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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    Is Your Name On This List?

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Mon Apr 01, 2013 at 11:27:30 PM EST
    Tags: A Nation Of Christians, MiGOP, Republicans, Michigan, Lennox, 200 Dumb Kids, They Know So Little, Disease, Aids, Homosexuality, Democracy of the Dead, GoProud, ITs Not Normal, Change Is Possible, Disgraces To The Republican Party, Fund raise From These Kids, WAR (all tags)

    Is this something you agreed to?

    Examine this list (being presented as a press release by Brad Fingeroot) closely.  You know someone on here.  Your kids, grand kids, The paperboy.  Perhaps spanking had become passe too soon?

    The young people on the list below do not support the platform of the Republican party, yet claim to be Republican.  The young people on the list below have declared it more expedient in order to win elections to refute any policy based on principle.  They apparently support homosexual relationships, more so than the family unit, which statistically makes society stronger, and individuals more resilient.

    This is the future of the Michigan GOP, or so they claim; these young Republicans, encouraged into signing a petition because real conservatives won't acknowledge homosexual activity is OKEY DOKEY.  Because traditions are what they call the "Democracy of the dead".  

    Google that.

    These corrupted youngsters in their average 20 or so years age range know better than you old fuddy duddy racists and bigot conservatives in the old Republican party.  They don't need you. BIGOTS

    They are the new Republican. And their message is below the fold

    A letter with 201 names is being circulated.  

    Add a Londo, a Lennox, and its quite a crowd.  Almost enough to fill an elementary school gym.  All being led around by Homosexual activists as-if ITS THEIR fight.

    My guess is SO MANY parents must be proud of their little rosebuds.

    It begins:

    Former State Rep Jerry Vorva, Conservative Radio Host Josh Nass and Veteran Political Strategist Roger Stone join National GOP Strategist Liz Mair, Kalamazoo County GOP Chair David Worthams, GOProud Executive Director Jimmy LaSalvia and over 200 youth-led Michigan Republicans in support of putting an end to bigoted rhetoric in the Republican Party.

    GOPRoud.  The Homosexual Republican caucus.

    What better way to destroy an institution than to allow something as insidious as a homopandering organization to take hold in it.  Imagine Mothers Against Drunk Driving holding keggers for teenagers, and giving them the keys. That is what GOPProud is to the Republican party.

    Last week, a Michigan GOP National Committeeman, posted an article on Facebook stating that "gays lead a filthy lifestyle," and "use adoption in order to push the gay agenda." When pressed on the issue, he doubled down, stating that "their lifestyle leads to early death" and that the information in the report was fact rather than opinion.

    Never let facts get in the way of a meme.  These children who learned early on, from an increasing exposure to titillating material in media, that 'experimentation' is OK.  Even with the unfortunate side effects documented very well:

    • Gay and bisexual men are more severely affected by HIV than any other group in the United States .
    • Among all gay and bisexual men, blacks/African Americans bear the greatest disproportionate burden of HIV.
    • From 2008 to 2010, HIV infections among young black/African American gay and bisexual men increased 20%.

    Its getting worse as we become more 'tolerant'.

    The truly SAD statistics however, is that while government edges toward treating a perverse and [filthy] lifestyle as 'normal', it clearly documents the fact that men who have sex with men (2%) accounted for 63% of ALL NEW Infections. (CDC - 2010) Homosexual Men are 8,342% more likely to spread this deadly disease than the normal population.

    Responsible policy ought to drive education that reduces homosexual activity, yet it is promoted further in schools provided by the same government which corrupts our children using our tax dollars. Programs saying "Its OK to be GAY", and literature that promotes promiscuous sex in teenagers (no matter if you have aids or not) closes the doors to good parenting, and responsible education.

    And the APA declared homosexuality to not be a mental disease in the 70s?

    THAT is a truly a function of 'democracy', yes?

    Yet even the former APA President, who was a functionary in removing stigma of mental illness from the practice of homosexuality, acknowledges its choice however in this interuption of the young Neo-R letter:

    The former president of the American Psychological Association says political correctness and homosexual ideology rule the organization, and that leaving the homosexual "lifestyle" is indeed a possibility, a position contrary to that of the APA.

