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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    Forgetting The Message

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Sun Sep 23, 2012 at 12:06:18 PM EST
    Tags: Michigan, Elections, Republicans, Pete Hoekstra, Mitt Romney, Stephen Markman, Colleen O'Brien, Democrats, Failure, Obama, Stabenow, Bridget McCormack, Celebrity Race, Michigan Supreme Court, Rule-Of-Law, Messaging, Black & White (all tags)

    Folks concerned about the sniping from within the Republican camp need to look at their candidates a little more closely from now on.

    First off, any conservative who thinks that we should do anything else but vote for Pete Hoekstra, and Mitt Romney is off their nut.  There are absolutely differences between those two and their opponents.  The damage brought about by twelve years of Debbie Stabenow type thinking in the US Senate, and a mere three and a half years of Barack Obama as commander in chief is Awesome. And not in a good way. Their mindset and ideals are incompatible with a Republican form of government guaranteed by Article 4, Section 4 of our constitution.

    Incompatible with a country ruled by law, not men.

    Today's paper highlighted however, the unfortunate condition of our candidates vying for those positions of such importance; President, US Senator, and Michigan Supreme Court.

    With the carefully placed articles in the local papers, we have a problem. Articles about how Romney is failing to Obama in 'key' states, and George Weeks inflating Pete Hoekstra's record so he could pop it like a balloon, to a Lessenberry column 'introducing' Bridget Mary McCormack's message to a state that doesn't know who she is:

    "Nor is she a traditional candidate. Most Supreme Court nominees have been former senators, governors, or appellate and circuit court judges. McCormack is a popular law professor at the University of Michigan and director of the school's legal clinics.

    "I have always been concerned with the legal profession's impact on real people," said McCormack, a young-looking 46-year-old who her law school dean described as having, besides an infectious grin, "an infectious commitment to her craft, a subtle, powerful mind (and), an astonishing work ethic." Not to mention, time management skills; she and her husband, White House senior counsel Steven Croley, have a commuter marriage and a "blended family" of four teenagers."

    Excuse me while I take over the cat's duties of leaving partially digested food on the floor for a moment.

    Not much of a soft sell eh?

    Never mind the fact that the left is would up like a nine day clock in support of her candidacy. she is ALL Hollywood folks. In fact they have already put out a viral video where the former cast of an NBC show (West Wing) is actually referring to McCormack as "Hot". By golly! If that is the best qualification for the Michigan Supreme Court? Then rule-of-law be damned.  Stake out the local "Toddlers & Tiaras" competitions for the next generations of our top legal referees!

    Continued below the fold

    "Hotness" in a candidate.

    Her opponents of course, are simply bland, rule of law, "administrative types" who don't have Hollywood paying the campaign bill.  How might they sell that 'normal-ness' to a population that is too dumbed down to accept a simply 'normal' judiciary?

    Its tough. Stephen Markman should easily win because his rulings do send a message consistent with rule of law. And add to this he has incumbency which is stated on the ballot. (For folks who DON'T know, that matters) The others? Colleen O'Brien is a new face to many voters for the court, nominated at the MI GOP convention this month.  She will have to sell a message.  One that is sufficiently ROL, but also loud enough to get over the cacophony of 'hotness' messages of the celebrity endorsed Bridget.

    But the Michigan Supreme Court race, as always, will play second fiddle to the other important messaging contests for the US Presidency and Senate.  

    And as always going the middle of the road route always leaves us at this point.

    WE KNOW Mitt Romney is the better choice.  There is no question about it.  But when the fence sitting middle folks who have not an ounce of ideology or consideration for cause and effect cast their ballots, they look at the words, and deeds as told by the media types.  Even the article for MiSC candidate McCormack referenced above is told a certain way.  When the message is not sufficiently clear, the press can fit it to their desired agenda or meme.  Though not the same, Romneycare becomes Obamacare, Dogs on rooftops are worse than dogs eaten, government cronyism in Olympics is the same as government cronyism with industry (General Motors) in an Olympic fashion.

    Likewise with Pete Hoekstra.  How hard can the former congressman sell free markets, limited intrusion into private enterprise, and supporting Republican form of government when he has been less than true to those ideals.  There is no question in our minds that Debbie Stabenow is likely the worst US Senator we have ever had. Particularly as it relates to her performance and ownership of the loss of manufacturing due to public policy changes while she has served.  But George Weeks calls it  absolutely absurd, and asks "By what standard", with regard to the campaign paid page http://worstsenator.com. And the contrast will unfortunately, for those independents hoping to be convinced, have to be enhanced.

    Again.  Hands down, Hoekstra is the better of the two candidates when it comes to who would be a better US senator, but it is unfortunately a more 'nuanced' set of reasons that have to be used.  It doesn't have to always be this way.

    If our Republican office holders would actually govern by Republican principles without fail, Republicans (and the rest of the population) would win every time.  Its the mixed messaging and inability to hold to principle when tasked, that has put these top contenders into questionable status, and where the whim of coverage by media can paint them as anything.

    In this world of 30 second attention spans, black and white differences explain themselves and convince more effectively.

