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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    A Short Political Biography

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Sat Mar 30, 2013 at 01:45:55 AM EST
    Tags: Michigan, Biography, Dennis Lennox, Republicans, Dele-Gate, Romney, Signs, CMU, Attention, Politics, I Reserve The Right To Correct Factual Errors, There Aren't Any, Homosexuals, Saul Anuzis, News, GOP, Conventions, Drains (all tags)

    For Dennis Lennox. And maybe some things you could really care less about.

    As Lennox goes on a personal campaign to destroy Decorated Veteran Dave Agema, the credibility he carries with some folks needs to be put back in check. A little background on this guy is in order.

    First off, Lennox is no dummy. He is a little queer, (Odd, but I reserve that the matching definition could be that of the reader's own thoughts) but he knows the political game better than most children his age. In fact, a little better than many who have been in the Republican party for some time, as he plays THEM so well. He is a CMU grad or some such thing, and was vice president at one time of the Young Americans for freedom, a group that was once sanctioned (and relieved by the administration)for anti-homosexual chalkings prior to a veterans support event. It was rumored the chalkings were an attempt to drum up 'news' by SOMEONE in that YAF chapter. It made national news, and attention was given. A lot of attention.

    Almost as much as the fabled attacks by university officials while doing the Gary Peters video taping thing, at one point earning him a label of "mentally unstable and a potential "campus shooter" because of his aggressive, in your face tactics". Which was false, and drew the ACLU to his side, yet was likely a label he sought. It also made national media.

    Lennox went to the 2008 RNC event in MN as an alternate delegate. I was there as well. On the way in during one session he happened to be walking up the same route on the outside of the security fences. Along that route, was every national leftist blogger in the US. He made it a point to stop and announce himself to quite a few of of them. to make sure THEY know who he was and gave them 'official' interviews as a Republican going in.

    At that time of course, he had other things going on as well that would add to his 'national persona'.

    Continued below the fold

    In 2008 Lennox was also running for Drain commissioner in Cheboygan County.

    His platform as a newly almost graduated citizen of Michigan was to take on the job so that he could "end the position" of drain commissioner. He was sure to seek out the national news sources, because SURELY no one could resist the guy who would end the position he ran for. Great news right?

    Dennis became the Drain commissioner for Cheboygan County.


    Lennox won with only a handful of vote to spare:

    "In a race that went down to the wire, Lennox recieved 6,202 to Pietrangelo's 6,116 in the 22-precinct county, according to the county results posted online."
    A mandate right?

    Those who preferred to vote for the 78 year old Democrat were vindicated however. Shortly after the win, it seemed that ending the paying job was not in the future for Lennox.

    One writer noted:

    "Now, I commend Dennis for what he was trying to do there - he was trying to save taxpayer dollars. Or was he? What happened over the next few months showed that maybe it was more of a political stunt to bring media attention to his State House campaign than to actually save taxpayer money.

    In May, Lennox posted a blog post on his campaign blog apologizing for not updating his blog: "Sorry for the lack of updates over the past five or six weeks, but I have been busy with my duties as drain commissioner."

    If he was busy for 6 weeks, that sure makes it seem like there must be something to do. But I ignored it, giving him the benefit of the doubt - maybe it was just a brief period of time where there was a lot to do.

    But in early June he began doing more drain commissioner work, launching a program where residents could report clogged ditches and drains. Commissioner Lennox told the local TV 7&4 news that "the vast majority of constituent complaints to my office and the Road Commission deal with drainage ditches. Many of the ditches in Cheboygan County are very old and this service will provide much-needed maintenance."

    Again, I commend Lennox for starting a program like that. It's putting his office and position to good use. But that also means that the drain commissioner has something to do up there - if he's getting complaints, that means that the commissioner has something to do.

    It was at this point that I began to see the Dennis Lennox that I've seen time and time again - somebody who's just interested in performing stunts to get media attention rather than somebody who has the taxpayers' and constituents' best interest at heart."

    You think?

    But a paying job wasn't cutting it enough for the postage apparently. Lennox allegedly used public funds for his own personal advancement.

    "Cheboygan County Prosecuting Attorney Daryl Vizina has filed a misdemeanor criminal complaint against Topinabee senior and Cheboygan County Drain Commissioner Dennis Lennox II.

    According to a press release from Vizina's office, Lennox sent 250 Christmas cards using Cheboygan County postage, which is paid for by the county. Many of the card included what the release called "campaign literature" relating to Lennox's campaign for the 105th District seat in the Michigan State House.

    The press release said Lennox had been asked to reimburse the county for the cost of the postage, but refused. Lennox later agreed to pay the postage fees, after a criminal investigation had begun. If Lennox is convicted of the allegations, the maximum penalty is a $1,000 fine and a year of incarceration."

