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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    Federal Interference With Local Communities

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Wed Aug 24, 2011 at 01:07:03 PM EST
    Tags: Michigan, Poverty Reduction, Facilitators, Grand Visions, Marsha Smith, Rotary, Community Organizing, Agenda 21, United Nations, Socialism, Private Property (all tags)

    Many of you may know that my objections with a local "charity" sparked a bit of a controversy and that I was accused of attacking the Rotary Charities of Traverse City.

    I wrote a response and posted it here titled "The Adventures of Huckleberry Gillman"  It was a way to nip back at those who were trying to silence my questions about WHY a charity would have as a part of its program, the growth of government.  Essentially the intent of my questioning was to root out the lefties in that organization, and have the locals at least take a second look at who was responsible for changing their mission from a charity, to a government facilitator.

    I believe some things tend to reveal themselves given time.

    Especially when dual roles are played by parties who influence such things as "sustainable growth," "visioning" etc.

    Below ~

    nearly all Michigan villages and cities have some socialist types involved in their development.  But Grand Traverse County has more than its share.  Enough in fact that it even loans its hard core enviro-nuts to places like Rogers City when the threat of a coal fired (OMG) power plant is looming, and resistance is needed!

    Locally however, we have a charity, Rotary Charities that has a TON OF CASH and has blissfully handed it out to the needy, and for other community project for years.  Its goal was to fill in where government or other charitable works were not sufficient, and using money acquired from the proceeds of an oil trust it has donated millions to worthy causes in the past few decades.

    The problem with money that has arbitrary purpose, is that it will attract folks with agendas and very definite purpose.

    And in the case of the Rotary Charities, it seems that its board has been preempted by those with a left of center, socialist agenda.

    And if not that, then it is folks who are complacent enough to not see what is happening under their noses.

    For example one Marsha Smith, Executive Director.  

    What fun it is to announce great projects and money giveaways!

    Nearly $540,000 in Grants to Support Grand Vision

    Building Quality Place Through Transformational Grant Making

    Emphasizing her point, Rotary Charities in 2009-10 announced nearly $540,000 in grants to support the Grand Vision. These were directly related to implementation of the Grand Vision, explained Marsha. "When evaluating grants we look for proposals that fit our mission. Specifically, the proposal must meet an identified community need or enhance the quality of life for citizens in our region. All of these successful grants demonstrated that clearly and aligned with the Grand Vision guiding principles..."

    Of course they meet her alignment requirements.

    She has been its champion since its inception.

    "Marsha Smith is a 30-year resident of northern Michigan. As a member of the Grand Traverse County Planning Commission she led a comprehensive visioning process in 1990. She is one of the founders of New Designs for Growth and is currently serving as a Champion of the Grand Vision."

    But never mind a conflict of interest.  There is some serious capital to be spent on Grand Visions!

    But what are those?  What is a "Grand Vision?"

    Agenda 21.  Specifically UN local Agenda 21, a wonderfully worded set of planning goals for the United States that cannot be done in a straight out top down manner.  It cannot be a set of rules placed by our "leaders" because to do so would reveal the nature of what will result in the most egregious private property takings one has ever seen.

    Using specially trained "consensus building" facilitators of this clandestine operation, dissenters of local "sustainability" plans are quieted through a number of techniques.  One of those is ridicule, but not by facilitators, but rather by those facilitators using others who have swallowed hook line and sinker, the improved prosperity promise of such planning. Planning that ultimately has a social utopian angle to it.  Utopian, in that we all as individuals don't consume, own or control too much, and the world is better for it.

    And the continuing justification for such plans is in the numbers.

    My goodness 12,000 people participated in the Grand vision process!  And it is a PLAN, and it is GOOD!

    Never mind the actual consensus building process which alienated those who were of conservative principles, and have a concern that this type of planning results in the inability of property owners to use their own land, buildings, easements etc., in a way they see fit.  Especially if its not in the plan.  The preordained plan.

    Marsha Smith has been there from the get go.

    And she is apparently "facilitating" the hiring of Government paid lackeys to move said plan forward.

    From that same piece linked to above:

    Here are five key reasons why the Grand Vision is different, and why I am confident that it will result in meaningful change:

    *Diverse stakeholder support: The Grand Vision planning process was developed by more than 34 people including builders, Realtors, environmentalists, government officials, affordable housing specialists and business leaders. This disparate group demonstrated their commitment by working together for more than two years to design this process using a consensus decision-making process.

