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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    Redundancy & regulation: Why Michigan Republicans are really the problem and not the solution.

    By KG One, Section News
    Posted on Sun Dec 08, 2013 at 06:00:01 AM EST
    Tags: Gov. Rick Snyder, State Senator Tom Casperson, SB-909, P.A. 387 of 2012, House Appropriations Chairman Joe Haveman, Senate Appropriations Chairman Roger Kahn, The check is in the mail, SMART, D-DOT, Regional Transit Authority, RTA Chairman Paul Hillegonds, SMART GM John Hertel, RTA CEO John Hertel, Hey how can he hold two jobs simultaneously? (all tags)

    I just finished watching John Stossel's "War on the Little Guy" I DVR'd from last night. For those of you who haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend doing so.

    Did you know that magicians "needed" to be licensed?

    Or, that the government can take your property under the guise of protecting a frog that hasn't been seen in your state for decades? The agency that took the property even said so itself. I'll forewarn you, the spokesman/lawyer from the agency defending that practice is more annoying than Sheldon on Season One's "Big Bang Theory". I recommend removing any large and heavy objects from within your reach when watching that segment.

    Or, that the biggest proponents of new government regulations are existing businesses who use it as a tool to crush competition and free enterprise here in America?

    No, he didn't have any specific examples from here Michigan. Although given the actions of late by "conservative" republicans in Lansing, he just as easily could have.

    Borrowing a page from Pres. B.O.'s playbook, "Do as I say and not as I do", is becoming their M.O. as well.

    {More sordid details after the fold}

    Woefully ignorant of the fact that Southeastern Michigan already has two geographically overlapping transportation agencies; SMART & D-DOT, Governor Snyder pushed for and Republican Legislators dutifully did the grunt work making sure that a third overlapping transportation agency was created so that Michigan Motorists can pay for something other than roads.

    SB-909 (now P.A. 387 of 2012), introduced by Republican State Senator Tom Casperson from Escanaba, created the Regional Transit Authority, which ostensibly will be able to do the job that the two other existing agencies could not.

    Initially funded by a $250,000 appropriation from the general fund, later bumped up another $250,000, the RTA is showing the same signs of its predecessors: Not being able to live within a budget.

    According to today's Detroit News, the RTA has been going around Lansing, hat in hand, asking for an additional $1.7-million from the legislature. If Lansing doesn't pony up, the only other option the RTA will have is to take money from SMART & D-DOT.

    According to RTA Chairman Paul Hillegonds,

    "There's no plan B at the moment. Really. That needs to be said. We agreed on the authority to tap the local provider's funding but this is a board that does not want to do that (again). It's not a great way to start relationships with the providers that are already hardpressed to provide the services they wish to offer to customers."

    Great plan, taking money from transit agencies that claim they don't have enough money already, to pay for an agency which hasn't done anything yet.

    Oh, and did I mention that the RTA is also pushing for a property tax hike and vehicle registration "fee" starting next year to offset to cost of this little endeavor? And unlike the current property tax we already pay for SMART, individual cities cannot opt out. If the majority of the population in that region approves the millage, everyone has to pay. All of this is contained within Sen. Casperson's bill.

    But for this year at least, RTA backers really shouldn't worry. Republican State Senator and Senate Appropriations Chair Roger Kahn has all but assured them that the $1.7-million will be a done deal by the end of this year.

    Ah, to be so generous with other people's money.

    I've touched on the redundancy aspect. You're probably asking: What so exactly does this have to do with regulation?

    For that answer, I'll direct you to a quote made by current SMART CEO and interim RTA CEO John Hertel defending this new layer of bureaucracy (here's a hint: "economic development" is always a great speaking point),

    "I know in this Legislature, economic development is a major priority and that really rang very, very solidly with those members. We're the only one of the top 30 population areas in the country where we are able to attract things like the Super Bowl or the NCAA Final Four but we're the only one where you get off the airplane, you can't use mass transit to get to your hotel or the arena."

    Woodward light rail isn't resonating very well with the Michigan Taxpayers. Better use the Airport argument.

    Hmmm, regular reliable transportation from Detroit Metro to Downtown Detroit?

    If only there were someone to fit that bill, like Metro Cars/Cabs?

    Or someone like, maybe, Lyft or Sidecar?

    What about someone to transport large numbers of people at one time?

    Like Shuttle Company of America (ironically still awaiting licensing approval from MDOT).

    Or, The Detroit Bus Company.

    Or even something like, possibly, a jitney?

    Oh, that's right. Silly me. "Necessary" government regulations.

    Those who are ready and willing to take the chance, make the investment and grow Michigan's economy, let's put the kibosh on that nonsense right here and now.

    We can't let you take the initiative, be entrepreneurial, literally pull yourselves up by your own bootstraps (now, where have I heard that before???), and fill a need in the community.

    Nope. It's not really economic development unless it's the government making the choices and setting the rules.

    So just keep on writing more laws and let state agencies promulgate more regulations for us.

    It's a shame that a "republican" governor and a Republican Legislature cannot see that they are the really problem that they are trying to fix.

    Or maybe in the end, they do?

    < A Badly Needed Set Of Chains | Patterson Makes Obamacare Palatable, Screws Taxpayers >

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    Are you kidding me? (none / 0) (#1)
    by Corinthian Scales on Sun Dec 08, 2013 at 10:21:25 AM EST
    So, after the great Sea of Red that swept across this state in 2010, gifting every lever of power of government to the Republican Party, we're now down to some lifelong governmental parasite named John Hertel, who is a Democrat propped up by unions, that uses absurd argument of infrequent Go Team! nonsense that just happens to center around Rick Snyder's U of M alumnus Prince William Clay II, at his taxpayer subsidized Amphitheatrum Flavium.  And, if you don't believe that, they have a bridge they'd like to sell to you.  But I digress.

    All that seems to be missing from this equation is Rick Snyder's mentor, the Magic Man who resides in Chicago, with subsidy interests elsewhere, dangling more entanglements of Obama Stash from behind the curtain in similar fashion of the Snydercaid expansion.

    One thing about Centralization of power that the Prols never seem to learn from history as they always choose to remain at the bottom of the heap, and the Bourgeoisie who are indeed ground between the millstones of taxation and inflation, who now willingly vote their own demise with such idiotic conditioning as Zoo and DIA taxation under invented central authorities, is that with each concentration of power, the redistribution of wealth is centralized too - at the top.

    That's just how the oligarchy rolls within our alleged two Party system of corruption.

    And, as Mr. Dodd noted, it is a centuries old story playing out on our soil for those who pay attention.

    1. They can force the democrats to make inroads into as many areas of the existing social order as possible, so as to disturb its regular functioning and so that the petty-bourgeois democrats compromise themselves; furthermore, the workers can force the concentration of as many productive forces as possible - means of transport, factories, railways, etc. - in the hands of the state.

    One Term Nerd.

    Ps. for those too lazy to follow through with the linked information, you truly deserve the government you are getting - good and hard.

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