that an argument to remove such elements of our government operations would be hard to advance if the treasury is full.

    And the treasuries in most municipalities are not now full.

    Growth is necessary, and a return to low unemployment in the private sector is an absolute necessity in order to rebuild the financial stability that offers the best opportunity for healthy ongoing contracts between governments and their valuable employees.  The best opportunity to provide long term stability in some of the most sought after jobs that could possibly go away in absence of such growth.

    Public sector employees should join in, calling for Freedom To Work in Michigan.

    < But Of Course, That Was Debbie Then. This Is Debbies' Obama Now... | FLOTUS Approves (Un)Happy Meals >

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    You obviously are suffering from RMS (none / 0) (#1)
    by RushLake on Wed Jul 27, 2011 at 06:07:10 AM EST
    Mr. Gillman. RMS (Rational Mind Syndrome)is a dangerous condition usually found among people who refuse to surrender their minds to organizations such as Local 6000 UAW. Mr. Bowman is a courageous man with RMS.

    The majority of union "workers" would never agree with your valid thesis. They know that the union will fight for them, it always has. It will even write up inspiring flyers telling them how it has fought the good fight on their behalf. It will provide them with cool signs for them to hold at their protests. It will attack management and even their non-union neighbors on their behalf calling them names, threatening their children, damaging their property. If their battle against management and the public is not successful, they will tell the noble "workers" that at least they tried. Then they will tell them how to sign up for their government provided benefits if they lose their jobs thru no fault of the union or the noble workers themselves.

    My wife's union, the Operating Engineers, was no where to be found when Plymouth-Canton Schools just outsourced their bus driver jobs to a non-union private management company. We knew such a thing was actually the most fiscally responsible thing to do-imagine fiscally responsible and public schools in the same paragraph. What we are confident will occur is that the union will send her a condolence letter and encourage her to maintain her dues paying voluntarily so she can continue to receive union propaganda telling her how they are fighting on her behalf.

    Most of the noble "workers" do not understand that they are "cannon fodder" in the battle of Marxist unions against capital. Solidarity forever, the union makes them strong.

    Off topic-By the way why does the TC Commission need an ombudsman to deal with the public? Isn't that the commissioner's jobs?

    Jason... (none / 0) (#2)
    by KG One on Wed Jul 27, 2011 at 11:51:01 AM EST
    ...if last night's meeting was any indication, you should be getting some good news from MEDEFCO in a couple of days.

    Also, does MIFTW have a speakers bureau yet?

    • I could find by JGillman, 07/27/2011 12:13:29 PM EST (none / 0)
      • Thx. by KG One, 07/27/2011 01:01:06 PM EST (none / 0)
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