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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    We Knew

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Tue Dec 31, 2013 at 11:55:17 PM EST
    Tags: Electric Power, Utilities, Monopolies, Cronyism, Granholm, Michigan HB5184, Mike Shirkey, Competition (all tags)

    And so did the legislators who signed on to it.

    We knew the costs that "green energy" programming in Michigan would incur on the taxpayers left in the state.  The utilities knew this as well, and wasted no efforts in having such draconian reversals of free markets passed with the likes of HB 5524 (2007):

    "Passed 78 to 29 in the House on September 18, 2008, to adopt a compromise version of the bill reported by a House-Senate conference committee. This would mostly end the state's electric competition law that allows customers to choose an alternative provider; allow the utilities to impose surcharges on customers so they can recoup the "costs" incurred from Michigan's experiment with competitive electricity markets; and phase out over five years the current cross-subsidization of residential customers by commercial and industrial ones. The bill would guaranty DTE and Consumers Power at least 90 percent of the utility business in the areas they serve, even if other providers offer lower prices. The bill is tie-bared to Senate Bill 213, which imposes "renewable" energy mandates on utilities. "
    Oh yeah, the tie bar?

    SB 213 was a doozy, with each chamber ratcheting up the mandate for renewable energy produced each time it was reconciled:

    "Introduced by Sen. Patricia Birkholz (R) on February 20, 2007, to mandate that electric utilities acquire at least 4 percent of their power from "renewable" sources, growing to at least 8 percent by 2013. .. to mandate that electric utilities acquire at least 7 percent of their power from "renewable" and "clean" sources (including "carbon capture" coal plants) by 2015 .. to mandate that Michigan electric utilities acquire 10 percent of their power from "renewable" sources by the end of 2015. .."

    And as long as the power monopoly remained, it was no problem for the major utilities in Michigan.  They get 90% of the market GUARANTEED by legislation, and the ratepayer gets the shaft through piss poor legislation and cronyism.

    One legislator is bringing some attention back to this.

    Continued below

    Mike Shirkey and other free market legislative types sponsored HB5184; a bill designed to return competitive forces to electric generation. His legislative attempt was quickly attacked by those who have benefited from the benevolence of Jennifer Granholm and previous legislative bodies towards 'big energy' in Michigan.

    Consumers Energy spokespersons Catherine Reynolds and Patricia Poppe, penned an Op-Ed in Mlive December 16 arguing against such measures as making it harder for kids to read, reducing Salvation army assistance, and reducing giving to local non profits.  Using the magic word "Enron", and making a veiled warning of electricity shortages if this path is followed, they disparage the attempt to open the energy market in Michigan to competition.

    Shirkey responded:

    One area where Michigan continues to lag is in electric energy costs. Michigan's electric costs have increased more than 10 times the national rate since 2008 resulting in electric costs to businesses and residents much higher than national or regional averages.

    The argument that sensible electric competition is wrong for Michigan, as a recent Consumers Energy column claimed, is full of unwarranted fears and misleading assertions.

    In Michigan only 10 percent of customers have any choice in their electric provider.

    Only 10 percent, and the inefficiency only available directly from government, or from a monopoly protected by government.

    The Granholm legacy of tax credits, granted monopolies, and energy subsidies to energy based concerns are that of legend. The green energy backdrop for limiting electric generation choices was simply an unrealistic cover for the utility takeover.

    Opponents to HB 5184 have a stake in maintaining the pilfering ways that have left ratepayers in Michigan paying some of the highest electricity costs in the country. Rates increasing steadily since Michigan's benevolent overlords literally handed the power of government to those who sell a consumable product.

    Its time to open up REAL competition in Michigan, and disavow the utility based cronyism that stifles innovation and the return of our state to a competitive manufacturing powerhouse.

    HB5184 is a good place to start.

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    They may not realize it... (none / 0) (#1)
    by KG One on Wed Jan 01, 2014 at 07:54:24 AM EST
    ...but Comsumers just gave us the best argument for deregulation while trying to attack it:

    "Over the years, we've been able to significantly increase our financial contributions to numerous Jackson institutions. Total annual giving by our company, employees and retirees to Jackson-area nonprofits is more than $1.3 million.

    Those contributions mean books for pre-school children learning to read. Financial support and volunteer mentors for Big Brothers Big Sisters. Senior citizen programs through the United Way of Jackson County. Utility bill and emergency assistance for Salvation Army clients."

    It certainly must be nice to have all that extra cash on hand?

    Now, exactly how much more could've been given to local groups, or even more to groups who weren't cited, were Michigan ratepayers NOT forced to overpay their utility bills?

    FYI for those in the North (none / 0) (#4)
    by JGillman on Thu Jan 02, 2014 at 08:20:25 AM EST
    The TB912 has a speaker on this subject.  Quite timely.

    Tea Party TB 912 Mission Statement:

    To educate, defend and promote both the United States as a Godly nation and the Founder's intent for our nation as expressed through the Constitution and Founding Documents.

    Speaker:  JAMES FUSCALDO


    TOPICS:  MI's  Clean, Renewable, & Efficient Energy 295 requires 10% renewable sources for production of electricity.

    Renewable Energy Portfolio standard (RPS) discriminatory without justifiable cause

    An unreasonable restraint on interstate competition and commerce without justifiable cause

    Tues  Jan. 7, 2014  10:00 am - 11:30 am

    Traverse City Elks Club

    cost:  $3.00 per person

    (includes coffee and pastry)

    Time for questions will follow presentation.

    This is a committed group.  The local 912 group has for more than 5 years, met weekly, with few breaks happening only for holidays and severe weather.  Typically, there are 25-40 attendees on each of the weekly meetings.

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