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    NULLIFY OBAMACARE: Quit dancing around the aggregate issue!

    By pauldpeterson, Section News
    Posted on Mon Mar 18, 2013 at 11:07:11 AM EST
    Tags: Obamacare, nullification, socialism, death camps (all tags)

    Big Picture. Whole Enchilada. Everything happens in aggregate. These are statements which, in this context, refer to the outlook as not an argument for how to look at Obamacare, but that EVERYTHING must be looked at and recognized for what it is. Will it cause pain to business and families? Yes. Will it cause pain to those refused care due to cost? Yes. Why should anyone argue between the two? To do so is a red herring, causing division where there should be unity against Obamacare. Aren't the people in favor of it the same that accused managed care option plans of bureaucrats and bean counters getting between "you and your doctor"? Yes again, it is! What does this mean then? It means that these Lefties wanted to gain that power for themselves by being critical of it, while planning on weilding it even more ruthlessly and more cruelly than private business supposedly did.

    Here is the big picture, in to-to... Obamacare sets up a socialist state wherein utilitarian philosophy reigns such that when you are deemed to be unuseful to society, which arguably pays for your care, you will be allowed to die, not with a gun to the head, but by withdrawing care, and they will market it as merciful, kind, and humane (Look up Bertrand Russel's ideas and Fabian Socialism). In short, you will have Death Camps in America and they will be called "hospitals", and people will inter themselves there seeking "help", and the executioners will promise to "help" them (see also "Soylent Green"). It is a Godless position that puts the power of life and death in the hands of men, both philosophically and de facto. The Lefties who want Obamacare are, in fact, Fabian Socialists (or some descendant philosophy) and Population Control-mongers (read up on people like Kathleen Sebelius and Cass Sunstein). Why would anyone think that their purpose is not death of the unsustainable masses? These people are in favor of Agenda 21, for God's sake! This is setting up a horror scenario wherein you do not control whether you live or die. Remember also that these are the same people who use abortion (the American Holocaust) as a means of population control (see images.google.com>aborted babies in the trash).

    The real expose and argument is to talk about how these Lefties are the same evil entities as was Hitler, Stalin, Mao, etc. I use that term because they are not fit to bear the name "human" as they are among the most cruel, heartless, and inhumane the world has ever seen waiting for their turn to do everything they want without opposition, and they're almost there. This is the real discussion; this is the real position that is being put in place using slick, Devil's arguments. These Lefties are the horrors of humanity come back to haunt our futures, because we let them fester in our schools and colleges, and this society put them in control, knowing full well who they were, but did not want to admit it. The peace-nicks of yesterday are the mass murderers of today. Peace to them = without opposition. Likewise, Justice to them = Just Us. Everyone needs to quit dancing around these issues and look at the big picture, how all issues relate, interplay, and work together in aggregate toward the totalitarian outcome the Lefties want.

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