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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    Fake Tea Culprit Implicates MIDem Chair

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Thu Jan 31, 2013 at 08:51:51 PM EST
    Tags: Michael McGuinness, Fake Tea, Confession Is Good For The Soul, Cheaters, MiDems, I was Caught, Mark Brewer, Was Not, Ethics (all tags)

    Mike McGuiness has 'ratted out' Mark Brewer as formulating the fake Tea Party scheme in 2010.

    In a reply to a Michigan Liberal's Eric Baerren post on the Michigan Democrat Chair race, McGuinness makes it clear that the scheme was not entirely cooked up with the two who paid the price. McG seemingly hyper-agonized because Dems are criticizing the current speaker for his part in an attempt to turn Roy Schmidt's seat permanently red. (I realize how that reads after typing it..  it stays however) McG says he it is "bizarre", and that he was ashamed of his "starring role". A role by the way which had to cost Michael Shirley twinkle-toes McGuinness a princess' ransom to defend.

    He writes:"

    Past Swept Under Carpet.

    The current chair of the Michigan Democratic Party cultivated the fake Tea Party political party to draw votes from Republicans in 2010. It is bizarre to me that few Democrats seemed to care much (let alone challenge him on whether he was involved or not).  He not only had the audacity to stand for re-election the next year, but had the strange fortune of being re-elected. Apparently a repeat may occur yet again. Wild.

    I am ashamed of my starring role in the scheme. When the state party emissary started calling this county party leader at the last minute pleading to help find candidates for their tea party farce, I should have stopped to actually consider the moral implications of it all, told them to go jump in the lake and shouted from the mountaintops about it.

    That I did not will remain a personal disappointment and a legal black eye for the duration of my life. I thought I was being a loyal party soldier, doing just what the Republicans would do. I deserve all the scorn I got. I'm not interested in relitigating the past, but I got six felonies and he got another term as chair.

    I don't know and I don't anticipate he did anything illegal, but it was and is unethical. Every time I read a quote from the state party chair about how Speaker Bolger and Rep. Schmidt were dastardly fellows I wanted to puke.

    The buck clearly does not stop with him -- or anyone else, from the looks of it. The state party and its leadership should be providing, well, leadership. It is small wonder that Democrats are on the outside looking in at all levels of state government.

    I Must interject here.

    Seriously?  We all have issues to deal with.  What the Democrats and Mr McG don't get, is that its temporary.  Yeah I said it.  Until the REAL Tea types who are keeping the establishment in power have a bit more control, its going to roll back and forth a little. Yeah you guys are a little more prone to the rougher edges, and "by any means necessary" ain't just a cute name for a bunch of dysfunctional freaks.  That's why tea flows right.

    I actually solicited one of these canary songs during the affair.  I didn't get anything from THAT guy, but Mikey was hired by Jocelyn Benson nearly immediately. (hint hint?)   I think I chronicled the conversation that might have happened.  OH yeah this is how it went down.

    Continued below.

    Continuing with his commentary from the lib site, Mr McGuiness has found his autobiographical inner peace compelling enough to share.  He continues:
    I got involved in politics before I was old enough to vote, motivated by the belief that my family and my state were hurt by Republican, one-party rule that we were under. Governor Engler's cuts to the state's mental health programs were crippling and I would never forget the closing of the Clinton Valley Center in Pontiac.
    Oh grab the tissues already.


    Thank you.

    Shame on me for losing sight of what my involvement was all about. Winning for the sake of winning is no admirable motive. It is sad, really, and it was a big blow that I contributed to a setback in the cause rather than advancement. I apologize to everyone that I unintentionally undermined what was important.  

    Rewarding failure is foolish. Some failure or mistakes do not make a person a failure, or their tenure a failure, but there are large-scale strategic and structural flaws on constant display. Yet, the status quo is preferable to self-improvement for the state party and its major components.

    Why so negative?

    The truth/bloviating/inanity serum having not yet worn off, he continued. (I really felt it would be best to present the entire comment. - fair contextual presentation I guess)

    Shouldn't there be a better reason for someone to be selected to lead a state party than: There's no compelling individual who is willing or able instead? The fact that people are so stumped when coming up with prospective replacements is alone a damning indictment of the current chair's party prognosis. The absence of cultivating new leaders and a strong farm team is sad and can be interpreted as fiefdom protection.

    And worst of all -- it all gets orchestrated away so that it never has to be faced, discussed, improved on or anything. Parliamentary tricks and party games are thrown up to avoid any redressing of grievances or even consideration of new leadership options. The notion that any candidate for state party chair should pay an entry fee (of $1,000 I do believe) is disgusting. The sad reality that any challenge to current leadership is drowned out and shouted over is disgusting. That doesn't represent the Democratic Party to me. Give someone the opportunity to speak their mind, offer their ideas or even offer themselves as options, discuss it and vote. Don't get too cute by half to protect those who already are in power.

    Why do I bother even sharing my two cents? It is important that reality be addressed. Do not sweep the past under a carpet or stick one's head in the sand. The state party seems to be operating just like the national GOP. To any and every party member: Hate me, disagree with me -- Fine. Just talk about it, already! Air your grievances, suggest your ideas for making it better and work to make it happen.

    And continue to blame Republicans for your level headed actions.
    State parties are designed to be partisan. I get it. Party chairs are designed to be partisan. I get it. The Republicans are just as knee-deep in games and chicanery and winning at all costs, I get it... But don't you want better for Michigan and the Democrats? The state Democratic Party is moribund in many ways and I sense that most everyone gets that, too, but is afraid to do anything about it.

    It may be too late for me, but for the sake of Michigan I refuse to accept that you can't do any better than whomever protects the status quo the most and offends the most party interests the least.

    I'm sorry Argentina ....

    Raise your standards, please and thank you.
    uh mmm yes.  Tell it to em [reformed] preacher.

    Excuse me while I go wash my hands for a few hours.

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    C'mon Mike (none / 0) (#1)
    by Republican Michigander on Fri Feb 01, 2013 at 10:06:51 PM EST
    You're one of the bigshots in the 2nd biggest county in the state. You didn't know this would happen? You didn't think things through?

    Do I think Brewer was behind the IDEA of this? Absolutely. Do I think he was behind the EXECUTION of this (which is what the illegality was)? Probably not. Was he stupid enough for notary fraud or to set up BS candidates who didn't know they were running?

    Mike got caught and wants to restore his political reputation after screwing up and taking the fall.

    • AND.. he by JGillman, 02/01/2013 10:28:49 PM EST (none / 0)
    I just relesh in... (none / 0) (#3)
    by Corinthian Scales on Sat Feb 02, 2013 at 10:49:13 AM EST
    ...the concept of the homophiles doing what they do best - turning on their own for personal benefit.

    Shame on me for losing sight of what my involvement was all about. Winning for the sake of winning is no admirable motive. It is sad, really, and it was a big blow that I contributed to a setback in the cause rather than advancement.


    At the risk of asking a painfully obvious question (none / 0) (#4)
    by KG One on Sun Feb 03, 2013 at 10:59:46 AM EST
    Given that there is more or less a full confession detailing the sordid details of Mark Brewer's involvement in the BSTP by one of the principles already convicted, what is keeping AG Schuette from appointing a grand jury to investigate Mr. Brewer's full involvement?

    Democrats being deceitful?

    I'm shocked! Shocked, I tell you!

    I mean, it's not as if their State Party Chair wearing county orange and cooling his heels next to the Kwamster just right down the street from their convention later this month in Detroit will have ANY bearing on his re-election?

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