    But he was acquitted by a jury after 8 hours, and an explanation that he reimbursed the county for the $110 in postage he 'borrowed'.

    And rejecting any responsibility for his participation in the entire play, he said:

    ""This was a political prosecution from the very beginning," Lennox said. "It's taken a great toll on me and I'm glad to put it behind me.""
    It was a prosecution that failed to convince a jury that $110 in public funds temporarily 'borrowed' was important enough for a conviction.

    Something that could have saved so many others grief in upcoming months.

    Lennox was indeed pursuing that next step politically.

    His bid for the 105th state house was an interesting one, that resulted in what would show as getting negative percentages if one were to subtract relations who vote.

    I endorsed one of his opponents here and at Michigantaxes.com and conveniently had my posts deleted April 1 2010 from this site, where Lennox had administrative access at the time. I cannot PROVE anything on that matter, but IP addresses I tracked from MTTM showed Lennox's attempts to mislead through comments on MTTM revealed his anger over the endorsement.

    All of my comments prior to April 1 2010 are lost forever. We were able to retrieve some of the earlier posts, but comments? Gone. An April fools prank perhaps? Coincidence? Right.

    Other methods of elevating oneself when down requires greater, more devious measures however. Just prior to the great RightMichigan meltdown of April 1, 2010, Lennox pulled off the unbelievable. He went from State House race, to US House Race, and back gaining accolades by the dozens in a matter of minutes!!

    "Earlier today on TEMS, I spoke with Dennis Lennox, one of the Republicans who had announced his intention to run against Bart Stupak in Michigan's 1st CD. Today, Lennox announced his withdrawal on the race on my show and gave us the exclusive first interview to discuss his decision"
    Woot! National attention for NO investment!

    He had been planning the State Race, and this was just a publicity pump. I couldn't forget that if I tried. (I did) Seeing the unearned praise and knowing the character in person was enough to make me throw up a little in my mouth.

    In 2011, and after his negative vote getting attempt at state representation, he resigned from the Cheboygan Drain commissioner's office in disgrace, or whatever it is that one might call it. His other pursuits and a move to Traverse City, (Lucky us) brought him closer to people he could manipulate. Namely a sympathetic Radio show personality Norm Jones, and a county party which doesn't know him. He said:

    "My decision to resign was not driven by political concerns, as I am confident that I would have secured a renewed mandate from the electorate if I sought re-election. Having accepted a full-time professional opportunity in the private sector, it wasn't possible for me to dedicate the necessary time to carry out the duties and responsibilities of this office.
    But then there was This:
    http://www.cheboygancounty.net/__library/4-26-11_Committee_of_the_Whole_Meeting_Minutes.pdf and this:

    A note that dealing with Lennox came at a cost:

    "time spent by county officials and employees dealing with matters relating to the drain commissioner which totaled over $112,000 since the beginning of 2009. He said this is not actual out of pocket costs but reflects employees time that could have been used for something else.
    And the guy running the Lennox recall effort didn't even want to suspend it until the drain commission position was verified as a vacancy.

    And one of the commissioners said

    "Mr. Lennox has used this office for personal political gains and has a habit of constantly coloring the truth to his advantage. He said he believes Mr. Lennox has been unethical and immoral at least and unless he takes a 180 degree turn he is unfit for any office"

    Time plods onward, and none of this slows the young artist from his next stops.

    Lennox aligned himself with Saul Anuzis early on. During one particular stop of the MiGOP bus to Traverse City, Lennox pleaded for help in advancing the 25x25 plan, which Anuzis was a paid shill for. Lennox echoed Saul's words, and was obviously working with the former committeeman, or possibly enamored by him. That particular association made it no surprise that he was in proximity of Santorum sign removals nearby a Romney event.

    Saul as many who read this blog should be aware, orchestrated the dele-gate scandal, and was drummed out as RNC committeeman from Michigan for his part in the late night affair that former AG Mike Cox called "Third World Voting".

    Since that time, Lennox has been like a shadow to Saul, using him to regain access to the floor in the Florida RNC convention each time he was tossed by security. The casual viewer watching the convention could barely get a video shot of the floor without Lennox having his face in view of the cameras. One attendee commented that he was in fear of the much taller Anuzis walking the floor, but then stopping too fast, and receiving an implant of Lennox' face in his posterior in the process.

    It is unknown if that ever occurred.

    Since that embarrassing loss by Romney, Lennox, along with others who he associates, began their own brand of disinformation of why the loss happened. Ignoring the historic hand sitting of conservatives, they blamed the Tea party for being too rigid. Something that gets us to this point today. Though there are little things like the Lennox Authored "Mackinac declaration", and other attempts at his 'defining' what the MIGOP is, and inserting his own importance, its the pretense that he represents the party, both locally and otherwise that becomes most irritating.

