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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    Move The Bill Jansen

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Fri Sep 23, 2011 at 10:09:57 AM EST
    Tags: Unions, Michigan, Senate, Jansen, HB4059 (all tags)

    Committees and leaders, and political payback.  What a great way for decent legislation to get hijacked, rolled, used as a tool to extort political favor, etc.  Jack McHugh at the Mackinac center points out the union steward bill, HB4059, seems to be hanging out in committee for an extended period of time:
    "Last April, a bill to prohibit this in public schools and local governments passed the House with every Democrat plus Republican Reps. McBroom, Muxlow and Zorn voting "no." Inexplicably, the bill has been stuck ever since in the Senate Reforms, Restructuring and Reinventing Committee chaired by Sen. Mark Jansen, R-Grand Rapids."

    A near complete party line vote, and a senator from a conservative district appears to be holding it up?

    Michigan taxpayers shouldn't be paying for time spent extorting Michigan taxpayers.

    Hopefully not for much longer anyhow.

    < Just In: Union Shill Drops Out | GM Schedules Roll Out Of Two New Models >

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    Darn straight! (none / 0) (#1)
    by Corinthian Scales on Fri Sep 23, 2011 at 10:37:54 AM EST
    Michigan taxpayers shouldn't be paying for time spent extorting Michigan taxpayers.

    Best thing I've read this morning.  And, speaking of Committee extortion on Michigan taxpayers... when is the $924 million dollars a year theft of our money by illegal aliens going to be addressed?  HB 4024 & HB 4026

    It must just be the low hanging fruit that the Lansing ruling class has the stones for.

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