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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    Thank you republicans...may I have another? Ung! Thank you republicans...may I have another?

    By KG One, Section News
    Posted on Sun Jan 06, 2013 at 07:30:00 AM EST
    Tags: SB-909, Public Act 387 of 2012, Sen. Tom Casperson, Gov. Rick Snyder, look at all of that republican support for higher taxes, where did all of the democrats go in the end?, Another taxpayer ripoff, Escanaba is nowhere near Detroit...so what gives? (all tags)

    Where do I begin on this one?

    Republicans on the state and federal level have always had this bi-polar, if not downright neurotic attitude towards adhering to what they claim publically to believe in.

    They tell us to our face that they support people keeping more of that they have earned, yet when given the chance to prove it, they steal from us what we have worked so hard to earn for because of...

    ...well, I'm not sure?

    Just last week in Washington, we've have "conservative" republicans flat-out ignore any spending cuts whatsoever and instead just raise our taxes to address the self inflicted "fiscal cliff". Not even two days later, republicans pass a pork-laden "aid" package.

    On the plus side those Alaskan Fisheries will now be able to rebuild from the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy.

    Who can forget last year in Michigan the income tax hike no one wanted (but the governor and the leadership in the legislature made damn sure would be approved)?

    Or when Lansing decided that it was best to steal from seniors pensions.

    Oh, the good times republicans reading this post are musing to themselves.

    Well, like Al Jolson used to say, "You ain't heard nothing yet!"

    What until you read about the latest republican scam to shake down hard working Michigan Taxpayers.

    {Story continues after the fold}.

    Let me begin with a brief history lesson on Detroit.

    A long time ago, there was a mass transit system known as the DUR. It serviced the City of Detroit way back in the day and expanded outward into the areas that are now known as the suburbs.

    The City of Detroit didn't care for how it was operated, so they took it over, renamed it the DSR and eventually ran it into bankruptcy.

    But why let a good money pit go to waste?

    Another mass transit system, D-DOT was created to service Metro Detroit and then SMART to also serve Metro Detroit.

    Yes, you have read that correctly. We have two transit authorities servicing the same area.

    D-DOT & SMART had interesting business models. To generate revenue, they would charge their customers only a fraction of what it cost to operate the system; for SMART it's about 10%.

    As for the rest of the revenue?

    Well, if you live in S.E. Michigan and you're reading this, you are paying for the empty busses whizzing up and down Gratiot, Van Dyke, Woodward and Telegraph.

    D-DOT gets its funding from the City of Detroit. SMART gets its funding from local homeowners.

    Aren't you so glad that your government coerced "donations", er I meant taxes, can make bureaucrats and a very vocal minority of mass transit supporters feel happy and satisfied?


    Why, there must be five or six people there.

    As a practical business model, mass transit has never worked anywhere it has been tried.

    It hasn't worked here in Michigan.

    It hasn't worked nationally.

    Only through the constant infusion of government money does the concept even manage to exist.

    Sadly, Michigan republicans didn't read that lesson I summarized above, including one Sen. Tom Casperson.

    During the deluge of legislation considered and voted on during last year's lame duck session was Sen. Casperson's SB-909 (now known as Public Act 387 of 2012).

    Short version of what he proposed: It was yet another attempt at getting another mass transit authority approved. The proponents have been chomping at the bit for this going on decades now.

    Here's the twist: The new authority (remember that S.E. Michigan already had two), can now have dedicated lanes on local roads for "rolling rapid transit".

    More gridlock...swell.

    The new authority can impose another property tax for funding (remember that S.E. Michigan is already paying for SMART through this mechanism).

    And to top things off, the new authority can impose yet another tax through higher local vehicle registration taxes, if approved by a majority of voters in the region.

    Not just the city or township, mind you, but the region as a whole. This means that an individual city or township CANNOT "opt out" of the tax increase.

    Why a guy from Escanaba is even remotely interested in Detroit, much less mass transit, is beyond me.

    Here's where things get even more interesting.

    Higher taxes. More layers of government. These are things that make democrats giddy with excitement!

    At first, they were all on board with this shakedown.

    But for some mysterious reason, their support waned for this and it eventually was passed in the end solely through republican votes.

    Why republicans are even remotely interested in Detroit, much less mass transit, is beyond me.

    So enjoy what's left of your weekend and just file this one away as another item to keep on your radar screens to watch out for.

    The TV & Radio ads, Newspaper articles, and politicians slipping their hands into your wallets (again)  to promote this scam won't be that far off.

    < Michigan Cronyism Still Harming Small Farms | Unconstitutional Laws Aren't Laws >

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    Yup (none / 0) (#1)
    by Corinthian Scales on Sun Jan 06, 2013 at 08:54:58 AM EST
    Nerdpublicans really stuck it to 4 Counties.

    The recently approved DIA Tax had to be the lame-duck trial run for the convicted felon's SB 911 stink-bomb.

    Thank your Lansing Nerdpublicans who have figured out another accountability loophole.  To levy taxes on the people: let the moocher herd vote.  To silence the people from their voice: limit access to constitutional amendments.

    Sorry RM, but prepare to go apeschiesse in roughly 2 decades.

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