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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    Even The Regulars Can Be Wrong

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Sun May 06, 2012 at 01:12:05 AM EST
    Tags: Michigan, MCRI, McCain, NPV (all tags)


    Fact is, Saul Anuzis once in a while used this forum to broadcast his theme of the day.  Most of us here have understood him to be at least moderately conservative, but the NPV issue, and the recent "dele-gate" scheme which casts a pall on his loyalties.  Is it conservatism, rule of law or the self serving allure of power and money which drives him?  I don't live in his head, so I'll make no absolute statement as to what motivates him, but I've seen enough to know I wouldn't keep him around influencing our party beyond the term he now serves.

    But in all fairness, it seems one of our community members and regular poster ought to have his say, right?:

    "Part of it is loyalty. Saul and I go back years, long before I had the blog. His brother took me under his wing when I was a rookie in politics back when he was county chair, and IMO one of the best we've had. However the biggest thing is when push comes to shove, Saul will do what he thinks is right."
    What is "right?" What he THINKS is right?

    That's an easy out.  Its like saying "he believes what he thinks."

    Sorry RM, if you want to say "he taught me everything I know", I get it.  Maybe even "I like him."

    What I would like however, is if you are going to talk about what he thinks is right, then perhaps I would ask, "do you agree?"

    More below.

    Yes, I have some questions.  These blogs are about opinion, and I have no fear of challenging them when necessary. RM, I respect your opinion, and I would bet that many others do as well. You have an influence.  This compels me to challenge you with the following questions on issues of which Saul has failed us miserably.  

    • So you like Saul's NPV position?  A move heavily pushed by Soros.  Its nearly passed now so you know. Its about 49% of the way there.  Apparently it takes just a couple more states. we will soon see NY and CA select our president.. I guess that's OK right?  He helped make that happen with his lobbying, and almost fooled some good people who didn't realize the consequences of such stupidity.
    • what about his inexcusable position on MCRI?  2006 was lost in part for the lack of republican ability to stand on principle. Saul was the guy setting the bar so low.  Nothing like a bunch of cowards on an issue that is so very much conservative.
    • And then McCain bailing on Michigan?  Saul.  The Romney machine under Saul in his leadership position, when Michigan might have been in play. Perhaps Mcain might not have fared much better, but it cost us seats in Lansing.
    • Now the "delegate" stuff.  Water under the bridge, right?  not if integrity has ANYTHING to do with the republican party anymore. Stinkerbell Saul led some otherwise good people into a bad place.  they should all go now. Rules are the rules, but you support the guy who broke them, and made others his accomplices seducing them to the dark side.

    You are certainly entitled to your opinion.  But I must challenge it openly and with all due respect.

    The position would be better remaining unfilled.

    Excuse me while I go pound the tums.

    < Dearborn Revisited | $13,000 on Honeybaked Ham. $15,000 on Panera Bread. $50,000 at the Mariott. Why the need for an EM? >

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    In response (none / 0) (#1)
    by Republican Michigander on Sun May 06, 2012 at 01:45:50 PM EST
    I didn't expect you to agree.

    1. I do not see NPV passing and I strongly oppose it. I also expect if it passes to be heavily tied up in court. I don't think it impacts the RNC Committeeman position. In Michigan, it's DOA on a party level from a previous resolution.

    2. His opposition to MCRI was due to worry from the DeVos camp about a massive turnout in the city of Detroit, which is 93-97% democrat. I don't agree with it, but I understood the reasoning, especially in that period after the whole knock and drag operations from 2000 that caught people offguard and was fresh in everyone's minds.

    3. This one I take big issue with. I don't blame Saul for that. I blame McCain's campaign. McCain not only bailed, but announced that he bailed. When you announce that you bail, you demoralize the whole ticket, and that cost us down the board. Saul didn't announce it. McCain's staffers did. It killed us.

    4. Not excusing delegate. I think Saul really believed (incorrectly once I saw the results) that democrat crossovers were helping Santorum based on the exit polls. I do think Saul should be off the credentials committee, as should all people with close ties to a campaign, as Saul is to Sterling/Romney, of it clients of mine were affected if I was on there. If this was for re-appointment to delegate committee, I'd oppose it.

    I will say this. In 07 with the Granholm tax increase fights - when state reps were looking to cave, Saul kicked them in the arse and caused a big controversy with it. It was needed sorely at that time.

    If those are the reasons to vote for him .... (none / 0) (#2)
    by Pogo on Sun May 06, 2012 at 03:38:27 PM EST
    On 1 and 2 above:

    1. None of the statements in #1 absolve Mr. Anuzis from his activities in pushing NPV. Should a potential National Committeeman be judged on his record?

    2. The mindset illustrated in #2 is exactly what we can look forward to in the future, over and over again, if the same people are left to make the same sort of decisions.

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