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    Walberg Votes Against Surrender Deal

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Wed Oct 16, 2013 at 10:54:16 PM EST
    Tags: Tim Walberg, Congress, Debt, Power Transfer, Cowardice, GOP, Hastert Rule, Surrender (all tags)

    US Representative Tim Walberg released the following statement on his vote against the negotiated Senate deal:
    "While I am accepting of the fact that we need to move beyond this battle, I remain disappointed that the President and Senate Democrats failed to negotiate in good faith with the House to find a long term solution to many of these issues. Washington now needs to move past this gridlock and instead focus on policies that will create jobs and a healthy economy. Addressing the status quo of trillion dollar deficits, a weak economy, and a health care law that is unfair and harmful to families and our economy needs to remain at the forefront of Congressional efforts to find positive solutions."
    Yup.  But it is much worse folks.

    As soon as I get a chance to identify if there are any GOP cowards from Michigan we'll make sure they see the wall of shame for at least 6-8 months or until a primary is assured for their seat.  The "deal" appears to have another provision that should fill your drawers with last night's cream corn and ask why the GOP exists at all. Politico reports:

    "The legislation also includes a McConnell-written proposal that would allow Congress to disapprove of the debt-ceiling increase. Lawmakers will formally vote on rejecting the bump of the borrowing limit - if it passed, it could be vetoed by Obama.

    The deal would also deliver back pay to furloughed federal workers, require a study of income verification for people seeking health-insurance subsidies under the Affordable Care Act and also allows the Treasury Department to use extraordinary measures to pay the nation's bills if Congress doesn't raise the debt ceiling in a timely fashion.

    And EARLIER the same story had reported
    "The plan includes a proposal offered by McConnell in the 2011 debt ceiling crisis that allows Congress to disapprove of the debt ceiling increase, which means lawmakers will formally vote on whether to reject a debt ceiling increase until Feb. 7. Obama can veto that legislation if it passes. If Congress fails as expected to gather a two-thirds majority to override the veto, the debt ceiling would be raised.
    Taking away the power of congress for that extra time, and with the expanded treasury authority writes off the power of the purse unless challenged in the US Supreme court.

    we know that "standing" is a common way of denying the adequate redress of our grievances to the court as it is, so this might well be a lost cause.

    Stay tuned.

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    Sad. Very Sad. (none / 0) (#1)
    by TiredIronTim on Wed Oct 16, 2013 at 11:48:08 PM EST
    More proof that Republicans can no longer be trusted, and that far too many of them are to be feared as enemies of the people. The GOP now regularly stands for Gut Our Principles.

    Gang Of Polyps (none / 0) (#2)
    by Corinthian Scales on Thu Oct 17, 2013 at 10:26:11 AM EST
    Mr. Bos is way too generous with his descriptor of the GOP.

    Speaker Boehner knew he was providing a blank check on the debt ceiling and increasing spending once held at sequestered levels while also eliminating the debt ceiling by changing the rules to now requiring to have a 2/3rd majority vote to block it from rising.

    Mush McConnell
    and his 26 polyps knew they were sending exactly that over to the House.  Boehner, and his 86 polyps knew that is what they were voting on.

    On the global stage of Financial Crisis Theater that this communist insurrection administration in the Spite House thrives in, there were some special polyps, actually inflamed assholes is more accurate - McCain, Graham, and Peter King, are the names that first come to mind.

    In closing, and with respect to Rep. Walberg, who voted honorably, I do take exception with the following statement.

    U.S. Rep. Tim Walberg, R-Tipton, was among those House Republicans late last month who hoped Obamacare would fall to the GOP's will and Cruz's efforts in the Senate.

    "I don't think it was his intention to let us down," Walberg said Monday of Cruz. "Those of us who have been here longer than Sen. Cruz understand that sometimes you battle and you don't win. I can't lay the blame on Ted Cruz. I can't lay the entire blame on John McCain."

    Can't entirely blame Johnny McMaverick, eh?  Well, Rep. Walberg, as was said during last night's vote in the House, "You can't serve two masters".

    In the end, John McCain, rolled out Obamacare.

    Just sayin'.

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