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    The Liberty Amendments: Restoring The American Republic by Mark Levin

    By jenkuz, Section News
    Posted on Mon Aug 12, 2013 at 10:14:16 AM EST
    Tags: Mark Levin, The Liberty Amendments, activism (all tags)

    "It was by the sober sense of our citizens that we were safely and steadily conducted from monarchy to republicanism, and it is by the same agency alone we can be kept from falling back." Thomas Jefferson

    So ends Chapter Ten of The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic by Constitutional scholar, attorney and popular conservative talk-radio host, Mark Levin.  The quote by Jefferson is used, as are many others, to call to us for the need to be active and resolute in our handling of the precious and fragile rarity of liberty during this most distressing point in American history.

    Levin's book explores and emphasizes the thought processes of those who lent their thoughts to the founding of the nation, and zeroes in on the part in Article V of the Constitution that reinforces the design of the framers; that the people of the States shall have the power to amend the Constitution in case those in Washington D.C. refuse to follow it.

    Here is the answer to the questions so many Patriots have posed most recently due to the appalling disrespect paid to our nation's founding documents by those who reach for absolute power.  That, if we cannot sufficiently, through activism within the political process, produce enough legislators steeped in the history of this great nation who will work to shrink the gluttonous beast that is the Federal Government, we are not destined to only trod that narrow path.   We are armed with the ability to work with our closest representatives, turning out our passion for liberty onto the villiages, towns and communities we live in.


    We have the power, each to his own, to pinch and ultimately clamp the Federal Leviathan which has been so egregiously foisted upon us through the deliberate, systemic and evil march of Statists in both major parties in the United States political system.  Levin has outlined the process, and gone a step further in offering eleven amendments to restore Constitutional governance.

    In laying the case for the amendment process, Levin points to the current President's "impressive aptitude for imperial rule," and the "gluttonous appetite for programmatic schemes," of the out-of-control Federal government.  He is convinced that those who currently hold the reins of power in Washington D.C. will not reform that which they feed off of, even though they have all taken an oath to preserve the Constitution, and presses the case for self-government, and a citizen-activist role as well as a citizen-legislative role.

    To the activist, these words resonate yet create perhaps a new, daunting and sober look at what work lies before them.  If we are to become subjects, we will do nothing and allow poor attitude and complacent inaction to pervade our lives.  However, in light of the fact that we do know and understand the nature of free men, this inaction will surely result in violence.

    There are those who stand at the ready to defend themselves, but how many will put into motion the arguments and the scholarly work of preservation of the founding of the most advanced society the world has known?  The Liberty Amendments shows what one man has thought of, and it will spark the desired discussion especially now that those who so revere the traditions of America as founded have witnessed that both Houses of Congress and both political parties are willing to subvert the greatest document of governance the world has seen.

    It is without question that the nation is at a turning point.  Do not allow those seeking liberty to wilt and wither at the thought of the task that lies ahead.  The activist must continue to contact their legislators, educate the public, alarm those in slumber and spread a renewed enthusiasm for the grand vision of constituting a nation of free men and women.

    The anger that has risen in light of the recent actions of those who would rule us should and can be funneled into an enthusiastic triumph of the American Spirit.  We cannot allow our great nation to be destroyed from within when we have the tools at our disposal to thwart that destruction.

    Levin has found the arguments, the passion, and the intent of those who designed every word of the Constitution.  He has also found communications of certain disappointments from those who were involved in its instruction.  Finding these arguments and thoughts and, with the benefit of hindsight and observance of progression, Levin is able to craft amendments to the Constitution, not to change it, but to reclaim it.

    The work Levin has produced is not the end of any discussion, but the beginning of a new discussion.  As we continue to watch those who believe they know better how to run our lives, we are almost ecstatic to change the core of the action from begging our public servants to listen, to, bypassing them completely and emphasize a home-grown grassroots revolution.  One that avoids violence and returns the power to We the People.

    It is my great pleasure to be able to review Mark Levin's newest work, and it has not escaped my observation that the book encapsulates all that he has worked for and stood for since he was a young man.  His Men in Black, Liberty and Tyranny, and Ameritopia are drawn from, and so are his legal battles, most notably the discussions of the intent of the Commerce Clause in fighting Obamacare.  I have read these books and legal briefs, and because I have, and because I have listened to the substantive discussions he initiates on his radio show, as well as his way of thinking and arguing, I am far more knowledgeable and passionate about saving our Republic than I would have been had our paths never crossed.  He is a wonderful mentor.

    Levin points out that he cannot stress enough the dire need for activism.  May we rise to the challenge to reclaim our heritage that so many have died to preserve.

    by Jen Kuznicki

    Buy the book-- The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic

    Cross-posted from jenkuznicki.com

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