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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.


    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Thu Feb 21, 2013 at 11:09:37 AM EST
    Tags: Michigan, Republicans, Losing 10 of 12, All Educatiion Losses, Finances, DOH! Schostak, Fail, UM, MSU, WSU, BoE (all tags)

    Was that the investment by the Michigan GOP for the University board and Michigan Board of Education candidates?

    Is it surprising that we lost the 8 seats while at the same time maintaining control of the state house?  Those state wide races needed the Michigan GOP to step up, but there wasn't any pretense of help or assistance.

    Tim Bos (letter below the fold) puts it best.

    Tim writes:
    "Ever wonder where all these liberals keep coming from?

    Seriously, when it's common knowledge and often complained about the rampant and blatant liberal indoctrination of our children from the time they take their first nap in kindergarten to when they receive their college diplomas, why has it been allowed to continue for decades on end?

    How can we possibly expect our future decision makers, voters, and parents of tomorrow to support the traditions, ideals and concepts that are required to sustain the growth and stability of America if they don't have a clue about the birth our nation and the Founding Principles that formed it?

    We have one of the most expensive public education systems in the industrialized free world, yet our graduating seniors rank mediocre at best. Sadly, more than 200 Michigan high schools didn't graduate a single college-ready senior last year. And to add insult to injury, our public education system was the 5th most expensive nationally, yet we placed a dismal 34th in achievement.

    And for those kids who do go on to college, not only do they get beat over the head with liberalism by professors and teaching assistants, we have to pay their wages and benefits to boot. As customers and consumers, our students can't even complain or demand the teachers and professors keep their political beliefs to themselves because they can get saddled with sub-par grades, or worse.

    Nowhere in politics is a relatively small amount of money more influential in a race, than at the school board level. And not only are we then able to repel absurd union practices, wages, and benefits, we also can somewhat stanch the flow of union cash into Democrat coffers. But even more importantly, we can demand that our Founding Principles, American Heritage, and Constitutional studies are re-installed in the curriculum.

    In other words, financial support for Conservative candidates is in many ways a very good investment for our State Party.  Evidently, the State GOP is unimpressed.

    The cost of a college education continues to skyrocket at a rate far exceeding the rate of inflation year after year. And who pays for it? We all do. Our tax dollars subsidize our colleges, and our only ability to control what that money is spent on is through the governing boards- if we have Conservatives on those boards.

    At last September's State Convention in Grand Rapids, our delegates nominated great Conservative candidates for the seats on the governing boards of MSU, U of M, Wayne State, and the State Board of Education.

    These people were to be our watchdogs, and they volunteered their expertise and dedication for positions that paid very little if anything, and required an 8 yr commitment to boot. They were expected to travel around the state to campaign and win over voters, before they could be elected to oversee the bastions of liberalism in our state- for free.

    And despite all the bragging of late about the $30+ million dollars raised by the State Party, our personally chosen candidates were hung out to dry.

    In all fairness, Todd Courser did receive $265, and Dr. Michael Busuito got $168.45 from the MRP- on Nov. 15th. And lest we forget, State Board candidate Melonie Kurdys got $16.95 worth of food.

    But that was it. For U of M's Dr. Rob Steele, MSU incumbent Trustee Melonie Foster, MSU candidate Jeff Sakwa, U of M candidate Dan Horning, and Wayne State's Satish Jasti? Nada, not a single penny of support from their Party. Great to be a Republican, eh?

    We as the base, the delegates of the Party, decided they were our best and wanted them to represent us and our best interests on Nov. 6th- and for the next 8 yrs, but somehow that message didn't seem to resonate with our Party leadership.

    Over $30 million to support our candidates, and a whopping $450.40 invested in getting a handle on the incestuous relationship between flaming liberals and our children.

    Does anyone question those leadership decisions and who arrived at them? Is it any wonder why we see our schools and colleges churning out kids with heads filled with mush- at a higher cost every year? Or more accurately, grooming more Democrats intent on installing the socialism they've been taught to love and desire.

    Somebody made a conscious decision to ignore the candidates that we wanted to be put in charge. We had an all-star cast of Conservative candidates who were running for all the right reasons, and they were treated like cannon fodder.

    And the Democrats are laughing all the way to the bank. They've got our kids lives and futures in their hands, People. Their candidates are now making the decisions on who to hire for college president, negotiating and approving budgets and union contracts, and policy decisions for the State Board of Education. Thanks, Bobby!

    $50,000 in each of those campaigns would've been influential, and it would've only cost the State Party $400,000. So maybe Mitt would've lost by 8.25 points instead of 8, but we would not have lost 8 out of 8 in those very important races either.  Why even have a state convention if you're not going to give the candidates a chance to win?

    We've all seen companies that begin failing once the bean counters start making the strategic decisions instead of the CEO, and now we see what happens when the defacto Finance Chair is making strategic political decisions. The results were disastrous, unless of course you're willing to accept losing 62% of the races statewide. But hey, he did raise $26 million. That's the most important thing, right?

    We're way overdue for a change in this State Party, and it's time to hold to account those who are responsible for a very sad day in November. Those results will have an impact on our state's finances, our children's education and futures, and our elections for the better part of the next decade. You get what you pay for, and we got $450 worth. Brilliant! Thanks, Bobby!

    Tim Bos"

    If Schostak remains after this convention, I see a mass exodus.

    < Thursday Divertere | Former Democrat House Speaker Shares his Past >

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    Great Point (5.00 / 1) (#1)
    by grannynanny on Thu Feb 21, 2013 at 11:55:39 AM EST
    by Tim Bos - but it will fall on deaf ears at the state convention - because it has been taken over by Demoncrats posing as Republicans.  The same old, same old.

    That is why I am in favor of a third party. Period.

    A misleading argument by Bos (none / 0) (#2)
    by The Wizard of Laws on Sun Feb 24, 2013 at 09:51:59 PM EST
    There are two points to be made about Bos's article:

    1.  State Board of Education and university governing board elections always follow the top of the ticket.  To say that giving money to these candidates would have made a difference just doesn't square with the facts.

    2.  Cash isn't everything.  Bos doesn't mention the millions of pieces of literature and doorhangers the party printed and distributed for these candidates, which costs a ton of money and is, therefore, the equivalent of giving it to the candidates.

    Also, in my view, our candidates were not all as strong as they might have been.  But then, that really doesn't matter -- see point no. 1 above.

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