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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    Yesterdays' Press Release

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Sat Sep 21, 2013 at 06:33:41 AM EST
    Tags: "One Surrender Nerd", Snyder, Poison, Medicaid, Republicans, Governor, Primary, Grassroots, Malcontents, Mackinac Conference (all tags)

    The full press release was sent to several outlets, resulting in a MIRS Podcast out soon, and a couple of radio interviews.

    From discussions, outreach and even the most casual conversations on Friday at the island, it was very easy to get the sense that many Republicans on the island were VERY open to the idea of exorcising the Governor. Even though one watching the broadcast last night live might have seen an excited party, the reality is that a great number of the GOP active types would prefer a new nominee, and some (not quite a majority) would be willing to endure gridlock for a few years.

    The good news for my part is that there are still three possibilities.  

    They are quite aware there is a growing support for a replacement, and two of them have indicated an interest in becoming that replacement if things fall together.

    Good times.

    In any event, go below the fold for the press release

    Before going further, it should be recognized that there are still folks loyal to Snyder, claiming all the good he has done.

    Issues such as Right To Work, Balancing a budget, eliminating the MBT, being top achievements. All things we argue that ANY Republican should have done, and many would have done better.  They call his record for Michigan a "SUCCESS" for Republicans, a claim which begs the questions:  Is promoting expansion of welfare important to Republicans? What of Destroying private businesses while rewarding a foreign government? What about transparency? Do Republicans dislike that? What about Tax Increases before cuts? Trains the require taxpayer subsidies?  How about taking money from your neighbors and giving to their competitors? (MEDC)

    That isn't success.. Its surrender.

    And Now the press release as promised.

    Contact: Jason Gillman

    For Immediate Release

    Sept 20, 2013

    Michigan businessman, Republican activist and RightMichigan.com operator suggests there is still time and good reason for a primary challenger to appear on the Republican ballot in 2014.

    Jason Gillman, a manager of the website RightMichigan.com, 80+ days ago placed a countdown clock on the website promising a "gubernatorial surprise", leading many enthusiastic readers to believe there would be a primary challenger to Governor Rick Snyder announced at the beginning of the Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference. Speculation has since been answered that such a candidate does not yet exist or, at this time, has yet to step forward.

    "We had hoped to have one of of several possibilities in place by start of the conference, and it just didn't work out," said Gillman, adding "this does not take away from the effort going forward to either replace the governor with a successful primary challenge or, allow him to lose in the General election."

    Gillman says a growing number of c Conservative Republican activists across the state are willing to leave Rick Snyder's voting box blank, while fighting to preserve the majorities in the State House and Senate.  "We have a number of engaged and very articulate advocates for a strong Republican majority, who are also willing to send a message to those Republicans not interested in the platform of the Republican Party."

    Northern Michigan Republican and writer, Priscilla Miller says: "I am willing to leave the Governor's check box blank in the general election. To borrow from resigned Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton's infamous quote, "What difference at this point does it make," when there is no difference between a Democrat and Republican, except for the "R" next to his name? The expansion of Medicaid in Michigan, opens the door to Obamacare which will provide for additional taxpayer funded abortions, in the state."

    Radio host Brian Sommerfield, argues: "This gov is not a Republican in any way. Not fiscally, not on social issues, or constitutionally. I honestly do not find much difference between him and our current president. I will not support him! He does not represent the platform of the party and I feel he is hurting the brand down the ticket."

    From other Northern Michigan Republican grassroots; Stephanie Jacobson: "Overall, I feel the governor's actions do not represent the direction that the state needs to go. I see Lansing's power and control over our everyday lives growing everyday. It's time to send a clear message that the Republicans cannot ignore.  I would like to see competing ideas. Right now very few legislators are offering any ideas other than the growth of government in some way, shape or, form," Noting the capitulation of some legislators to the Governor's Liberal wishes.  Tanya Lamb Hill:  " I will never again vote for the "lesser of two evils". I will only vote for principled Conservatives who actually have an agenda that seeks less taxes, and less regulations. If I vote for someone and they stray from that they will never get my vote again." Sherry Loar: "I can't in good conscience support Snyder. I have come to realize that although I despise the policies of Granholm and the Dem's.....the Dem's actually never cost me the money the Republican's I worked so hard to elect have cost me."

