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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    The Most Important Elected Position

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Thu Dec 05, 2013 at 09:26:25 PM EST
    Tags: Michigan, Law Enfocement, 2nd Amendment, Gun Rights, Right To Keep And Bear Arms, Mason County, Sheriff, Real Heroes, Constitution, Ted Schendel, Nick Finch, Kim Cole (all tags)

    That people who value the constitution should be concerned about.

    No 'law enforcement' activity can lawfully occur in your county without the sheriff being aware, or present directly, or through deputies.  No federal operation can legally enacted without the cooperation of the county sheriff's office. Its a fact.  The federal authorities have no arrest jurisdiction in the state of Michigan or any other 'sovereign' state without the assistance of local authorities, and in particular the highest local authority; the ELECTED sheriff.

    What is important to remember when voting to fill this position, is whether he will be upholding the constitution, or collaborating with federal or rogue state agencies, which all too often seem to abridge constitutional protections as a matter of convenience.

    We have highlighted a couple of TRUE county servants in the past.

    Continue below the fold for who they were, and more good news.

    In March, Benzie County Sheriff Ted Schendel, made it clear he was not simply a tool for those who think that the constitution is nothing more than toilet paper. Schendel made TV news when he publicly announced that he would not capitulate with any attempt by the Obama administration to deny the rights of Benzie citizens to keep and bear arms; something that earned him a constitutional defender award.
    "The Benzie county sheriff Ted Schendel, received the Constitution Defender Award yesterday at the Benzie County Commission meeting drawing applause from the 50 or so present.

    The award is given to 3 or 4 each year, with a 'Grand Defender' being chosen from those, and announced during the annual constitution celebration event in Acme MI. This year's event is Sept 15."  

    This sheriff carried the support of the selection committee and won that Grand Defender award.

    The other candidates were quite worthy too.

    In November RightMichigan.Com highlighted a sheriff who faced charges for not enforcing unconstitutional law.  We celebrated his late October acquittal, and pray that the lesson learned of his appropriate actions will remind folks that they DO have protections from an overreaching federal tyranny if their selection of sheriff is a good one.

    And now there is an increasing number of "good" men standing up for gun rights.  Standing tall enough to be seen in fact, over so many who have no idea WHY they hold the office. A starting list is here.

    One of those men on that list recently drew our attention.

    Not for any major in-your-face declaration against the gun grabbers, but for the simple appreciation of the fundamental rights taken for granted all too often.  Instead of fighting those who wish to obtain a concealed pistol license in our state, (a few local sheriffs seem so inclined) he celebrates their achievement, and encourages them.

    Sheriff Kim Cole of Mason County goes above and beyond in our view, for simply issuing a card of support to a successful CPL applicant recently.

    Happy Thanksgiving indeed, Mr Bailey.

    And twice back at you Sheriff Cole.

    < Happy 80th Anniversary! | I don't think you get the reason for the season... >

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