    Dr. Nicholas Cummings, the man who led the movement to have homosexuality declassified as a mental illness, told an interviewer with NARTH, an organization of psychology professionnals dedicated to helping homosexuals stop their self-destructive behavior, leave the "lifestyle," and lead happy lives as normal adults, stresses that he is "lifelong champion" of "gay rights.

    Yet he also flatly stated that homosexuals can change, and that the current stance of the APA that homosexuals cannot change is false.

    The man was out there fight for the choice to be morals free.

    Psst! - Its a choice!

    The Letter continues:

    Bigotry, hatred, and discrimination, whether by one's own words, or, by posting the words of another to reserve deniability, is exactly the type of rhetoric that gives the party of Lincoln and Reagan a bad name.   It's not a question of disagreement over an issue; rather it's a question of tone. Bigotry, hatred, and discrimination cannot be tolerated regardless of a person's position on an issue -- particularly, from one in a position of leadership.

    Bigotry? Hatred?

    These children have no reference. The picture to the right might offer a little perspective to the youth, which never knew Jim Crow.

    THAT was bigotry and hatred.

    LOOK, Damn it.

    And to use this as if its against THAT?

    For God's sake, grow up, and quickly.

    In response to this indecent and irresponsible rhetoric, a youth-led movement of Republican grassroots leaders from Michigan and across the country have banded together to condemn Wednesday's deplorable comments.  We join RNC Chairman Reince Priebus' call for a more inclusive, respectable and decent tone from the top of the GOP.

    Who are you to condemn? What credibility, and evidence do you present that makes your case?  You have no moral compass, your tradition is not established, you have no relative authority.

    This isn't about what we believe politically or as people of faith. A GOP renaissance is vital to the strength of this nation. We cannot become sidetracked by bigoted and discriminatory comments, or, tangential discussions that do not address the real sin of disguised hatred. Let's keep focused on our principle of limited government, a strong moral foundation, and common sense leadership.

    But it IS WHAT WE BELIEVE, or CHOOSE to believe.  The first amendment allows you children to speak freely.  It allows conservatives to speak freely as well. It protects Churches from being shuttered because the government does not agree with their teachings, or because the government would like to ADD to their teachings.  It prevents government from telling us what to think, say, or do.  

    Yet YOU wish for government to protect the rights of homosexual individuals to insert themselves in our houses of worship; for truly this is the end game.  You would have government fine thought crimes, because it offends you. And you would limit the discourse and discussion amongst our ranks with a call to resign?

    Shame on you all.

    "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." -John Adams.  
    An indecent tone is neither moral nor indicative of a religious people.  It is time for the next generation to take the mantle to lead our great nation back to virtue and greatness.
    One last note before the list of baby RINOs.  The paragraph above is truly made for you. You read it backward.  John Adams was correct in his assessment.  To back him up, it should be noted that this nation was NOT founded as a Christian nation.  This is true. However, it was a nation of Christians.  It was a nation of moral fiber.  Of family, tradition, institution.

    Its only hope is that it is populated by a moral people.  That it is piously rich, and that God is the center of our lives.  A "Next generation" of Republicans that does not see this, might just as well say goodbye to a nation that once had virtue and greatness that was not pretend.

    And now the list of those who will have to live with their new "Republicanism"

    I proudly join in calling for a more decent tone at the top among the leadership of our Party.