    His recent attack on a good man, Dave Agema is classic Lennox attention mongering.

    It is a 'two-fer' in some ways however. It takes advantage of a schism in the party and inserts an issue of questionable leadership by a man who successfully ousted Anuzis. Looking out for Saul's backside, Lennox gets both national attention as the homosexual Marriage debate is sparked, and he can 'avenge' his friend who has paid dearly for Dele-Gate. Lennox looking for a way to elevate himself using the pain of others saw Agema's Facebook post as an opportunity to do both.

    While we wait for the supposed list of the offended Republicans that Lennox had presented in his demand for resignation, we can ponder whether he can continue to fool enough low information types with a little political 'flash'.

    And now excuse me while I go re-aim my cameras to protect my vehicles. and that new set of tires.

    < To Serve.... | He Is Risen >

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    Where's That Smell Coming From? (3.00 / 2) (#1)
    by TiredIronTim on Sat Mar 30, 2013 at 07:30:21 AM EST
    Go easy on young Lennox. It's gotta be tough being a perpetual dwarf to life's Snow Whites, and being faced with the realization that you'll never grow up would take a heavy toll on the ability to reason for most all of us. Remember when we- as young teens, took great pleasure in gaining fame for our ability to clear a room with a particularly disgusting fart? I offer you Lennox and his uncanny ability to raise a stink. For some who are driven by their lust for fame and attention, revealing all on a reality show or Jerry Springer seems worth the price. Such is the sad life of Lennox, and his latest episode in the run up to a trainwreck is nothing more than a real life soap opera unfolding before our eyes.

    Weird. (none / 0) (#2)
    by realdennislennox on Sat Mar 30, 2013 at 08:44:43 AM EST
    Great reading this over my morning non-fat, French vanilla latte. It's too bad you have such an unhealthy obsession with me. I would have given you an interview to clear up your falsehoods and repetition of lefty propaganda. Does your wife get jealous of your unhealthy obsession with me? I must confess I've been creeped out by your since you used to drive two hours to CMU to attend our Young Americans for Freedom and Campus Conservatives events. It's sort of weird. Perhaps you should get a life and stop creeping on 20-something men.  

    I'm going to go out on a limb here... (none / 0) (#5)
    by KG One on Sat Mar 30, 2013 at 10:02:25 AM EST
    ...and presume that this is the "real" Dennis Lennox posting above.

    After listening to this story on different radio stations across the state and reading the FB post in question (along with the article it originally came from), I have this one question: What was actually factually incorrect about what Mr. Agema posted?

    The original article contained numerous citations, the ones I was able to locate, checked out.

    I just want to hear from the other side what was actually wrong with the information presented.

    Lennox drinks from a Sipp-E Cupp (none / 0) (#6)
    by Corinthian Scales on Sat Mar 30, 2013 at 11:45:59 AM EST
    The product of poor stock, and of a spoiled rotten Boomer generation that has little to no grasp of parenting that transcends to identity of the material object du jour to validate fleeting relevance of visions of grandeur narcissism existence.

    It's baseless, empty, and a must always be chased after pot of fool's gold at the end of the Trotskyite rainbow.

    I must admit that in the big picture of today's dystopian culture, Bill's Communism indoctrination, along with his allies on The Left, have been extraordinarily effective on the Millennial spawn since his SDS days, and Weather Underground bombing American soil.

    I do see with Lennox, that Bill has yet to accomplish the ultimate goal of the physical, "Kill all the rich people. ... Bring the revolution home. Kill your parents."

    I presume the spoils of that goal will be met by the product of what is in grade schools across America today as the offing of knowledge passed on through ancestry must be eliminated to establish a new order of Totalitarian misery.

    To wit, on to the next Socialist Oslo rabbit chase for the Progressive puppet masters for a fag stag (their terms - not mine) lech of personal expediency.

    And what are these skits?

    They are attacks against anything and anyone viewed as culturally or socially unacceptable in academia: Christians, political conservatives, European-Americans and white men are scoundrels and hate-mongers that must be silenced and oppressed in the eyes of Ivory Tower elitists.

    If this wasn't bad enough, administrators and faculty at all 15 of Michigan's universities use tax dollars to fund programs and services that come straight out of liberal San Francisco and the handbook of Bill Ayers -- the domestic terrorist that launched the political career of President Barack Obama now writes the curriculum for many universities  and K-12 school districts across the country.

     Instead of spending taxpayer money on educating students, the schools spend millions of dollars each year on the operations of diversity offices for every imaginable racial, cultural and sexual minority imaginable, hosting communist and avowed anti-American speakers like Angela Davis and Tom Hayden, sponsoring x-rated drag shows for cross-dressing deviants, and bringing in musical performers that promote alcohol, drugs, sex and the degrading of women.

