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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    Now, THAT'S what I'm talking about!

    By KG One, Section News
    Posted on Sun Apr 08, 2012 at 06:29:58 AM EST
    Tags: Gov. Snyder, Rep. Rick Olsen, Amalgamated Transit Union Local 26 President Henry Gaffney, Sorry...no more hints. (all tags)

    What do a republican governor, a party-affiliation confused representative and a union leader all have in common?

    {Click on the link below to find out!}

    All three of them have an aversion to allowing entrepreneurism and the private sector step up and help address Michigan's problems.

    For several months now, Gov. Snyder has been pursuing conflicting policies: Improving Michigan's road system while simultaneously expanding the mass transit bureaucracy by adding yet another layer of government into the mix.

    Apparently, the governor never read the memo informing him that mass transit programs are funded mainly by siphoning away tax dollars intended to go towards road maintenance and construction.

    For a quick recap, I went into some detail about this a few weeks ago.

    The vehicle registration hike isn't going anywhere right now, but I can't speak for what'll happen during lame duck.

    With gas prices shooting skyward, a gas tax hike will equal a signed resignation letter from office (or future office) for anyone who proposes or supports it.

    Sticking it to truck drivers with higher fees and taxes, I certainly hope that you enjoy watching the price you pay at the your favorite stores go up as a result.

    That brings us back to the spending side of the equation and an interesting article I caught in yesterday's Detroit News.

    Beginning at the end of this April, Andy Didorosi will launch The Detroit Bus Company operating limited routes all week long from 5:00pm onward.

    Using at least $40,000 of his own money, Mr. Didorosi described his business model this way:

    "We've changed it from a downtown fun shuttle," he said. "We're seeing some really extensive need out in the streets, and we just can't focus on the needs of people who have and not those who have not."

    Day passes will cost passengers just $5.

    See that, Gov. Snyder?

    A private individual is investing his own money to fill a need.

    He isn't proposing or advocating for another useless layer of government at everyone's expense to oversee a miserably failed layer of government.

    Surprisingly, Detroit officials have been very supportive of his idea.

    "Whether it's a car service or health transportation service or bus service, as long as an entrepreneur meets all the standards and requirements as mandated by city, state and federal law, we support new businesses in the city," said Deputy Mayor Kirk Lewis.


    "City Council President Charles Pugh gave Didorosi a Spirit of Detroit award March 6 for starting the company and opening a Detroit location of his other business, Paper Street, an arts and business incubator, and The Thunderdrome! a restored track on Detroit's east side.

    Pugh said he wants to encourage entrepreneurship.

    "We want more of that in the city, we need more of that," Pugh said. "We need the services he's providing."

    But not everyone is on board with this idea.

    "I don't think the person really knows what he's doing...He's got two school buses," Amalgamated Transit Union Local 26 President Henry Gaffney said.

    I've dealt with the drivers that Mr. Gaffney represents. When you have a D-DOT driver trying to merge his bus into the truck that I'm driving (seriously, this has happened more times than I can count), I really don't think that THEY know what they are doing either.

    Mr. Didorosi also added that he hopes to find other partners to make the service self-sufficient.

    Ironically, I floated a similar idea to start their own service with their accumulated knowledge and financial support to the supporters of the failed status quo in Detroit, namely MOSES and TRU several years ago. My suggestion was met with disgust and derision that I would actually suggest such a thing.

    Hopefully, Mr. Didorosi's example can finally be emulated by these groups, as well as by others who should be putting limited government, free-market ideas into practice, rather than fleecing taxpayers to prop up failed transportation bureaucracies and making themselves feel better.

    < GOP Agenda 21 Mayor Endorses $100M Tax Hike On Kent County | Easter >

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    Big Government solutions (none / 0) (#1)
    by Corinthian Scales on Mon Apr 09, 2012 at 12:56:47 PM EST
    Well, what else would anyone expect from Guv Snide'r?  It's all he really knows, or at least has demonstrated thus far in his business acumen.  Taxpayer money has been Rick's best friend all his life, be it from profiting on dead babies then appearance of obstructing an accounting, to over a decade prior gouging taxpayers with his schlocky cow boxed piecemeal computers.  >>Never forget: Precinct Delegates are a cheap buy in Michigan.<<  The Party will suffer the undoubted consequence for things such as that.  The sad fact is that the only thing that is Conservative about Snynerd is his personal expenditures for neckties.  Time, and time again .. the unwarranted P3 boondoggle Bridge, Snydercare Health Exchange, new Insurance Mandates, Wholesale Gas Tax Hike, Transit Authority creation... MEDC father Rick Snide'r is exemplar of Big Government and crony capitalism with a wannabe Eurotrash CEO attired flare.  So are his handful of billionaire cronies in Detroit like this treacherous Corporatist and the two wrinkly old farts that shamelessly cajoled taxpayers into building them each a stadium for their sports teams.  The country club cads leave no cadge unturned.

    Oh, but they give back so much to the community  ...  Riiiiiiight, give anyone a dollar of coerced taxpayer money for their business and they'll gladly "return to the community" maybe a 10th of it like them too, as a write-off of course.  Hell, who wouldn't even toss in a suite and assorted nose bleeds that a potentially soon to be indicted straw boss can hand out amongst "the approving" cabal.  Hey, it's only Wayne Co Detroit, so if that straw boss eventually goes to the federal pen another 'ethical' one will pop up in time for haranguing taxpayers with the new ice colosseum.  Cha-ching!  Pay up ya herd of easily pacified fat, dumb, and happy: you need to build a new Olympia with unrestricted rights to all parking and concessions of course.  Ya, a whole new meaning to the words Red barn, eh?  Benito's smiling.

    Don't misunderstand me... Go Wings!  Just when it comes to building a new playpen, get off your own wallet, ask the 'gifted' strike prone unionized talent to ante up for their future divertissement corral, or have Marian run her next year octogenarian fingers through her parlor house till to build it.  This is not a nonsensical Occutard 99% against the 1% argument, but it is a position being stated that calls for the end of all european styled Corporate Welfare, which is way long overdue in this state and nation. (Bruce, your comment really strikes deeply with me.)

    Gaffney?  Well, Henry peeing in the young Capitalists bowl of Cheerios should be no surprise to anyone.  By the way, does anyone know how Peggy Joseph is doing?

    Yup.  Detroit is thirsting for the young entrepreneurial spirit like this Didorsi kid has.  I like him.  He's got moxie.  That's American.

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