    Right. Stakeholders.  Look at that list.  What is missing?  In fact anytime you see or hear the word "stakeholders" mentioned, ask the person who uses that word WHOM it represents.  Be very clear.  Its not property owners.

    *Regional scope: This process is designed to include input and develop growth management strategies for the entire five-county region. Growth and traffic congestion do not respect township or county borders. The only way to tackle the area's growth is on a regional scale.

    Regional scope.  Keywords for NO LOCAL CONTROL.  you think its bad trying to get rid of the township supervisor?  The local planning board?  Trust me on this one, you have seen NOTHING yet.

    *Backing of all levels of government: The Grand Vision process has significant federal, state and local funding that has allowed us to hire the nation's premier scenario planning experts.

    Thats right.  More government. Its someone else's money, even though they are doing it all over the place, and gee those professional planners need work too right?

    *State-of-the-art approach: The scenario planning process uses cutting-edge computer modeling and visualization technology that is specifically designed to incorporate the input from thousands of citizen viewpoints. It actually gives people a picture of the various growth scenarios and results in one publicly supported scenario.

    The modeling used is predisposed toward condensing of populations.  The technology is simply a tool to validate it in some way.  "What people want" or publicly supported scenarios, are a part of the planned outcome of visioning processes.

    *Emphasis on results: In addition to incorporating the good planning work that has already been done in the region, the Grand Vision will include a detailed and measurable implementation plan and some funding to implement prioritized projects.

    Results indeed.  Prioritized projects.  Dense populations, fallowed farm areas, no growth policies, removal of local control. Reduced energy consumption by mandate, and top down control.  All more easily accomplished by usurping a local charity, popular organization, and using it to forward socialist ideals.

    And she isn't even trying to hide her involvement and dual role as grantor and recipient.

    Grand Vision to Grand Action

    The Grand Vision to Grand Action VISTA Program seeks to connect citizens, especially students and people in poverty with the activities and organizations that are working to implement one of six guiding principles of the Grand Vision: Thriving Cities and Villages; a Regional Transportation System; Affordable Housing Choices; Protected Natural Resources; a Viable Food and Farming Economy and Sustainable Green Energy. The multi-partner coalition includes businesses, local units of government, nonprofits and community institutions. VISTA volunteers will work with schools to develop Service Learning Opportunities; help small communities develop their own unique sense of place; and build the capacity of volunteers to help provide comprehensive services to people in poverty. More information about the Grand Vision can be found at www.thegrandvision.org

    Oh let us not forget about americorp.  Or wealth redistribution.  And our local charity manipulator Marsha Smith is the point for that as well.

    Member Duties : VISTA members will work to build infrastructure to connect residents to projects and processes of the Grand Vision and Poverty Reduction Initiative that engage citizens in making their communities a better place to live and to improve prosperity for all.

    Program Benefits :
    Childcare assistance if eligible ,  Choice of Education Award or End of Service Stipend ,  Education award upon successful completion of service ,  Health Coverage ,  Living Allowance ,  Mileage Reimbursement ,  Relocation Allowance ,  Stipend ,  Training .

    Terms :

    Service Areas :
    Community and Economic Development ,  Community Outreach ,  Homelessness ,  Housing ,  Neighborhood Revitalization .

    Skills :
    Communications ,  Community Organization ,  Public Speaking ,  Recruitment .  


    Program Type:
    AmeriCorps VISTA
    Grand Vision to Grand Action
    Program Start/End Date
    10/31/2011  -   11/03/2012
    Work Schedule     Full Time
    Education level
    College graduate
    Age Requirement
    Minimum:  18    Maximum:  None
    Program Locations     MICHIGAN  
    Accepting Applications
    From  08/01/2011  To  08/25/2011
    Contact     Marsha Smith
    202 E. Grandview Parkway, Suite 200
    Traverse City   MI   49684

    Oh, Nearly forgot "poverty reduction".  In fact there is so much more that my fingers are hurting just thinking about it.

    From local charity being abused to the federal manipulation by the grant process, there is so much to love about this agenda.

    Don't you think?

    < Private Property Banning Method | NPV Trolling in Lansing - Heads Up >

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    It seems to me . . . (none / 0) (#1)
    by Kevin Rex Heine on Wed Aug 24, 2011 at 02:19:22 PM EST
    . . . that this "grand vision" ought to be regarded as so much fertilizer.

    We have a different term for that here in the city.

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