        Alex Veras, University of Michigan College Republican
        Alex Weiss, University of Michigan College Republican
        Alec Grant, Republican grassroots activist
        Alfred Trudeau, Republican activist, Oakland MI
        Aliceea Rice, Social media co-chair, University of Michigan College Republicans.
        Alicia Ping, Republican precinct delegate, Washtenaw County.
        Amanda Itliong, Republican activist, Rochester Hills
        Amy Carl, secretary, Fourth Congressional District Republican Committee.
        Amy Vogel, Republican activist, Oakland County
        Andrew Mumford, fmr GOP Page, Michigan State University College Republican
        Anson Choi, College Republican
        Anthony Hoerner, Republican activist, Lansing MI
        Barb Leahy, Republican activist, Brighton
        Belinda Szmytke, Republican precinct delegate, Wayne County.
        Benjamin Wilkes, Republican activist, Kent County
        Beth Rayner, Rochester Hills Republican activist
        Bob Gauthier, Republican activist, Oakland County
        Bonnie Russell, Republican activist, Dearborn
        Brad Fingeroot, Oakland County Young Republicans.
        Brian Bosak, Republican activist, Caledonia MI
        Brian Szmytke, chairman, Wayne County Teenage Republicans/director, 2012 Livonia Republican Victory Center.
        Brian Platt, Teenage Republican activist
        Britta Berney, Republican activist, Clawson
        Brooks Rollyson, Republican activist, Fenton
        Caitlin Cardon, Central Michigan University College Republican
        Carla Spencer, Republican grassroots activist
        Charles Senseman, Republican grassroots activist, Detroit MI
        Chiye Huang, Republican activist
        Chris Campbell, Republican grassroots activist, Oakland County
        Christina McIntosh, Republican activist, Brighton MI
        Christina Anderson, Republican activist, Fenton MI
        Christine Doan, Republican, Oakland County
        Christine Gill, Republican activist, Rochester Hills
        Christine Hughes, Republican grassroots activist, Oakland County
        Christine Varvatos, Republican activist, Rochester Hills
        Christopher Connell, Republican activist, Monroe MI
        Christopher Isaacs, Republican grassroots activist
        Clark Lambo, Republican grassroots activist
        Colin Pahl, Michigan State University College Republicans
        Craig Covey, Republican activist, Ferndale
        Daisy Belden, University of Michigan College Republicans
        Dan Gremore, fmr precinct delegate, Calhoun County
        David MacGillis, Republican grassroots activist, Webberville MI
        David Stephenson, Republican grassroots activist, Kent County
        Daniel Ackerman, Republican Precinct delegate, fmr GOP Page
        David Veenstra, Republican activist, Lakeview MI
        David Worthams, Kalamazoo County GOP Chair
        Debbi Greener, Republican grassroots activist
        Debra Szwejda, Republican activist, Eaton Rapids
        Dennis Lee Stafford, Republican, Oak Park MI
        Diane Materna, Republican activist, Macomb County
        Dillion Breen, Republican precinct delegate, Wayne County.
        Donald Fiesner, Republican grassroots activist, Mt Pleasant
        Elliot Norris, Michigan State University College Republicans
        Emily Sommer, Republican activist, Oakland County
        Eric Macy, Young Republican grassroots activist
        Ford Nolan, Republican grassroots activist
        George Freeman, Republican grassroots activist
        Glenn Miller, Republican activist, Wayne County
        Hamilton Zacharias, 2012 National GOP Convention delegate
        Hank Wong, Young Republican activist
        Heather Mauer, Republican activist, Oakland County
        Isaac Biltchok, Republican activist, Linden MI
        Isaiah Hole, Republican grassroots activist, Oakland County.
        Jackie Eaton, Republican activist, Oakland County
        James Zerilli, Republican activist, Oakland County
        Jane Ensley, Republican activist, Oakland County
        Janet McBride, Republican activist, Oakland County
        Jared Boot, University of Michigan College Republicans.
        Jason Vorva, Republican activist
        Jasper Graebner, Republican activist
        Jarrett Gorman, Michigan State University College Republicans
        Jarrett Holloway, Republican activist, Wyoming MI
        Jeff Shepherd, Michigan State University College Republicans
        Jeff Tigchelaar, Republican grassroots activist
        Jenny Brams, Republican activist, fmr Victory Center director
        Jeremy Corey, Michigan State University College Republicans
        Jerry Vorva, fmr Republican State Representative
        Jesse Arm, Young Republican activist, Oakland County
        Jesse Kleckner, Republican grassroots activist
        Jessica Mondics, University of Michigan College Republicans
        Jimmy LaSalvia, Executive Director and Co-founder, GOProud
        Jo DeLorenzo, Oakland County Republican Activist
        Joanna Van Raaphorst, Republican grassroots activist, Oakland County
        Jodie Welch, Republican activist, Dorr MI
        Joe Sylvester, Republican activist, Bay City MI
        Joey McGlone, Republican grassroots activist
        John Arnold, Republican grassroots activist, Coldwater MI
        John Hibbard, Republican grassroots activist
        John Mahoney, Republican activist
        John McDonald, Republican activist, Wayne County
        John Struman, Republican activist, Dearborn MI
        John White, Veteran Republican grassroots
        Julie Wright, Republican activist, Oakland County
        Jon Wager, Republican activist, Bay City MI
        Josh Lewis, Republican activist
        Josh Nass, National Conservative Talk Show Host, "Voice of Conservative Youth"
        Joshua Lee, Republican grassroots, Oakland County
        Justin Bis, chairman, Northern Michigan University College Republicans.
        Justin Carlson, Michigan Republican activist
