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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    And Now A Word From The Fat Guy Pushing Snyder's NAFTA Bridge...

    By Corinthian Scales, Section News
    Posted on Wed Aug 31, 2011 at 01:47:44 PM EST
    Tags: 2012 Senate Race (all tags)

    LOL  This Party under Mr. Schostak is more f'd up than Hogan's Goat.

    Former Michigan Gov. John Engler said Wednesday he believes Detroit charter school founder Clark Durant should stay out of the U.S. Senate race, leaving the road clear for former U.S. Rep. Pete Hoekstra to win the GOP nomination and challenge two-term Sen. Debbie Stabenow.

    That's right boy, establishment masters say you ain't it.

    The Grassroots?  Ya, you can GFY's too.

    < Grab A Seat, This Will Be Great Fun To Watch | ...they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. >

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    The title of the piece .. uh wow (none / 0) (#1)
    by JGillman on Wed Aug 31, 2011 at 02:42:12 PM EST
    "Engler: Durant should let Hoekstra be GOP's candidate to challenge Stabenow"

    Why? Because its his turn?  

    "cmon man, do it for the party"

    What about the country?  What about our state?

    Hoekstra has already shown his ability to vote for unconstitutional measures.  

    Let him have that US Senate seat?

    Tea party types need no more than the triplet producer to show up than to know the machine is healthy and active.

    I have stayed off the Hoekstra bashing for a bit, but I'll be damned if I will let the power playing scoundrels that brought all this mess on in the first place, go unchallenged.

    Good post CS

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