    < Snyder Stalling Gun Rights Bill? | Monday Divertere >

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    McCormack - No experience (none / 0) (#1)
    by Republican Michigander on Sun Sep 23, 2012 at 01:29:16 PM EST
    Even taking her far-leftist ideology aside, she's not qualified.

    McCormack has never been a judge from the trial level up through appeals. The first job of a Supreme Court justice is to know and understand all of the judicial procedures in all courts, along with the rules of evidence. It's one thing to know of them in an abstract way, but not the same as experiencing them every day, with different cases, in different parts of law.

    McCormack is strong in one small part of law. Criminal law regarding convictions. That's her main clinic and by all accounts she does well there. Is this someone you want making a decision on family law, estates, torts, or contracts?

    I understand campaign finance law and campaign election procedures better than 99% of the people in this state. That doesn't qualify me to be the Dean of the political science department at Michigan State. No teaching experience.  

    McCormack is the affirmative action candidate for the Supreme Court. Irish sounding name with a celebrity relative for fundraising. If she was just a regular professor named Kowalski, she probably wouldn't have been nominated.

    1 small factual correction .. (none / 0) (#2)
    by Christinebarry on Sun Sep 23, 2012 at 05:56:02 PM EST
    The video does not refer to the candidate as "hot" .. that was in reference to the candidate's sister, Mary.  :)

    Just be glad that they... (none / 0) (#7)
    by KG One on Mon Sep 24, 2012 at 03:25:31 PM EST
    ...dredged up the cast of "West Wing" for that clip, and not "Honey Boo Boo".


    I also agree with you 100% on your summary:

    "If our Republican office holders would actually govern by Republican principles without fail, Republicans (and the rest of the population) would win every time."

    Even the "47%", much of whom IMHO would already be easily labeled as "conservative" (read: retirees & vets...people who contributed) are having a hard time relating to a candidate who is having such a hard time relating his ideas to the voters.

    No, I'm not talking about his unwillingness to repudiate Romneycare, but rather what he intends to do to get our economy running again as it should, in contrast to his opponent's advocacy of a full-scale field trial of the Cloward-Piven Strategy.

    Happy Monday, everyone! (none / 0) (#8)
    by Corinthian Scales on Mon Sep 24, 2012 at 04:10:50 PM EST
    I have to say, mighty fine piece of writing, J-man.

    Folks concerned about the sniping from within the Republican camp need to look at their candidates a little more closely from now on.

    Yessirree.  That pretty much says it all - dating back to all the Rockefeller Republicans that gifted LBJ his Daisy campaign ad.  Those go along to get along indistinguishable hacks infesting the GOP only led to Milhous the Moderate idiot, and reluctant Jerry the Klutz, pandering squish.  Hello November 1976... Poof! The white Barack Obama.  That's right, the TelePrompTer Messiah is showing us how a second term would've looked if the Second Worst pResident Ever had won in '80.  Folks all across Georgia are now rejoicing in losing that Worst Ever stigma with native son Carter, although, I hear that Hawaii has yet to make unequivocal claim to Stanley Ann's darling lil' Barry Soetoro.  Yup.  Truly a man eat dog world according to step-pappy Lolo.  But I digress.

    So, give Barry another four years to plant seeds of Marxism with a potential 2-4 openings on SCOMI?  Oh hell NO.  Another four years of demeans "My People" Holder with his Blackshirts shysters running roughshod over the states?  HELL NO!  Four more years of Barry Obysmal Executive Orders?  HELL NO!!

    The cards that the dealer dealt from the bottom of the primary deck is the choice we have in November.  From the expression I see here at 0:14, Mitt may not be willing to gamble on losing America to the incrementalist Socialist Left.  Ya, I'm sick of the Looters and Moochers too, Mitt.  Bottom line: it's Romney's Party to lose if he reverts to his east coast Democrat pandering ways.  Yes, the Whig stakes are that high.

    However, that same card forcing, bottom deck dealing hand played by the MI-GOP house dealer applies to O'Brien too.  O'Brien will not get my vote.  Methinks, Glenn got bought off with hollow convention words: FTW ÷ Alticor = Davy Jones' locker.  Nothing has, nor will change on my O'Brien position.  The state Party has to learn sometime, and now is just as good a time as any for it to learn.

    As for this whole "hot" thing... so, this has now devolved to agiprop from some defunct program on Jeffrey Immelts' NBCDNC Network?  That's the kind of influence the purposely dumbed down publik edjukayshun Sheeple Herd actually bows to?  Holy bejesus!  Turn out the lights - the Republic is over.

    Look, I don't spend much time on the chesterfield in front of the idiot box watching what allegedly is supposed to pass for entertainment these days, but I do see a much needed perspective on the McCormacks.

    As like with Sandra, I wouldn't Fluke any of them even with someone else's d!@%.  Dog ass ugly females.  

    Frankly speaking, little blue pills must be freely flowing over at Moscow on the Huron, as I cannot even begin to fathom how the Obamabot insider gets it up for his Gidget.

    OABTW... Yes, I wrote females, as there is a distinct difference in quality between that of a female and that is a Woman.  Alpha males understand that truism - beta's settle.

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