        Justin Chace, Republican activist, Wayne County
        Kathy Dorn, Republican activist, Oakland County
        Kathryn LeBlanc, Republican activist, Oakland County
        Karen Faett, Republican precinct delegate, Oakland County
        Karen Garr, Republican activist, Oakland County
        Kelly Walters, College Republican, Fmr GOP Page
        Kelsey Poag, Central Michigan College Republicans
        Kevin Eaton, Republican activist, Oakland County
        Kevin Flohe, Republican precinct delegate, Marquette County.
        Kathy DeLorernzo, Republican precinct delegate, Oakland County
        Kristin Garr, Republican activist, Oakland County
        Kristin Newer, Republican grassroots activist, Oakland County
        Kyle Learly, Republican grassroots activist
        Kyle Stone, Maverick PAC Chicago Co-Chair, from Oakland County
        Lauren Fillenworth, Michigan State University College Republican
        Lawrence McCormick, Republican activist, Acme MI
        Laura Saxon, Republican activist
        Len Mazzola, Republican activist, South Lyon MI
        Leslie Kasemeyer, Republican grassroots activist, Lapeer MI
        Linda Crowell, Republican grassroots activist, Oakland County
        Linda Kirksey, Republican activist, Oakland County
        Liz Mair, National GOP Strategist
        Lucas Case, fmr political director, Sarah Steelman for Senate\
        Mac Coddington, fmr Michigan TARs Chair, College Republican University of Michigan
        Maria Patterson, Republican activist
        Mariah Mumford, Central Michigan College Republican
        Marianne Maurer, Republican activist, Rochester Hills MI
        Marissa Allegra, Social media co-chair, University of Michigan College Republicans.
        Matt McCool, Students for Romney Vice Chair, University of Michigan
        Matt Jones, Republican precinct delegate, Kalamazoo County.
        Matt Joyner, Political director, Michigan Federation of College Republicans
        Matt Rote, Young Republican activist
        Max Himelhock, University of Michigan College Republicans
        Max Rohtbart, Republican precinct delegate, Oakland County.
        Mark Travis, Macomb County Republican activist
        Melanie Hartman, Republican activist, Oakland County
        Michael Szmytke, Republican precinct delegate, Wayne County.
        Michael Zayti, Young Republican activist, Grand Blanc
        Michael Banerian, Young Republican leader, Oakland County
        Michael Knittel, Republican activist, Canton
        Michael Myers, Republican activist
        Michael Shoemaker, Republican activist, St Clair Shores
        Michelle Walters, Republican activist, Royal Oak
        Mike Kraft, Republican activist
        Nancy Squires, Republican grassroots activist, Kewadin MI
        Nelson Clark Jr, Republican activist, Auburn Hills MI
        Nicole Bray, Michigan State University College Republicans
        Nick Shaw, College Republican
        Nick Turecamo, Young Republican activist
        Nina DeLorenzo, Republican activist, Oakland County
        Nadine Isaacs, Republican activist
        Nathan Inks, Fmr Chair, CMU College Republicans
        N***** V****, Republican activist
        Paul Wells, Republican activist, Leonard MI
        Pat Piskulich, Republican activist, Rochester Hills
        Patti Eischen, Republican grassroots activist
        Priti Kothari, Republican grassroots activist, Oakland County.
        Peter Keller Isaacs Jr, College Republican, Fmr GOP Page
        Peter Isaacs Sr, Republican Grassroots Activist
        Peter Tarle, University of Michigan College Republican
        Preston Davie, Republican grassroots activist
        Randy Janowicz, Republican activist, Oakland County
        Rehina Markowski, Republican activist, Oakland County
        Richard Pierman, Republican grassroots activist, Brighton MI
        Rick Thompson, Republican activist, Flushing MI
        Rob Sisson, Republican precinct delegate, St. Joseph County.
        Robert Morelli, Michigan State University College Republicans
        Roger Stone, Veteran
        Roman Godlewski, Republican activist, Royal Oak
        Ross Emerton, Republican grassroots activist, Rochester Hills
        Russ Hayes, Internal Vice Chair, University of Michigan College Republicans
        Ryan Eaton, University of Michigan College Republicans
        Ryan Fishman, Oakland County Republican leader
        Ryan Fillenworth, Central Michigan College Republicans
        Ryan Frohberg, Republican activist
        Ryan McCabe, Republican grassroots activist, Kent County.
        Ryan Harrington, Republican grassroots activist, Ann Arbo
        Sally Thorton, Republican activist, Rochester Hills MI
        Sam Shrago, University of Michigan College Republican
        Sanford Berris, Republican activist
        Sara Huizenga, Republican activist, Kent County
        Sharon Janot, Republican grassroots activist, Redford
        Sheila Hansen, Michigan State University College Republicans
        Sue Burstein-Kahn, Republican precinct delegate, Oakland County
        Susan Kerk, Republican grassroots activist
        Steve Devine, Republican activist, Jackson MI
        Steve Mayer, Republican activist, Grand Ledge
        Steven Portnoy, Republican activist, Oakland County
        Taylor Ogan, Young Republican activist
        Ted Woodcock, political director, Michigan Federation of College Republicans
        Timothy Maurer, Greater Detroit Area Republican
        Todd Erickson, Republican activist, Ferndale
        TJ Lindsay, Young Republican activist
        Tom Isaacs, chairman, Oakland County Young Republicans.
        Tom Mahala, College Republican
        Tory McClintock, Republican grassroots activist
        Vicky Fingeroot, Republican activist
        Venita Taylor, Republican grassroots activist, Oakland County
        Wayne Bradley, Host of The Wayne Bradley Show
        Will Berkowitz, Young Republican activist
        Willem Taverna, Republican grassroots activist

