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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    Not There

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Sat Sep 24, 2011 at 09:18:41 AM EST
    Tags: Michigan, Republican Leadership, Mackinac, Pete Hoekstra, Gary Glenn, US Senate, Right-To-Work, Michelle Bachmann, Change, RightMichigan.com, Endorsements (all tags)

    Certainly, if I had planned well enough, I could have made it to the island. I really wanted to go.

    In the last two weeks, I have had at least 5 separate invitations to participate in conference activities. Each of them more tempting than the last.  Maybe next time.  And as it turned out, the business needed my presence Friday, and today the funeral for a friend's father. And overall, my significant other who has suffered well through the miscellany of political activities that keep us apart too often, seems to be happy.

    The Lord does indeed work in many mysterious ways.

    One of those ways is how we move the debate here.

    As noted a couple of days ago, there was a concern I penned about Michelle Bachmann endorsing Pete Hoekstra, who would not go on record supporting right to work.  As expected there was a bit of noise going on in the background throughout the state party and establishment types.   As expected it was picked up in a national piece the following day.

    Strategic National (Yob) who is managing Hoekstra's campaign likely had not planned for the "Tea Party" blast advertisement to come out a day early, as the "official" endorsement was to come out the next day.  It did. the "Tea Party" email blast by the way, is from merely another group who likely believes in most Tea Party values, yet is willing to capitalize on the theme as much as it is there to advance it.

    This site for example will take advertising from nearly anyone who doesn't violate core principles.  I get it.

    Hoekstra saw the writing on the wall. (Below)

    Pete Hoekstra now says he supports Right-To-Work:
    "Hoekstra took heat from at least one of his primary opponents after presidential candidate Rep. Michele Bachmann, a leading co-sponsor of Right to Work legislation in the House, endorsed him without publicly challenging his pro-union stance."

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention he took some heat from an opponent.  Shortly after the RightMichigan.com article, Senate candidate Gary Glenn' campaign issued a press release which had as a part of it:
    "... Glenn, a founding member of the Michigan Freedom to Work coalition that is pushing enactment of a state Right to Work law in Lansing, also in the letter criticized Hoekstra's cosponsorship along with Sen. Debbie Stabenow and then-Sen. Barack Obama in 2007 of a bill that would have federally mandated that all state and local governments with over 5,000 population must unionize all police officers, firefighters, and paramedics.

    "Pete's wrong not only on as a matter of principle on these issues, but on the politics as well. He won't be able to credibly attack Debbie Stabenow's record on deficits, budgets, bailouts, debt ceilings, and earmarks -- or her opposition to Right to Work -- because he's voted the same way she did," Glenn wrote. "And when Tea Party and other conservative activists learn about his less-than-conservative record on these issues, do you think they'll work their hearts out knocking on doors, making phone calls, and pounding in yard signs -- just because Pete's a Republican? You know they won't, which means he won't defeat Debbie Stabenow in November."

    Glenn noted that while Hoekstra's support among Republicans plummeted, he and other candidates in the race are in a dead heat in low single digits.

    "One step at a time," he said. "Voters don't pay much attention to challengers unless they, the voters, have first decided they're no longer satisfied with the big-name incumbent or frontrunner. They'll be paying attention now that they're learning about Pete Hoekstra's record.""

    Like it or not Glenn makes a good argument.

    It is similar to the Romney conundrum.  Given Romney's application of forced health care participation in MA, he would have a hard time attacking the president on Obamacare without a hypocrite tag being pasted on his back.  

    Amazing thing, how real principles can keep one out of trouble.

    The chickens are indeed roosting, and all the Mackinac island fun in the world changes NOTHING about whom these folks are.  Is Hoekstra's team covering for him? Would he shout it to the world?  will he get up and be a champion of Right-To-Work?

    Frankly I hope so.  Lets see some action and see him use his considerable political clout to push Michigan in that direction.

    That would convince me.

    But anything short of that is simply lip service.

    < GM Schedules Roll Out Of Two New Models | Another Notch In The Belt For A Cain/Bachmann 2012 GOP Ticket >

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    I'd have to see REAL action...and how/where (4.00 / 1) (#1)
    by maidintheus on Sat Sep 24, 2011 at 04:53:11 PM EST
    would that be? His "action" has already taken place is is in his voting record that you mention. When we ignore how they have been and vote them in anyway...I'm not seeing where that is working. If he's the last man standing, then yes. The problem is the GOP is constantly serving uo this last man standing maneuver and I despise them for it. I think they are putrid in their deals/votes and getting their way rather than my/our American way. Hoekstra is obviously another oportunist....just say NO!

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