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    I'm Legally Armed- and Dangerous?

    By TiredIronTim, Section News
    Posted on Tue Feb 26, 2013 at 08:54:13 PM EST
    Tags: 2nd Amendment, property rights, guns, pistols, Court of Appeals (all tags)

    Gun Rights vs Property Rights

    Continued below the fold

    Adding to the pomp and circumstance of the recent Michigan Republican Party convention in Lansing were a couple gentlemen wondering if the MRP was going to "step in it" again.

    And not surprisingly, Michigan's version of the Grand Old Party was only too happy to oblige.

    Tony DeMott of Campaign For Liberty fame, along with Phillip Hofmeister, top gun of Michigan Open Carry Inc., decided to make a political statement by showing up and brandishing their right to bear arms at the convention, with their holstered sidearms riding on their hips. In a sense, it was a test for the MRP, to see if they do indeed support our right to bear arms, and in particular on that day, Michigan citizens who are also card-carrying members of the MRP.

    Bobby Schostak and team- take a seat in the back of the class.

    There are a lot of issues in play here, and even more gray areas to confound the sensibilities of all who try to navigate them in good faith and legal standing.

    As a Concealed Pistol License owner, it is illegal to carry a concealed weapon into any entertainment venue with permanent seating capacity of 2500 or more. However, your CPL gives you the right to openly carry your weapon in that scenario. Is the Lansing Center in it's role as host of the convention, an entertainment venue? Does it have permanent seating of 2500? Adding to the fog is the fact that you are able to conceal your sidearm in all non-federal govt buildings as long as they don't have a courthouse in them.

    I thought about it long and hard prior to entering the building because I feel naked without my personal protection 9mm. I didn't fear the people invited to the convention, just the ones who might arrive who weren't.

    The Lansing Center, as the site of the convention, is owned and operated by a public authority, thereby making it a govt building- which means that it can not legally prohibit concealed or openly displayed sidearms. They were reminded of this by the Mi Court of Appeals last October, when the court ruled against them and stated unequivocally that they must allow the open display and carrying of sidearms.

    On the other hand, the MRP rented the facility and in effect, bought the temporary property rights to the convention hall. As a result, they- as well as all property owners, can decide whether or not they are willing to allow armed citizens to enter their property.

    To the uninformed, a handgun- in the hands or holster of someone legally authorized to possess it, is the material representation of lethal force and all the bad things that can come with it.

    In reality, anyone who is lawfully carrying a handgun- openly or concealed, is likely to be practiced and well-trained, extremely cognizant of the power they possess- to say nothing of the legal ramifications and likely prison time for improper use, and more than likely willing to risk their own life while protecting those who are complete strangers. It is a responsibility that we consider and cherish daily, and it is never taken lightly.

    As a concealed pistol license owner, I can assure you that I am scared to death of losing my ability to legally carry a concealed weapon, never ever brandish my weapon, and have personally decided  that if I do pull my weapon it will probably be discharged within 3-5 seconds. As proof of my pre-determined restraint, I point to the videos of me being surrounded by union thugs on the Capitol lawn last December. Three different people carried signs with my name on it, and one with a sign claiming they wanted me Dead or Alive. Believe me, I feared for my well-being, and at one point came very close to drawing my weapon in self defense.

    But I didn't.

    Which begs the question. What is it that Bobby Schostak and the MRP was afraid of? Are they so ignorant of the mentality of the typical lawfully gun-toting, rule of law-loving American that they automatically assume the worst- like far too many gun control leftists? As the chairman of the MRP, why wasn't he aware that his claim of a clause in the rental agreement regarding the prohibition of handguns was unconstitutional- according to his published statement found in toto here?:

    "Sorry I haven't had a chance to reply sooner. Already busy at work preparing for 2014! I won't go into motives, I think they're pretty evident but here are the facts regarding the recent dispute about the open-carry issue at the Michigan Republican Party Convention on Saturday. The Lansing Center has a policy that does not allow open carry or CCW on their premises. We entered into a contract with the Lansing Center. On Saturday, when it was brought to our attention, we disagreed with the policy, but our contract requires we adhere to their policies. Cheap political attacks on Carl Berry are ridiculous, he's a long time Republican, grassroots activists, and he volunteered to serve as Sergeant-at-Arms. The security guard in the video was wrong, it was not our policy. I look forward to continuing to build and strengthen our party, and that requires us to positively engage with one another, but I will not tolerate unnecessary and untruthful political attacks whether they come from the Democratic Party or a member of our party. There's too much at stake in 2014, let's stay focused and work together. Thanks for all the support and positive feedback!"

    In general, principled Conservatives, and especially those claiming to be Constitutional Conservatives- as Schostak has on campaign lit, have a strong allegiance to the Constitution and in particular, the Bill of Rights.

    Chief among them is the right to bear arms, and considering the constant assaults of late on this particular right, I find it absolutely astonishing that he now has added pistol-gate to a growing list of questionable additions to his legacy.

    Bobby, I AM armed, but as someone dedicated to our Constitution, I believe that you are the dangerous one.

    Tim Bos


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    Bobby needs to provide the contract (none / 0) (#1)
    by Corinthian Scales on Thu Feb 28, 2013 at 12:47:23 PM EST
    Otherwise, the 12 pages of Lansing Center policy says Third World voting chair Schostak is habitually full of sh!t.


    Oh, and another thing...  I don't take too kindly to the MI-GOP Communications Director condescending to firearm owners, either.  Does this look like "stupid camo" to anyone?

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