    Upper Peninsula native and republican radio personality, Doug Sedenquist is blunt, "Tax Payer Funded Abortions, Higher Taxes, Higher Fees and Obamacare have helped me come to understanding that the lessor of two political evils is often more evil,"  driving home one of the core objections to Snyder's tenure.  Obamacare, a law which received not a single vote from Republicans in the U.S. Congress, is being implemented by Republicans in Lansing, under a Republican governor; something that would not have happened if a Democrat was governor during this time.

    South Michigan Conservative Republican and Radio host, Thomas Laduke goes even further and says: "I might vote for a moderate Democrat being the Republicans in the legislature would all of a sudden wake up and oppose a program like they just passed being there was a "D" after the Governors name"

    And these grassroots see a way to prevent further damage to the Republican brand by cutting out the 'poison'; a governor who responds poorly to Conservative critics and ignores what they see as a legitimate platform.

    One Republican party official wishing to remain anonymous dubs it "Operation Gridlock", referring to the associated effect if Republicans keep the legislature but give up the governor's seat. He says "If the governor proposes Liberal policies, the House or  Senate will not take up the bill.  Likewise, legislation that reflects the values of the Republican platform coming from either chamber would likely face a roadblock at the governor's pen, perhaps a price to be paid for 'enforcement' of Party values"

    Gillman says he hopes the reality of a possible pick up in the US Senate contest will keep Republicans excited enough to help the down ticket races. "There may not be enough voters interested with Snyder as the flag bearer to help with the other statewide contests," adding. "If we see Rick Snyder as the Republican nominee, it could cause a lack of interest for the grassroots seeing a Party that has no real representation of the Republican platform. And THAT," he says, "should come as no surprise to anyone."


    Yes, folks the help wanted sign is out.

    < Greg McNeilly Calls For Republican Party's demise | Saturday Divertere - Pure Washington >

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    Time for a change. (none / 0) (#1)
    by LookingforReagan on Sat Sep 21, 2013 at 10:50:03 PM EST
    I do agree with about everything that Jason has written. But Snyder only demanded that a RTW bill be sent to his desk after the Goonions reneged on an agreement he made with them not to put a Constutional amendment on last years ballot protecting the goonions from RTW. They went back on a deal that a hell of a lot of Michigan citizens including myself were not happy with. Yet he treated with the enemy. The very force that has decimated the Michigan job picture for years as the hand maiden of the worst governor ever to be inflicted on the people of Michigan. But raising taxes was against what I and I thought we believed. And the Dear little man has missed a golden opportunity to attract jobs right here in the good ole USA. I have called the Governors office and consulted with Jase Bolgers office concerning this. Don't these people see the chance for thousands of jobs coming to Michigan to build firearms and firearms related products. Several companies including Colt, Remington, Beretta USA, are seeking to relocate to states that have reasonable firearms protection laws. New York, Conn, Maryland have all decided that the firearms industry that has thousands of jobs in these states are no longer worth the political capital that grabbing the 2nd amendment rights of average Americans entails. Remington is the oldest firearms maker in the US followed closely by Colt. How about 4-5 thousand jobs coming here  and putting the experienced work force we have to work. With the jobs that I have listed here there are others that I reccomended be contacted by officials here in Michigan. Add them all up and the Nerd has missed a golden opportunity to bring  several good companies to Michigan. I am not talking about a satellite operations but a relocation of the corporation to another state, preferably Michigan. We have facilities that could be used by these companies now. And with Remington in the process of expanding by building plants in Arkansas and South Carolina being able to attract such huge corporations would be a dream come true for many Michigan people. It woud also diversify the industrial base of Michigan that is still to damned dependent on the automotive industry. This would be good for Michigan but Snyder has been missing in action trying to get these companies to come here. I guess his Ann Arbor base would be unhappy with that. But the fact is this opportunity won't last forever. This migration has started and it must be jumped on now.
    But please Dear God if we end up with Marxist Schauer we are going to have the twin brother of the Czarina inflicted upon us. He is the most corrupt politician to come out of Calhoun county ever. And don't forget the money laundering scheme he was fined for running. But I agree. We could use somebody better then Snyder. But at this point he is better then what the other side has to offer. With luck a Tea Party type might still appear.

    I charge $10/hour (none / 0) (#5)
    by Nathan Inks on Tue Sep 24, 2013 at 09:39:53 PM EST
    I'll proofread your future press releases.  Seriously, 26 grammar/spelling errors is pretty bad.  I hope you are not planning on putting the same level of effort into any future press releases that may address things like Common Core; I can guarantee that you will lose the fight on education reform if your press release looks like it was written by someone who failed 6th grade English.

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