    Shame on you all.

    This group would take the mantle of the Republican party?

    As the nation falls, its epitaph shall wear these names.

    < Michigan Citizen Calls For CBC Disband | Tuesdays Divertere: A Time to Fight >

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    None of that email contradicts the platform (none / 0) (#1)
    by Nathan Inks on Tue Apr 02, 2013 at 12:24:53 AM EST
    I'll just leave this one comment before I'm rebanned.  There is nothing in that e-mail that contradicts the party platform.  No - Agema's post, was what violated the party platform, because it lacks both "respect and dignity."

    Activist? (5.00 / 1) (#2)
    by TiredIronTim on Tue Apr 02, 2013 at 12:29:21 AM EST
    As the chair of the Michigan Freedom To Work Coalition grass roots committee, I travelled the state and worked with activists to bring back the RTW in Michigan.

    And as such, I have had the pleasure of meeting, working with, and knowing thousands of activists statewide.

    Strangely, not a single one of the "activists" on the list are among the people I have come to know who are activists. This is also true as a co-founder of the Mi4CS group of activists, as well as my efforts with many activists to stop both attempts to have the state adopt a role in Obamacare exchanges. Nor in my successful efforts to have Oakland Co. adopt an anti-NDAA resolution have I come to know any of these "activists".

    Must be they have changed the meaning of the word, as they seem so willing to do with another important word with a 2000 yr old meaning- Marriage.

    intellectual laziness (none / 0) (#3)
    by Rougman on Tue Apr 02, 2013 at 03:04:46 AM EST
    Charges of bigotry and hatred are so passe these days--they are, after all, an efficient way to scream "shut up" in today's theater of ideas.

    Yet it goes one step farther.  Here, the lazy concocts a narrative, thrusts that concoction onto someone else, and then tries to hold the target of their concoction responsible for their own creation.

    Call it projection, misguided emotion, or merely some manifestation of heteroguilt, it all boils down to intellectual laziness or, as John McCain might suggest, a winning campagn strategy!

    • This is true by JGillman, 04/02/2013 06:40:51 AM EST (none / 0)
    Lisptarian petulance (3.00 / 2) (#5)
    by Corinthian Scales on Tue Apr 02, 2013 at 02:54:11 PM EST
    ...and cultural Marxism Sodomite perversion indoctrination eugenics.  Those 201 signers... their parents failed them, and this nation.

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