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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    Top Michigan GOP Republicans Resign Amidst Delegate Scandal!

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Sun Apr 01, 2012 at 11:21:25 AM EST
    Tags: "Dele-Gate", Michigan, Republicans, MIGOP, Saul Anuzis, Bobby Schostak, Sharon Wise, Bill Runco (all tags)

    Anyone who looks at the date in the bottom left corner would immediately know we are looking at Saul Anuzis, Bobby Schostak, Sharon Wise, and Bill Runco, as the subjects described in the headline.

    The joke, however, is on us. They aren't going anywhere.  

    A month later, its as if nothing has happened.  Bobby Schostak remains in a position of trust at the top of the MiGOP, Anuzis has started his reelection bid for the super-delegate spot, (committeeman) Sharon Wise is doing as she is told and continuing damage control, and who the heck knows who/what Bill Runco is doing?

    And some are beginning to ask why we pursue this.  Their concern is over the damage done to the upcoming political contests pointed at those of us who are calling out the corrupt acts as we observe them.  Why would we do this to the Republican party?  Why would we undermine the very tool which is there to help elect Republicans to office?  What gives us the right to be judge, jury, executioner?

    An answer: Wrong is wrong.  We must self police. And since they are still here?  At best we are simply the constable, or maybe a little bit of prosecutor.

    More below ~

    We caught them.  We investigated, reported, and put the evidence on display.  We interviewed those who were there, we examined the law (rules) and compared the actions of those involved to the actions they were allowed.

    The court of opinion, and the decision to adjudicate is in the hands of those who run the county GOPs throughout the state.  The delegate selection, the process of determining who is appropriate to lead, and the willingness to look beyond immediate effects of this issue all very important.  But the process not being over, will keep the issue on these pages until the elections.

    Perhaps with a wall of shame, complete with mugshots.

    Those of you who are familiar with this issue fall into the following categories:

    • You have seen the evidence.  You don't believe it is proper to change rules after the fact.  You believe the four should resign for the good of the party.
    • You have seen the evidence.  You don't believe it is proper to change rules after the fact.  BUT, You believe we should stop bringing this up for the good of the party.
    • You have seen the evidence.  You don't believe the rules were changed after the fact.  However, you believe at the very least the credentials committee should observe what all THOUGHT were the rules, and do the delegate split 15-15, for the good of the party.
    • You have seen the evidence.  You don't believe it is proper to change rules after the fact.  But you know what happened, and are loyal to those involved.  You wish we would shut up.
    • You have NOT seen the evidence.  Your eyes are closed.  You believe it is proper to change rules after the fact for the good of the party.  You know what happened, and are loyal to those involved.  You wish we would shut up.
    Feel free to add your own.  The variations are numerous, but this pretty much covers a majority of those who are paying attention even marginally.

    And paying attention is something some others will be doing.

    Part of the wanting us to shut up on this issue, comes from a fear of the Democrats using it against us in November.

    "If you create a rift in the party, how will we come together in November to defeat our opponents? Don't you see that by pursuing this, you give them ammunition, and create distrust within our party?"
    That falls into one of those categories.  Admonish the detective for bringing the evidence of wrongdoing to light.

    Folks, whether or not you agree with our decision to continue presenting this, at least take a minute to acknowledge whether you are a rule of law person all the time, or when it suits you.  Get a grip on who you are, and whether you enable self destructive personal choices all the time, or only within the political process.  Enablers get what they deserve in the end.

    And consider the Democrats and what their take will be on this.  Weigh what this means in November. Don't think the Michigan Democrats have filed this away as a meaningless incident.  It provides a very solid theme.  One that we have used in the past on them. A message that clearly resonates within the independents and Reagan Dems who will be deciding whether to continue with the Republican leadership for our elected seats or change yet again. A question is all that has to be asked:

    "If they steal in their own house, what then keeps them from stealing from the rest of us?"

    If you are looking in as an undecided outsider, and faced with that question, what would you do?

    What manner of fool does it take, to support a party that willingly disregards its own in such a way?

    April or otherwise, the folly of the February 29 decision still stands as a testament to the amount of work which remains to restore the conscience to our own party.

    No Joke.

    < DR. Rob For U of M Regent | Crony Capitalism rears its ugly head in Michigan (Part II). >

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    Scandal...what to do? (none / 0) (#1)
    by Croton Crier on Sun Apr 01, 2012 at 11:54:41 AM EST
    Scandal will be investigated by someone.  If the GOP ignores it, the Dems surely will not.  Patriots are right not to be hypocrites.  If the party will not correct themselves, patriots must provide the correction.  This will bite the party in the rumpus sooner rather than later.  It is more honorable to face the music by choice rather than be forced later by those who have no honor.

    It absolutely . . . (5.00 / 1) (#2)
    by Kevin Rex Heine on Sun Apr 01, 2012 at 01:35:30 PM EST
    . . . causes me to puke in my own mouth that the combined actions of the Michigan Senate Republican Caucus and the Michigan Republican Party (the leadership at least in both cases) have gift-wrapped the "integrity argument" for no lower a snake than Mark Brewer himself.  What bugs the hell out of me is that we may (again) lose our rule-of-law majority on the state supreme court, as well as some very commonsense conservatives in each of the four state education board races.

    Yeah, this has the potential to screw us all the way downticket.

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