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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    It's time to say Goodbye

    By TiredIronTim, Section News
    Posted on Tue Nov 05, 2013 at 10:48:29 AM EST
    Tags: Obamacare, direct primary care networks, GOP, Going Galt (all tags)

    And especially- Thanks for the memories!

    I did my time, I tried my hardest, and I tried to give all I had- with the best of intentions for the common good. Although, some of you have suffered my errors in judgement, and for that I apologize.

    Everybody is put together differently, and fortunately for me, I was born in a country where that's accepted and allowed.

    When I see flocks of birds and herds of animals, invariably I notice individuals on the fringe or out there on the flanks, mindful of the group- but comfortable being out there on their own.

    Mother Nature knows that there's safety in numbers- but for some of us, the question is "But at what price?". For some of us, safety isn't an acceptable tradeoff for the freedom lost by staying in the herd, going with the flow, or making unpleasant observations to those who don't want to hear them. With regularity- and by design, the outliers get picked off, the individualism is eradicated from the gene pool, and life goes on for the rest.

    Like all of you, I know the Grim Reaper is my shadow.

    I have challenged him for many years, running into smoke-filled and burning buildings to save lives, staring him down while looking at the business end of a revolver held in a noticeably shaking hand, and stood my ground in a mob that was just a bit disappointed in me- 3 memorable times in the last year alone.

    Obviously, I've got judgement issues.

    But, I'm really, really lucky- and have lived to appreciate it many times and many years after my first dance with death. Others more deserving have not.

    So at this point in my remaining life, I think it's time to focus on what's best for me, instead of what's best for We. It's time to go where I'm not accused of being a Nazi, or divisive or not having done anything good since the Freedom To Work battle. It's time to rejuvenate my soul by escaping life below the poverty level, and enjoy the rewards for hard work, good decisions mixed in with a bit of daring, and career development.

    I've made hundreds of great friends in our battles for the Conservative Cause, and I'm thankful they're remaining engaged for all the right reasons. There's some great minds in the grass roots, but there's also some who imagine superiority, grandeur, or being God's Gift- and disturbingly, it appears they act to further their own goals and desires at the occasional expense of ours.

    At least, that's what it looks like from out here on the right flank. But then, what do I know? I stand accused of being ruled by sour grapes, and have no reasonable judgement because of it.

    I'm concerned there may be some truth to that, which can be added to the mounting body of evidence that I'm wasting time, and it's not all mine.

    In a parting shot, I want to express my profound disappointment in our apparent blindness, to a fast-fading opportunity to absolutely crush Obamacare now and forever- by popular demand, from an overwhelming majority of American citizens.

    The fear of the unknown is more compelling than that of any clear and present danger, and Obamacare will live on- if there is no obvious and attractive alternative available. Sheer logic dictates otherwise, but logic usually gets lost in party, politics and public policy.

    The American herd needs leadership.

    Michigan is in position to provide that leadership- if someone is willing to make the sacrifices required to shepherd the free market model of Direct Primary Care Networks through Lansing, as well as the gauntlet of special interest power and money. That window is closing, and nothing- IMO, ranks as a higher priority than killing Obamacare.

    The genesis of the TEA Party was Obamacare. Remember? Now, the deck is actually stacked against it- and heavily. But the TEA Party isn't. Doesn't that seem sadly ironic, and extremely fortunate for socialists everywhere?

    You can enjoy a crushing majority of Conservative precinct delegates, Conservative control of the GOP, and even an overwhelming majority of Conservatives in both chambers in Lansing. But how good is any or all of that if your country is being plundered and enslaved by Obamacare?

    Can you honestly say any or even all of our other objectives are more important than the complete demise of Obamacare?

    The next year will be filled with silver bullets striking the heart of Obamacare, as well as providing the simultaneous support and momentum for building it's replacement- if there is a replacement being built. But that depends on you, or someone like you, who is willing to be the selfless tip of the spear in a battle with friends and foes who take no prisoners. My voice falls on deaf ears, so I'm not the man for the job. Perhaps it's you?

    But admittedly, that's just me out here on the fringe, being my typical pain in the ass. I make mistakes all the time, and maybe this is one of them too.

    Good Luck! And Thanks Again!!!

    Tim Bos

    < So, what was Schuette's cut? | What Patriot out There Wants to be my Next Sheriff? >

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    I have added a tag (none / 0) (#1)
    by JGillman on Tue Nov 05, 2013 at 11:55:33 AM EST
    For you.

    Best wishes to you, Mr. Bos (none / 0) (#2)
    by Corinthian Scales on Tue Nov 05, 2013 at 12:05:31 PM EST

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