    As taxpayers, we can no longer sit back and tolerate the systematic dismantling of our country. In the words of the philosopher Aristotle, "Tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society."

    Stay away from the children, Lennox.  Your habitual treachery has only proven again that you, and your aligned associations cannot be entrusted around innocence.

    Me thinks (none / 0) (#9)
    by grannynanny on Sat Mar 30, 2013 at 01:06:58 PM EST
    it is a case of "little man" disease.  Constantly seeking adoration and the lime light to make up for his pathetic stature as a wanna be conservative under the guise of really, really wanting to be a part of Shillary's pant suit brigade for 2016.  

    Let it go Lennox - go to the other side.  I think Anthony Weiner is looking for someone just like you to kick off his run for mayor of NYC and be his mouth piece.  You would "fit" right in.

    story (none / 0) (#10)
    by mhall on Sat Mar 30, 2013 at 01:47:31 PM EST
    Don't you think this article is a little harsh? Many political operatives across the state participate in this manner in some regard. I've noticed a trend in the party to ostracize those who do not see eye to eye with us, but over look the same flaws in our own friends and allies. I see articles like this to be nothing, but hypocrisy. Please if you truly feel that MR. Lenox was in the wrong, please research your allies and post them as well.

    • Mhmmm by Corinthian Scales, 03/30/2013 02:09:45 PM EST (none / 0)
    • When my allies by JGillman, 03/30/2013 04:23:31 PM EST (5.00 / 1)
    Dennis Lennox should worry about Dennis, not Agema (5.00 / 1) (#13)
    by Republican Michigander on Sat Mar 30, 2013 at 03:22:49 PM EST
    Dennis, instead of trying to start a lynch mob, don't you have things to take care of?

    I wouldn't trust you with a nickel. What's worse? Dave Agema posting a report from Frank Joseph that was a little over the top, or financial mismanagement if not malfeasance? Airfare as an expense for a state rep campaign?

    As far as 'bigotry' goes, are you still editing wikipedia pages like Grebner's to call someone a homosexual?

    From a comment on a (none / 0) (#20)
    by JGillman on Tue Apr 02, 2013 at 09:57:00 PM EST
    FB thread linking to this article:

    "Darlene Dowling Thompson ~ IN MY OPINION, Grassroots and tea party folk joined the Republican party as they felt it best represented OUR stand on limited government, less taxation, the core values of the republican party and Biblical principles. It is NOT the Tea Party who fights the gop, it is the other way around.

    AND if one stands for what is right, these same stand against you. It is very frustrating when the goal has always been, and stands today, for what is best for our government on the local, state, and federal level. To them it's all about their little group and who's in charge.
    This is my perspective and MY subjective opinion. It is the Truth as I see it:

    On Saturday, March 30, 2013 Dennis Lennox POSTED on Dave Agema's page: " Coming from an ex-con who pals around with ignorant bigots like Dave Agema, who spew hatefulness and viciousness with every word they speak, it's quite the compliment. I'll do whatever it takes to expel your band of merry Know-Nothings from my Grand Old Party."

    Well, there we have it folks. Some of us always wondered why those in the "party" oftentimes work so hard against the Grass roots, Tea Party's, and other conservatives. Now we are on one thread called Birchers, Birthers, and Truthers by Mr. Lennox, in one broad stroke. Hardly the conservatives we are. WE are VOTERS and WE are TAXPAYERS who joined the Republican Party because we felt it best represented the basic core values of principles, limited government, and lower taxation.

    I cannot believe Dennis came with this sort of attitude all by himself. It is the prevailing attitude of MANY in the Republican Party of the same age group. Late twenties, and in their thirties, spoiled brats that came from an extremely selfish generation who feel they have an ownership of the Republican Party and will stop at nothing to shut others out. Not all, there are many fine young republicans no question, however there is a group who have this mindset that I have experienced first hand, in my own county.

    MOST of us are older, and believe it or not, much wiser than young Lennox who proclaims with his foul talk that he'd love to see William F. Buckley here in this day. IF Mr. Buckley were here in this day, he'd tell Mr. Lennox that his verbiage shows his lack of knowledge. For those who speak with such harsh abrasive words are ignorant, by Mr. Buckley's standard, and mine.

    This "attack" on Mr. Agema has nothing to do with the article he posted, from my perspective. IF it were, Mr. Lennox would not have enjoyed condemning those who support Mr. Agema's RIGHT OF FREE EXPRESSION, of views, ideas, or opinions.

    This "attack" on Mr. Agema is against ALL those who support a principled man, and share his values.

    Thanks Dennis for speaking out. There we have it laid bare on the table for all to see. My opinion. Thanks Jason for a great article."

    Thank YOU Darlene, for speaking your mind, unafraid of the unearned ridicule so many mixed up youngsters are willing to provide freely within our own party.

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